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AVATAR F103 4CH Gyro LED Mini RC Helicopter Metal Z008 Blue color AUD$21.58 Shipped From Lightake


1st,Hottest Helicopter in China now. It even better than the famouse Syma S107.


Brand DFD
Model F103
Type radio control
Channel 4C
Material metal alloy
Gyro support
Function Forward, backward, ascending, descending and turn left or right function.
Compatibility suitable to fly indoors
Battery for Helicopter 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
Battery for R/C 6 AA batteries (not included)
Others easy-disassembly battery cover

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    Does anyone know if this is really better than the Syma S107? If so, I'm not sure what all the neg's are for. Just last month the same rep posted a deal for the S107 for only $2.50 less than this price and it was well received on here. It was the same format title too, which I admit isn't the clearest. Are there better deals out there for this helicopter or other comparable one's? Or are these products not any good? The Syma S107 seemed to get good comments only a month ago.

  • @alukado - I still haven't received the S107 shipped on 20/4/11. I just sent an email but can you help?


    • +1

      I received mine this morning! Shipped 21/4. There is yet hope that it will arrive at your door =)

      • Cool, thanks for the reply…hopefully it's not too far away

      • Have you tried out your new toy from this company yet? Any good? Piece of junk? As advertised?

        Thanks in advance!

        • woot - my s107 just turned up today - ordered around 27/4.
          Looks as advertised & what the pics looked like.
          First go - omg it flys, or rather, omg I can fly it.

        • Not yet…no batteries lol

        • got it up and running! cool toy, though having difficulty coordinating my hands

          I so don't need another one of these…..argh

    • +1

      You can use your tracking number track your order here:http://www.17track.net/IndexEn.html

      You can also contact us via Email:[email protected]

      Usually order shipping to AU need 2 weeks. But On labours day,China post office has 3 days off,so this order may a bit slower than usual.

      If you do not recieve your order 35 days later,we can refund.

    • i got mine today. Its currently charging. its like a 1 month wait. their courier company is really slow.

  • -1

    hmmm i feel ripped off now. i baught the s107 i think for like $45 AUD :( probs 6 months ago. fail…

    • +1

      So this is a good deal then?

  • +7

    I think the price is actually good for a 4 channel… Yes its advertising, but aren't ALL rep posts?
    IMHO this is a bargain.

  • I have one of these and two WITHOUT the side hover prop thingies.
    They fly pretty well and are definitely worth it for $22 if you are in to this sort of thing.
    Great time killer if you have a girlfriend/wife who takes ages to get ready…

    Edit: Oh, the skids do break first if you bash it around too much. I did that on two of them last time I was mucking around with mates.

  • +1

    Positive from me.
    Google cache from 06/05/11 shows price at $34.99:
    After a quick google search can't find it cheaper anywhere else.

  • -3

    Maybe include the PRICE in the ad.

    • +11

      Do you suggest something like "AUD21.58" maybe?

  • +5

    Hottest Helicopter in China now.

    does the heat affect the electronics ?

  • It cheaper to buy local:



    Only around 13$, included ship + 3-4 days shipping time :)) Sadly they don't have the green army :(

    • +4

      1 and 0 for feedback scores? I don't think so.

      100 sold with one delivered seems an easy way to make $1300.

      • +1

        they all seem to be sold in the past 3 days….so none of em would be delivered yet..

    • +1

      Both those sellers have 0 feedback… Doesn't instill much confidence in me. If they had any I would buy 1 at that price. And they both signed up only a few days ago, scam much

      • FREE PrePaid Express Post Satchel 500g for 13$ is unbelievable :))

      There currently 3 auction run on ebay, price around 13$, both 3 seller have 0 feedback and just register couple day ago. Anyway, i give it a try, it something go wrong, i still have refund from paypal :D

      • -2

        Looks like a scam, but might worth buying with paypal protection in mind!

        • +1

          Sorry mods…will report next time :)

      • ebay + aus post had….lunch and now these are really cheap.

    • ill order one from both lightlake and ebay. now my collection is 6 choppers

  • oh well, received mine last time from these guys, ordered this one for the boy, the girl can keep the canary yellow one :)

  • +2

    Its a good DEAL! … that first post guy must be upset cause his husband has his handbag!

    He must really dislike remote control choppers or something

    $22 . 4 Channel…= awesome deal.. FULL STOP

  • just ordered one… came out to AUD 22.14

  • +7

    For your convenience, you can view, track, and edit orders 48 hours a day through
    Lightake Order Tracking.

    huh ????

    • +13

      Man they work hard in some Asian countries.

    • +8

      They work 48 hours a day In china to give you that price

    • Its for Martians

    • must be why shipping is twice as long as you'd expect =P

    • WE will update the FAQ soon,can you tell me where you see it? My Email is:[email protected]

      • can you tell me where you see it?

        It was in the email i received just after i ordered… :)

  • +1

    Just bought one. Videos look pretty good.

    • same here. Came out at $22.14 via paypal.

