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AstiVita Gaming IPS LED Monitor - 31.5" 1440p 2K Resolution 2560x1440 WQHD Frameless 75hz $279 Delivered @ Amazon AU


The cheap 2K monitor is on lightning deal. Usually ~$290-ish on promo. Don't forget cashback!

2560x1440 WQHD Resolution, which is about 1.8 times clearer than Full HD
20,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio —— 1200:1 Static Contrast Ratio
2ms Response Time Ultra Slim Frameless IPS LED Panel + VESA Compatible
75Hz at 2k Resolution

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  • I believe there's an Astivita associate here so hopefully he/she can answer some questions about this unit.

  • This seems like a steal if it's IPS? Passable for gaming at 75hz too

  • I own one of these and it does indeed do 75hz at 1440p. You have to create a custom profile in Nvidia Control Panel (or whatever the AMD equivalent is) to activate it.

    • You meant Custom Resolution? That's just Overclocking it.

      • Not custom resolution, you just go change resolution and select refresh rate. It's just that 75hz will not show in the windows settings unless you do this first.

  • What are people's thoughts on the minimum viewing distance for this?

  • Bought this recently and have loved it. A good monitor at a great price.

  • Would this be suitable for an elderly person with macular degeneration issues? She would like a larger genetal use computer monitor; currently using an approx 20."

  • bought 1. let see how lucky i am !!!

  • Can anyone make any call on how much of an FPS hit I'll take in Overwatch going from 1080 to 2k? I have an old i5 and an RX580 and after moving visual settings down a little to med/high recently I am usually in the 80FPS range.

  • +6 votes

    How does Altavista look on the Astivita?

  • is it freesync?

  • This one 264 on Computer Alliance with 20% https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/31-5-AOC-Q3279VWFD8-75-QHD-75Hz-...

  • I've got one from a while ago now. It's awesome, tempted to buy a second one.

  • Rep, what panel is in this please?

  • Amazing monitor for the price, convincing the misso to get a second

  • I bought 2 of these last time they were on special. Had to return both of them because one kept showing a red cross-hair in the middle of the screen. Tried contacting them for support so that I could just replace one and not have to send them both back, but never got an answer. Couldn't return one and re-buy it because it was no longer on sale.

    Be aware that while these are vesa mountable, they are not compatible with a lot of stands because there is a raised plastic square in the middle of the VESA mount.

    I ended up getting some similar viewsonic monitors off an ebay sale instead. These had a better picture than the veiwsonic, but unfortunately the stupid red cross-hair issue, and no customer support, meant I couldn't keep them and had to send them both back. Thank god Amazon covered the return shipping.

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      Sorry about the service you received! It would be great if you could pm me so we could discuss the details further and ensure other customers do not have to experience what you went through.
      We would also like to offer you a free tap for your troubles if you would like to choose one of ours off amazon!

      Apologies again,
      Joseph from Astivita

      • Hey Joseph. Would be great if you could contact me about my faulty Astivita monitor :) I haven't been able to get in touch so far via email and phone

        • +2 votes

          Hey Jock I can't send you a message through ozbargain as you don't accept convos - could you chuck me one first please - sorry ! and for future customers, contacting us through the Amazon portal is the easiest and quickest way to process a return/ get a response from us for any issues!

    • You can press the top button of the buttons panel on the back of the screen to toggle between different crosshairs and also on / off.

      • Sounds like the button was faulty and registering presses erroneously.

      • Yeah, unfortunately something was wrong with the wiring/internals, as it kept going back into crosshair mode. Every 5 minutes the crosshair would come on and continuously cycle, and I'd press the button a bunch of times and it would go away.. for 5 minutes and then come back, rinse and repeat.

  • A couple of questions:
    * What's the colour gamut?
    * What's the real response time without black frame insertion?

  • Deal gone! Done snapped up.

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    Does this have freesync?

  • Just bought one, Thanks OP
    Just want to watch FHD movies on it.

  • There's no USB hub on the monitor is there?

