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Broadlink RM Mini 3 Smart Wi-Fi Universal Smart IR Controller AU $15.50/US $10.76 Delivered @ Banggood


Not as cheap as it used to be, however at an accessible price. Only the IR version. Remember to uncheck shipping insurance for title price.

From Banggood's website:

Description :
- Support All IR Controlled Devices such as TV, TV box, Air condition, DVD and etc,
- Control all of them simply from your phone and from anywhere !
- Support Wifi 2.4GHz b/g/n (Not Support 5G WIFI)
- Support App for Android and IOS.

Package Icludes :
1 x Broadlink NEWEST Black Bean Smart Home IR Controller
1 x Broadlink Original Noodle Style Micro USB Power Cable

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  • I have the same model and it works well, but:

    for Alexa to see the devices you have to add everything like a TV so in my case my aircon is a TV :)

    (It's own app (ihc) can control everything as is so the above is for Alexa only)

    EDIT: also, I bought it for ~AUD18 from a local eBay seller. Waiting for baggood for a month to save a couple of dollars isn't really worth it in my opinion.

    • When adding devices as an aircon voice control via Alexa works.

      • When adding devices as an aircon

        And that's what you cannot do - Alexa won't find the device, if you add it as an Aircon in ihc.

        • I have 3 aircons added using the aicon template, and all can be controlled by Alexa. I can also use "Alexa, set lounge aircon to 18" and Alexa will say "Lounge aircon is set to 18".

          I can also set it to heat, cool and change the fan speed.

  • Works well with Google Assistant as well. You can program it as a lamp for aircon presets or just as a normal reverse cycle aircon for full temperature control.

  • Could this act as an IR pass through for where a soundbar is blocking the IR on the TV? Could the remote feed through this to the TV?

    • Yes, if you place the RM Mini 3 between the soundbar and the TV and use your phone as the remote for the TV.

    • +4 votes

      IR is basically just light beam, you can hack up a "periscope" of some sort. I use a transparent perspect picture frame sit in front of the IR recieving port on the TV which stick up slightly above the sound bar. just enough to bounce the beam from there down.

    • No it's a ir sender

  • Using this with home assistant and a custom component to treat my air conditioners as climate control. Work brilliantly.

    • Could you please elaborate your setup and which custom component you are using.
      Thanks in advance.

      • https://community.home-assistant.io/t/broadlink-ir-climate-c...

        I’m just using this. Once I go to 0.90 I need to replace it but there’s another custom component ready to go. It’s been working perfectly so far. Definitely a lot better than how I’d been previously just sending commands I’d captured from the remotes.

        • Edit : Ignore me. Should have clicked the link before jumping the gun.

          Thanks Mate. Could you also please shed some light on which custom component you are talking about for 0.90. I have moved to latest version because it solved the issue of homegroups going unavailable for google homes.

    • I also have these working with HA. One challenge is if someone uses the actual remote to control the a/c. Theoretically it should be possible for the RM3 to detect the IR and let HA know the current setting. Have you found a solution, or do you restrict people to using the HA frontend to change the AC settings?

      • Only using HA. I’ve been able to restrict usage to only through HA by putting the remotes in a drawer without batteries haha.

      • AC remotes work a little differently to other remotes where the AC remote transmits a full state on each button press. There isn't a separate code for buttons like "raise temperature" or "cooling" vs "heating", but the button sends a message like "Cooling 23'C, Fan High". In theory, it wouldn't matter if someone uses the remote, because the RM3 will override it.

  • +3 votes

    Only seeing AU$24.48 price, and no 'shipping insurance' option.

  • I have one of these: https://www.catch.com.au/product/broadlink-rm-pro-wifi-ir-rf..., bought it from Aldi. It works occasionally. It does work with Alexa as well. Any idea if this one on the deal is better?

    • The one in the deal does not have RF capabilities whereas your linked one does. Depends on what your device uses really as to whether it's better.

      • Getting a bit off topic here but if the one in Ameowzon's link has RF, could I use it to open a garage door?

        • It won't work if your garage remote uses rolling codes like many models do.

          • @alvian: Via ebay I purchased a smart wifi relay board for $10 to open close my garage door via Google Assistant, and moble phone, they tap in via your garage door control panel, most garage doors have this option. Mine uses eWelink to talk with Google Assistant. The simple Smart wifi boards can be used to switch on/off anything you can think of.

            I have the above RF /Infrared Broadlink set-up great for ceiling fans. All up might cost you $90 if you can get a Google home ore Alexa puck on sale along with the Broadlink modules.

  • FWIW, these things work well with Home Assistant. I've got 2, 1 controls my air conditioner using a component called SmartIR, the other controls my TV and speakers just operating as switches. Setup is relatively easy, but you do need to capture the IR commands through Home Assistant. This is quick and easy if you're just capturing On/Off, but if your air con isn't in the SmartIR database you'll need to record ~100 commands :O

  • The hardware itself works really well.

    But a couple of months ago there was an upgrade in the android app causing all my account settings are removed and I have to redo the every setting

  • I'm only seeing $24.48AUD also :( I want another 3

  • Thanks OP still $15.50 for me

  • Back up, $14.25AUD ea