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7 Pairs Men's Boxers for $68.8 or 15 Pairs for $78 @ Step One


These are amazing boxers and this is a bit of a hack.

So enter one pair, then click proceed to checkout. A popup appears saying add an emergency pair for $20, click agree and then click the X to remove popup, then click checkout again, repeat until you have 7 pairs. Now you will be charged $84 total, now on the check out page enter code Waist20.

@pirlo thanks 15 pairs for $78, change the emergency pair quantity to 14 and check out.

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    Dear OzBargain Community,

    I'm Greg, one of the founders of Step One.

    So I guess we got caught with our pants down. Pardon the pun.

    I woke this morning to quite a 'few' more orders than I normally would on a Tuesday morning! As it's described above, there was a hack in our system that enabled people to purchase our beloved underwear at extremely discounted prices.

    We are just a small company, we're not a multi-national so this is going to cost us A LOT of money :( (That's my really sad face)

    I don't believe dishonouring this is the right thing to do, so we will if you wish, honour your order, but this is money coming out of our pockets which does make a huge difference to us, we're not a Bonds or a CK where it wouldn’t touch the sides.

    So, if you want to retain the order you obviously can, but we urge you to think about the loss we are going to wear with it.

    You will shortly receive an email explaining the situation and we will offer you a discount code of 20% if you would kindly agree to cancel your order.

    Obviously, it's a flaw which we have fixed, we don't have an IT team so we have learnt a very expensive lesson!

    Really sorry about it and hope you understand.

    If you could please get in touch with us or reply to your order confirmation with either

    'Cancel my order'
    'Keep my order and send discount code' would be much appreciated!

    Thanks for your understanding!

    Kind Regards


    • Thanks for reaching out Greg.

      Cancelled my order.
      Urge you all to do the same to support this Australian company.

      • What a champ dealing with this situation Greg.

        Cancelling my order also. Last thing i want is for this Aussie company to go out of business.

      • Same here. Cancelled my order.

        Well handled Greg.

    • ihavecentsnotsense on 27/03/2019 - 10:29 Comment unpublished. (Requested by Commenter)
    • Hi Greg,

      Really would like to try these undies, in saying that I probably wouldn't have bit the bullet at $30 each - like your ad says, last thing I think about is buying undies.

      But I don't need 15 pairs. How much would it come to if I bought 5 pairs with the 20% discount? Is there a bulk discount in addition to 20%?

      • The regular bulk discounts are:

        Buy 1 for $29.00 ea
        Buy 4 for $23.00 ea
        Buy 7 for $20.00 ea
        Buy 15 for $15.00 ea

        Then the 20% code stacks on top I believe.

        • 7 for $20 with a further 20% discount seems reasonable to me. Based on all the positive reviews online I want to try for myself, since they have a first pair gaurantee. Bonds are usually in the $10 to $20 range and are junk.

          Emailed for confirmation about code stacking and if so will also cancel.

          • @samsepi0l: I have ordered one myself, it's really comfy and breathable but the pouch stitches inside bother me in the long run (they should have inverted the stitches or make it smoother).
            They have pretty good service and keep their promise and refund my first pair without any issue.

    • As much as I was torn inside, I decided to cancel and implore the others to as well. I spent 20mins trying to play around on my phone in getting it to work but for small businesses these are the last thing they need to happen.

    • Sorry Greg, I don't buy the 'going to cost us A LOT of money' line. I've got no idea what the cost price would be on these but it can't be much more than the $10 per pair of this deal.

      $29 a pair seems an outrageous price. I get that there are bulk discounts but they don't help people like me who are interested in trialling the product first.

      I don't have an order placed BTW.

      • $78 for 15 pairs works out to be $5.20 a pair, not $10?!

        Although I was surprised that it would even cost Step One more than $5.20 a pair to manufacture.

        • 15 pairs was added half an hour after the original deal, and 15 mins before code stopped by the look of the thread.

        • And exactly, they might be foxing us and still making money on the hack. 'Damn, you got us and we're only making $5 profit per pair instead of $25'

          • @haydent: Yes, I agree - I find it very hard to believe they would lose money on this. And if they are, then their manufacturing costs are unsustainable.

          • @haydent: We can't argue that. There were plenty that got 15 pairs in the $78 range so the $5 profit per pair argument doesn't hold up there.

            Sorry that was directed at Ihavecentsnotsense not actually at Hayden.

            • @seamonkey: I count 4 comments saying they got 15. My comments are based on the evidence I have available

            • @seamonkey: I never said they made $5 profit a pair on an item that costs the consumer $5.20. I think that in all likelihood they still made a profit though. If it costs them more than $5.20 to manufacture each pair, so much so that they’re apparently losing heaps of money, then I’d be concerned for the scalability and future of the business.

              • @ihavecentsnotsense: Do not disagree with you and I do see your point. I probably just wanted to get across that comments don't equal orders. Soooooo many lurkers. I ordered 15 and never said I did. Be PLENTY of others. 5100 clicks of the link! Not saying they'd all convert to orders of 15, but I'm willing to bet it was WAY more than 4 (based on comments of haydent) - I acknowledge that nobody, including haydent and ihavecentsnotsense are trying to state we are only talking one single handful of orders. I'm guessing it could easily be 3 figures.

      • I get that there are bulk discounts but they don't help people like me who are interested in trialling the product first.

        Read their first pair gaurantee and returns policy.

        Also I have to commend on the way they handled this. They could have just cancelled all orders.

        What makes u think $5 on top of cost price is profit?

        • Didn't realise you didn't have to send them back. I was thinking it was an infomercial-type 'send back within 30 days and it's free' kind of policy. Maybe I will give them a crack.

          What makes u think $5 on top of cost price is profit?

          No brick and mortar store. Online advertising cheaper than traditional advertising. Small team.

      • Either way, they could have cancelled all the orders. Regardless of whether they're still making a profit on the glitched orders heir choice to give those who ordered the option to keep them is commendable. I didn't order either but would consider it if a public 20% off code was available.

    • I wasn't able to order but after seeing all the positive comments I'd be interested in purchasing a few pairs to try if the discount is extended to others :)

    • Hi Greg,

      Any chance the wider community would be able to use the 20% discount code? Even if it was on orders of 7+ only.


    • This is an awesome company who make a fantastic product. I would have taken advantage of this post if I saw it but after reading the above would do the right thing.

    • Cancelled and reordered with 20% off. $12ea is good enough for me.

    • Hi Greg,

      I feel pretty bad now, thought you guys were big as you had been advertising on TV. I also thought the landed cost for these would have been fairly low (so you went losing money) because of this I just canceled my order!

      Cheers for your support!

    • I managed to get 7 pairs for around $80 last night that is about 11.42 a pair. I will not be cancelling my order considering if I did cancel and get a 20% code I would be able to get the pairs at a cost of $12 each if I were to buy 15 of them. So if they can afford to sell them to me for $12 a pair with a code I am sure they would be able to afford to do it for $11.42. If I were able to get 15 for $68 I would be thinking very differently.