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    Is the height adjustable?

  • So is this FreeSync Monitor?

  • ahh wouldve been perfect if it was a VA or TN 144hz screen.

  • I have a 42inch 4K monitor. Tempting but not sure if I should change it to 2 x this…

  • About to buy, is there any other alternatives circa $20 more that are better before I bite?

    AOC Q3279VWFD8 31.5inch IPS-ADS FreeSync Gaming QHD Monitor - VS THIS ONE?

    Am i trading Freesync for bezel-less?

    • Hmm, the AOC doesn't have a VESA mount either so it's bezel-less+VESA mount or FreeSync (through DP so also compatible with Nvidia cards)

  • Just bought one, hopefully will go well with the Ryzen 2600 and 580 system I've bought from techfast

  • Also just bought one, many thanks OP!

  • this monitor got inbuilt Speaker?

    • "The monitor has HDMI, DVI & DisplayPort compatibility, as well as an earphone out port. On top of this are 2 x 2 Watt integrated speakers. For your convenience we have also included a HDMI, DVI & DisplayPort cable in the packaging at no extra cost."

    • How hard is it to read the description?

    • The inbuilt speakers are absolutely terrible, I would recommend getting some PC speakers.

  • Does this have a audio pass through to run better speakers? (Assuming if you hookup a gaming console etc) - Has headphone out only

  • Can anyone recommend a dual monitor desk mount for these?

  • Thanks OP - will replace one of my 10 year old 24" screens with this which is used for either PC or XBOX in the study :)

    If it looks too bad alongside the other 2 24" screens I'll have have to have a gaming setup somewhere else in the study!

  • I have been thinking about the monitor for a while but decided to pass. I came across a review that detailed the flimsy on off switch at the back and it eventually broke and fell into the back of the monitors casing. As I turn my monitor on and off regularly i thought this might be an issue and have sort other options in the market place.

  • There’s none left :( even tho deal ends in an hour :(

  • Doh! Just missed out
    @Astivita any chance of any more being added?

  • Anyone know how well they deal with dead pixels and faults?

  • I wish I saw this deal earlier… Just so I could let people know about quality control.

    Have had one of these since last deal - faulty cabling in the monitor. I get random change in hue between left and right half of the screen - SUPER annoying as often it flickers. Fiddling with the cable tends to alter the intensity. Happens with both displayport and HDMI.

    Similarly, the silver lining around the screen edge is actually just a sticker and hides the screws, and has started to peel off on its own on the bottom of my screen.

    Have contacted @AstiVita multiple times via email and tried calling and have had no help. Amazon said Astivita deal with refund/repair/replacement, but its hard when they never respond.

    Would be nice if they contacted me and sorted it out - I'm not even fussed about refunds etc, just want to troubleshoot… and if no dice get a replacement and let them sort out the cabling in this one.

    • Thanks for the warning. That would be a valid negative vote for the shop tbh.

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      Under Australian Consumer Law actually Amazon is responsible. Talk to a supervisor.

    • +2 votes

      Hey mate just replied to your comment earlier in the thread, Amazon never passed it to me unfortunately and it's the first I've heard of it so if you could PM me I will personally sort you out with a replacement tomorrow morning!

  • Have had one since mid last year-ish.

    Colours are pretty good, is indeed 1440p and 75Hz. No freesync but it looks a lot better than my $350~ freesync monitor.

    Can definitely recommend

  • It's back in stock, but at a higher price now.

  • Anyone have recommended settings for this panel?


    We are looking at our next monitor for the range, a 28" 4K 60hz with an introductory price of around $349, what are your thoughts and what are people looking for?
    Thank you <3

  • Mine.arrived today 10/10 service thanks guys, 2x31.5 inch is fun


      Great to hear thank you! If you have any feedback or run into any trouble with them just chuck us a message on amazon and we will sort it :)!

  • Hi rep. Any chance for a deal on a 1440p 144hz panel if you make those?

  • Any special deals today rep? 1 April