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Computer Alliance 20% off Storewide @ eBay


Have the heads up from Adam at Computer Alliance that this promo is going ahead.

Starts 10am AEDT March 28, ends March 31. T&Cs here. Postage is $15 flat rate (not per item), or free with eBay Plus. Enjoy :)

Max discount of $1000 per transaction, max 3 transactions, up to a max 10 items per transaction.

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    No computer alliance! no de…

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    I was just about to purchase something from them!, but happy to wait a day.

    • Goddammit just bought a 59 dollar thingy :( feelsbadman

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    That's a REAL deal.
    Thanks TA.

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    These guys have the best customer service. I've bought a lot of stuff from them this year and most items arrived the next day, and I'm in Melbourne! If everyone on eBay were like this lot, eBay would be better than Amazon.

    EDIT: I'm looking for a good 1440p IPS screen for gaming and good colour accuracy (for photo editing)-would appreciate some recs from those with personal experience.

    Currently rocking an RTX2070. Don't wanna go 4K gaming as I'd prefer higher FPS.

    • Asus pg279q

      • i'd recommend the acer xb271hu over the pg279q, exact same panel, doesn't have an external power brick while the asus does, tends to have better quality control regarding IPS glow/backlight bleed (although this has been debated but this is my experience), and is $100 cheaper

        • TN Panel, unfortunately.

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            @giventofly: ? both the xb271hu and pg279q are IPS, you're probably mistaking the xb271hu for the xb271hua which is TN

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              @Stew-y: Unfortunately, they don't list the IPS variant :( thanks for your recommendation, though.

    • Same here though slightly different criteria -
      *(Freesync + Gsync compatible)
      *have OSD for frame rate counter

      • No monitor does both freesync and G-sync as far as I know. Newer NVIDIA GPUs support freesync now though, if that helps.

        • I meant freesync monitors which are “g-sync compatible”

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            @kehuehue: Oh, right. Note that though there are only a few monitors officially labelled by NVIDIA as 'gsync compatible' there are a lot that still work very well. This site has tested a lot of them. I've got a Samsung CHG70 and it works great… Bit of flicker at low fps, but otherwise fine.

    • Not when they make you pay $20 return postage on a faulty $60 item under warranty

    • I have also had a very pleasant conversation with their customer service before, they actually talk to you like a human and not just someone giving them money.

    • Completely agree, had only good experience with them so far

    • 1 day shipping from Bris to Melb? Are you paying for express shipping? My order took 3 business days to come.

    • I think I can speak to this: I have an AOC AGON AG271QG on my desk right next to a Dell U2715H Ultrasharp. Both are 27" 2K IPS monitors. The Dell (at the time) was known for very good colour accuracy and generally being a good "Pro" monitor for the price.

      Now it should be noted that I am not a graphic designer, however I have a friend that is a semi-pro photographer and I had him suss out both monitors. I downloaded some high res images from the Net and set them as the background on both monitors. Then we sat in front and compared the images.

      The consensus is that the Dell was better, however the AOC is "not bad" (said in a begrudging/admiring way).

      I bought the AOC for its 144/165Hz refresh rate and low input lag which was important for me for First Person Shooter gaming.

      Hope that helps (and sorry for the delayed response - I was interstate and needed to return home to check on the model numbers of my monitors).

      Link to a good review site that may help you choose monitors:
      Sadly it doesn't have my particular AOC on there.

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        Thanks for your detailed post

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    This is almost as exciting as my "mom says hi" message from 13cabs this morning

  • Very spicy deal

  • Adding stuffs to my cart now. CA normally doesn't jack their price from my experience, lets see how it goes. Thanks TA

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      It’s a shame that non-illegal behaviour is somehow considered so astonishing.

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        You mean Misleading Conduct?

        I forget the term, but jacking above RRP and lying about the discount to flog crap at more $ than it should be would certainly qualify.

    • CA definitely jacked their prices for this, and now you'll notice they have returned to normal. For example, hard drives that were listed as $399 are now listed as $359 only days after end of 20% thing.

  • Damn 20% thats heaps good

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    Any good RAM for speeding up a Techfast pre-built?

    • Maybe an SSD would help more..

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        Got an EVO (from the last CA deal, lol). Need RAM now.

  • Good company, bought from them on and off over the years. New GPU the other week arrived to Syd quickly!

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    Without price jacking, definitely worth going through their page on eBay.

  • Oh man, I just bought a noctua dh15 last night at 10%…good to hear they don't price match though, great deals all around.

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    I'm assuming CA's relationship with Jack isn't great?

  • what happened to ebay cash back ?

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      EBay is smart enough to realise that cash back site does very little in bringing business to them.

    • In deal listings it's said "temporarily unavailable", but actually Bern like that for a long time and has yet to return. I'm surprised there's not Bern more mention of it here, or factoring its absence into all these 3%, 5% sales etc.

