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PlayStation Classic $69 Delivered @ Amazon AU and BIG W


PlayStation Classic $69 Delivered @ Amazon AU
Not sure how long Amazon will keep the price like this for.
Seem like nobody wants to buy the PlayStation Classic.

Same as BIG W as mentioned by manic

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I would only get one for the controllers to go with my retro on lol

    • Even then, no rumble?

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    I wait till it drops below $50

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      Given the popularity of this, i wouldn't be surprised if they are $29 by June.

      • I hope you're right :)

      • That’s be worth it for just the case then. :)

    • It was $49 a few weeks ago.

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      If you have a raspberry Pi lying around, look up RetroPie :)

  • You can check price at Amazon Japan. It's going to be even lower price by June 2019.

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      ¥ 4,816 = $61.20


  • Why was this so unpopular, when SNES sold like crazy? Is the game selection poor?

    • Buggy, Frame spikes, Power adaptor not included. Felt cheap compared to SNES Classic.

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        PS doesn't feel cheap at all. And neither systems included a power adaptor. The fact it cost $120 at launch put a sour taste in everyone's mouth. This should have been the launch price all along with a decent emulator to run the games properly. The games selection also had something to do with it.

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      You can actually hack the SNES mini to play PS1 games and it works better than the PS classic. THATS how bad it is.

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      Games haven't aged well and PS1 was really popular for it's quantity of games not as much quality of a single title

      SNES=2D gaming at it's best, visuals still hold up
      PS1=Primitive 3D graphics, they have long been surpassed

      That's the real reason, although people will look at the technical side this usually is less important if the games are good

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    Don't forget Cashrewards or Shopback

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    $49 or nothing

  • Buy an old PSP from eBay for $50 instead and emulate whatever you want in a convenient handheld.

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      Recommend this, though I'd recommend paying less than 50 tbh.

      I just ran through Classic Mode in Tony Hawk Project 8, and Underground 2, and the PSP's lovely buttons and size still feel as great as they did when I got my first one 12 years ago. Even after using the Switch, the thing doesn't cramp my hand or anything, feels great.

      And with that in mind, it's a great place to emulate just about anything. Get one of them Micro SD to PSP adapters for like 2 bucks on eBay and you can shove in a huge memory card and put on whatever game you want. I've got all the PS1 games I want, all the PSP games I want, 40 odd Mega Drive games, and a boat load of other stuff, and it's great.

      I mean, I only hacked mine like 2 or 3 years ago, before that I just bought all my games on disc (and a few on digital in the later years) and didn't bother with emulating on the machine. Thing is a beast for it. It's run just about everything I've thrown at it. Mario Kart 64, or Crash Team Racing? Why choose, you can just play them both on there.

      Anyway. Go buy a PSP, friendos.

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    Come on, baby. Hit 50.

    I don't need you. I already have a chipped PSone with wireless controllers. I don't need you. But I also don't need that 50 bucks that bad either.

    We're so close. Just hit 50.

  • Same. I'll get this with another decent price drop. It doesn't seem worth 70.

  • Can anyone recommend hardware to play old games, I'm most interested in PS1 games?

    I have a Wii, I think I've tried PS1 emulation before but wasn't successful….

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      Go for a Wii U. Besides the emulation of previous systems, you can now access Wii U games via emu/ROMs now and it has a couple of great AAA games.

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