  • +3

    Ordered one, looks like it'll provide 15 minutes of entertainment before I crash it and destroy it :)

    • +4

      Capturing Bin Laden much?

    • From the spec sheet:
      "Helicopter can fly about 8 minutes if fully-charged"

  • +2


    I'm sold. Buying one now.

  • Do we need any helicopter flying licence to fly this?

    • +1

      only for outdoors… indoors is fine…

  • +2

    I can't wait to leave my review:
    Nvy53ALz_69 says: "Perfect for precise landings in compounds in Abbottabad."

    I've bought 4, but I expect to destroy one ;)

  • Will Paypal refund if you do not received it (from this seller)?

    • +1

      I would say yes because I'm in the middle of a dispute with Lightake and I should get the outcome by tomorrow. I bought a Syma S107 and paid for EMS (express) over the free standard post. It's been well over two weeks so obviously that's not express (being 3-5 days as started on their site).

      With that said, a lot of people have received their item with no issues. I will make another purchase (probably this plane) once I get the money back from the other one.

    • Yep,but do not worry,shipping to AU, only less than 0.5% order will miss.

      If you can not get your item after 30 days,you can ask for refund from our customer serivce staff.

  • this should be fun.. :)

  • -1

    I like how the poster's username sounds like Al Quaida.

    Is the vendor trustworthy? Anybody bought something from the website before?

    • +1

      I've ordered twice off lightake late last year. Both arrived so I trusted them enough to order this as well.

      • Sweet bought one. Gotta love the exchange rate. We're getting it cheaper than the Americans! Yet their income is lower :)

    • +2

      Just curious…do all names that start with "al" sound like Al Qaeda to you?

  • Bought two, one for myself and one for my nephew.

  • just bought one, $22.99

    • that's in USD…

      • Don't paypal charge currency exchange?

        • yes paypal charge 3% or you can choose to let your cc provider do the exchange rate, there is an option box at check out.

  • What voltage is the battery? 3.7 or 7.4?

    Anyone's tried to fit a larger battery? I've ordered, keen to mod it to have a longer run time.

    • +4

      just overclock the motor…

      • lol btw by larger i meant higher capacity not higher voltage.

      • +1

        Haha over clock the motor… priceless.

  • does anyone one know if these things are child/baby friendly??
    those wings when come into contact (due to crappy controlling) with kids….does it cut? or is it fairly safe?

    • +1

      The blades aren't sharp enough to cut. But if you hit anything the chopper basically falls to the ground since the rotor needs to spin at fairly high speeds to keep aloft.

    • +1

      If that's a genuine question, then I think for babies/small children avoid using it near them. Even if the blades aren't going to cut anybody, they could still cause cause some real trouble if hitting the eye.

  • Now I have to buy the 6 AA batteries for the remote… sigh. Any ideas?

    • +1

      $6.72 (US) for 6 rechargeable at the same shop. They look the same as ones from other HK shops that I've found work well. I ordered them with this helicopter as I'm getting a bit short of batteries.

      • Thanks, but there's only 4 batteries in the link you posted.

        • Oops I should have said 8. If you buy two packs then they're $3.36 each for the total of $6.72 US shipped

      • How do you recharge them?

        • The last one I got from hong kong had a usb cable that plugs into the side of the helicopter. The description says it has one so just use a computer or one of those usb adaptors. These sort of helicopters may also have a special cable you can buy separately to charge it from the controller but I'm not sure.

        • Oh and if you meant the linked to AA batteries (for the remote) then any old NiMH AA charger.

      • FYI they are not 2500mah
        "The AA's are marked "2500" (don't actually say 2500 maH, just 2500) and actual capacity is 600-800maH"

  • -1

    Broken two of these. :(

    • +1

      How long did yours last for? Or did you do extra rough flying into walls? I have a 3 channel I got from a similar shop. Worked for months before letting an inexperienced child fly it. They hit the roof went oops and decided to stop the accelerator. Whacked to the floor. Still worked except it would not turn. (a resoldered wire fixed that and it lives again)

    • +1

      Did you fly them into a child/baby?


  • Need to grab 6x AA batteries now, should I be getting normal ones or rechargerbles ?

    • Depends on the price. The controller wont be needing them replaced for a long long time, however since you get rechargeable cheap from the same place I'm getting those so I can reuse them once this is broken.

  • Plus what is the main differences between a twin and a quad channel remote? Cheers

    • A two channel controls up/down and left/right. It always goes forwards. A third channel adds turn forward/back. Fourth channel adds "sidestep" left/right EDITED: To fix fact

      • ah, cheers mate. thank you for the clarification!

  • Looking forward to trying one of these.

    Just in case any one is interested, the charging time is 30 mins.

  • -1

    I bought one!!!!!

  • It's great that this can charge via USB - when it charges from the controller it uses a lot of batteries.

    Thanks, just bought one!

  • Anyone pay with CC or debit? Is it safe?

    • I would not do so. (unless you use a prepaid creditcard) Why don't you use paypal?