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Oppo R17 - $0 Upfront on Telstra's $65 Per Month Plan for 12 months @ JB Hi-Fi


Hi again,

Another day, another mobile deal!

Oppo R17 for $0 on JBs $65 plan for 12 months.

Unlimited calls and text - 60gb data


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  • Good deal if you are after the phone. R17 retails for about $500. You're paying an additional $280 for the plan over 12 months, roughly $28 for 60gb of data

  • Snapdragon 670….is it worth going for the plan

  • No NFC

  • This or $45 plan with $200 GC and 50GB 🤔

  • I don't get these plans between 40-60GB. It's too much for just mobile, but too little to not need wifi.

    Unless someone goes through 60GB of data (not internet) a month on their phone? Or alternatively, are there many people out there that only need 40-60GB of internet and can thus not need wifi?

    • From the business' perspective, it gives them an excuse to not offer super cheap plans with more reasonable and realistic data packs such as 10gbs. From the user's perspective? probably just a lot of netflix at 1080p.

    • I agree, but I think it's more of future proofing also.

      Right now 60GB might feel as too much. But with video quality always increasing, cameras taking higher quality pics.

      60GB now, will probably feel like 16GB in 6-12 months

      Also, it's for marketing purposes imo too

    • I use about 100GB/month.

      With a 65GB/$49 plan from Telstra, I can meet my monthly internet usage requirements with this plan and a 40GB/$5 Kogan SIM put into a 4G modem.

      Total cost for mobile and internet usage: $54/month

      Benefits include:
      a) Most data is with Telstra so super fast. Vodafone is okay at my house (sometimes slow during peak hours). Optus is terrible (slow all the time).
      b) I can use my data anywhere.
      c) No additional usage fees (Telstra is Peace of Mind).
      d) Additional data can be bought cheaply by using more Kogan SIMs if I want.

      • That's true. But in that case, why not just get 2 Kogan SIMs and sign up to a cheaper plan?

        Admittedly, 65GB for $49/month is better value than some other plans though…

        • Very true. I could get better value by putting more of my data on Kogan SIMs.

          Why haven't I?

          a) People report having problems if they activate too many Kogan SIMs in a 30 day period. By keeping my activations to 1 per month (2 max), I don't risk being cut off by Kogan.
          b) I like having a good portion of my data on the Telstra network. It is the only one I've found reliable 24/7 where I live.

          When my Telstra 12 month contract is up, however, I will evaluate.

          The mobile market seems to be changing quite quickly at the moment (esp after Boost's latest offerings), so I'm constantly keeping an eye out for better options.

          • @vetopower: Yeah I find Telstra is by and large the best and most reliable network in terms of coverage and speed.

            Optus is too slow (because of data free Netflix presumably), and Vodafone lacks coverage besides cities and major towns.

            I haven't tried out a Telstra reseller though, or Boost so that would most likely be a good alternative.

  • What's Oppo's track record in keeping the OS updated long after it's sold? security patches and does it take them longer to make the updates available compared to other vendors like Samsung?

    • I owned an Oppo R9s and an Oppo R7 and all I ever got was minor patches if that. The R9s shipped with Android 6 and stayed that way.

    • Bought Oppo F1S as backup about 2.5 years ago that came with Android 5.1 and stayed the same with no upgrade with only couple of security updates.

  • OPPO…No updates (features). Least they still give security updates

  • Is this plan any good to upgrade from prepaid? I think I missed out on some good deals in March :(
    My other half is on Boost $40 recharges each month but he's using that all up and then buying more data.
    He's not too fussed about the phone, he's using my OnePlus 5

    I'm on the Pixel 2XL from JB last year ($59/mth for 20gb data, 2yrs)

  • I went into JB to get this deal, ported out from Telstra to Aldi before asking JB to process the deal. However they were unable to do so stating that 30 days wait is required after porting out of Telstra before attempting to port in for the deal.

    Well I instead bought an Optus $2 Sim and paid $10 for activation and credit on the Sim. Then ported that number to the JB deal.

    Not a huge issue since the phone has 2 Sim slots so I can use the old Sim if I need my old number. Just need to find a cheap 365 day prepaid deal for that old number.

    The difference between the R17 and the R17 pro appears to be 200mhz extra CPU speed and an extra camera. Not worth paying $200 extra for me. Happy with the R17.

    A nice touch was that it had a screen protector already on the phone and a case in the box.