  • How exciting, time to finally activate that Ebay+ trial.
    The $49 offer implies paying for the whole year, making it free, right?

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      No, the coupon they give on buying a year won't stack with these sales. So instead of your $150 purchase discounted 20%, you'll pay $100 + $50 coupon bought for $50, effectively costing you full price, and by foregoing the 20%, eBay plus costs you at least $30, or more if the item cost is higher.

      • Thanks for the thorough reply. I was talking about the cost of Ebay+ being covered by the $49 voucher, but you're right, that would disqualify any Ebay discount code, which are popping up everyday now… So not worth it

  • Is it possible to purchase on eBay and pick-up in store? I don't want to pay for shipping as I live in Brisbane.

    • That don't do it yet

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      can you use ebay plus trial?

  • Can Hard Drive pros help me choose one? :)

    WD Elements


    WD Passport

    Prices after -20% looks ok on these

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      Seagate drives are shuckable, WD are not.

      • Seagate it is, thanks :)

      • Did they change that. I've got a few shucked greens like 5 years old still going strong.

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    Almost making eBay Plus worth it ;)

  • T's & C's link goes to a blank ebay page?

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      therefore no t's n c's to worry about… :P muhahaha

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      T&Cs' page usually goes live when deal goes live.

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    Just put a few things in my watch list for purchasing tomorrow.

  • One of the best sellers in ebay that I have dealt with. Highly recommend them.

  • probably best i pick up a decent power supply for my techfast pc build ayy, any recommendations? r5 2600 + rx580 build.

  • can't see any GPUs on sale

    • +10

      Don't know what level you are looking for, but for eg we have a few RTX2060 models - top brands - under $600 which is competitive without a discount. After 20% off that is a exceptional price! Probably best ever on some of those models.

      We have similar deals across the rest of the range.

      • Thanks, I'm looking at ebay page with PC Components… Nothing is there. I know you are good with prices as I'm doing shopping with you since 2010.

      • What's a good GPU for someone who doesn't really play games hardcore, something just so I'm better than the built in.

        • Usually nothing wrong with using the built in one if you are not running 3D applications/games. If you want to play some casuals games, look at a GTX1050ti

          • @Computer Alliance: …don't tell them that - there'll be one less in stock for me tomorrow! :P

          • @Computer Alliance: I just got a MR headset, not sure what I can/want to do with it yet. So I think casually playing some 3d, but not hardcore is what I mean.

            But one thing. I run a 2560x1440 main monitor, so it needs DP.
            I need hdmi for the MR headset.
            I need 1 more hdmi to output to a FHD projector (that isn't always used)

            Do I need a card with exactly those outputs, or can I use the card for something and the onboard output for something else? msi mortar onboard has DP+hdmi+dvi

      • Can you bring back the deal for RTX 2060 Winforce OC which was listed for $549 before discount code?

        • No, that was a short term special from the 15th to 19th. Was $629 for a couple of months before then, and is now back to to $629. Not likely to do a sub $600 price on that model any time soon.

          • @Computer Alliance: Thanks, Although Futu Online is cheaper at $471.20 (after 20% off) and your is $ 479.2 for the normal OC version, I decided to buy it from you guy since you have a good reputation.

    • i picked up an Asus 2070 from them last week for $700

  • How about putting the Lacie 6Big in this sale for me Store rep?

    • Sorry, we don't do much lacie. Only stocking some external HDDs of theirs at the moment.

  • I need more SD cards

  • I'm planning on a new PC build once AMD's Ryzen 3000 CPUs show up. Is now a good time to stock up on a 1TB SSD and some new RAM, or am I likely to get a better deal if I wait until the May/June CPU release date?

    • +1

      You should be safe with those parts if you can get a good deal now.

      I'm doing the same and have so far collected my case (FD Define S 2), ram (Flare X 3200) and OS ssd (970 Evo 500gb M.2). Waiting for a good deal on a good PSU, a cooler and maybe a 1TB+ m.2 if the deal is good enough. Hope to have all the parts before the 3k series hits.

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    Anybody want to help me choose a basic monitor for a uni student?
    It's for a family member to attach to their Macbook Air. Will be used for long writing sessions and entertainment - no games
    I figured ~24" is pretty standard and and 2k resolution.

    The choices:

    • +1

      The first three are either IPS/PLS which tend to have more accurate colours and better viewing angles while the last one is TN (colours aren't as accurate and poorer viewing angles). The Asus is more expensive than 2 and 3 while losing an inch in size.

      It's really a toss up between 2 and 3. 2 is cheaper by $20 while 3 comes with FreeSync which is beneficial for gaming (useless with a Macbook). But I would go with 2 because Samsung has a no dead or bright pixel policy unlike other brands which have a minimum # as acceptable/stipulations.

      • Cheers, yeah I tried to get an IPS.
        She's going to be doing long hours of research and writing so eye fatigue will happen - as for gaming , she has no interest so I guess freesync is no matter

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