[AMA] I screwed my life up with Nootropics.

After reading an article published in a magazine by the American Tinnitus that sarcosine helped tinnitus.

Sarcosine is also reported on PubMed as having "no know toxicity" and no cases of adverse side effects were reported.

Sadly, I was not in soundest of minds when researching the drug due to having hyperaccusives and living in a street where people love to rev their cars.

Therefore, I misunderstood the mechanism of the drug and thought it helped with damaged nerves.

However, the drug turned out to be NMDA agonist so my temporary mild tinnitus turned into severe tinnitus which is causing me great pain each day.


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        • People even take 4g for Sarcosine.

          Would of been better off taking taurine or glycine.

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    So many people talking about drugs as if they're world experts.


    Which reminds me

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      The people who have blind faith in doctors is unbelievable.

      They forget:

      GPs focus on general problems but often lack outside their fields.

      The one I saw had to do research on tinnitus.

      ENTs are not fantastic and are rather dismissive about tinnitus.

      GP attempted to give an people anti depressants a class of drug known to make tinnitus worse.

      However, I now agree that self medicated people are no better than anti vaxxers just the opposite side of the coin.

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        I don't have blind faith in doctors. Far from it.

        But i recognise the following:

        • The human body is complex.
        • Human knowledge of the human body has only reached a certain point.
        • You need expert training to have any chance of diagnosing a condition, let alone prescribing a suitable treatment plan.
        • GPs have limited time, so you need to plan how to deal with that, including booking long appointments.
        • Almost all GPs would have limited knowledge about tinnitus - most would need to conduct some research to get on top of matters. You seem shocked that the GP has to do some research, when that would be normal.
        • Specialists do have that expert knowledge, but even then human knowledge is only limited.
        • Making the general statement that 'ENTs are not fantastic' is misguided.
        • Even with specialist advice, their are risks with all treatments, but that in itself is quite normal, however those risks need to be managed.
        • Engaging in self-diagnosis and self-medication is misguided and is potentially dangerous, as you've discovered.
        • Coming onto OzBargain expecting some kind of balanced and informed advice of a medical nature is also misguided.
        • Making broad-based comments about any connection between anti-depressants and tinnitus is ill-advised. I'm sure it's much more complex than you have represented.

        I am sympathetic to your circumstances, but i'm not going to stand back while you add more misinformation to the mix. That is also dangerous - to others, though you seem to have limited insight as to how dangerous some of your statements are if acted on by others.

        If you're not happy with your GP find another, and obtain a second referral/opinion. That's how the system is meant to work in these situations.

        • The last thing I want someone to do is act upon my advice.

          People should take my advice as warning and avoid these mistakes.

          Furthermore, antidepressants can cause tinnitus as a result of an GABA imbalance.

          Besides, just because I had a bad reaction to a drug does not invalidate my opinions in fact I now know what not to do.

          • @Word: I don't know what a GABA is, let alone what a GABA imbalance is.

            If one came up to me, imbalanced or not, i doubt i would recognise them.

            The reason for this is almost certainly because i'm not qualified to recognise a GABA.

            I would then seek the advice of a GABA expert to assist me.

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        Actually, antivaccers are worse - in a public health sense they're contributing to continous propagation of life threatening diseases which science could've almost eliminated from mankind^ (eg smallpox).

        Self medicators just harm themselves/line pockets of other people (maybe except for cocaine/meth/heroin self medicators).

        ^ - I understand this statement is not strictly true.

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    OK. So you had a bad experience with a prescription medicine and so stopped trusting doctors/medications.

    You had a condition which did not have any good evidenced based treatments so looked for alternative medicine. Not unreasonable. Hopefully this is a learning experience for you and others that there is a reason such treatments are considered alternate medicine and not medicine. They don't have evidence. We don't know if it works and don't know what side effects are.

    Also you need to stop blaming and attacking the medical field. It is good to get second opinions for certain things and not have blind faith.

    • I did get multiple opinions.

  • I also have tinnitus. Ive learnt to put up with it :) Now that im reading this,i can hear the white noise louder then ever.
    Things i cant help.
    It (profanity) with my balance sometimes,But not majorly.

    People talking right next to me,if there's any background noise? I have to ask them mutable times what they're saying, And alot of the times my brain not sure what its hearing, so it makes the words up,and it doesn't make sense? Half the time
    I work in a warehouse. So smashing pallets are extra painful to my ears.

    If i focus one thing now, i cant focus on something else,and i end up just fixated on that one thing. I feel like Tinnitus is the cause of that?

    My doctor said it cant be cured. So i just put up with it.
    Sad cause my wife gets angry easy,sometimes i just cant hear her.

    Tell me im not the only one?

  • Curious what medicine hospitalized you initially?

    • Effexor.

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        And why were you hospitalised from effexor?

        • Nearly hospitalised from effexor.

          Because that had a nasty withdrawal effect.

          • @Word: I used to be on that drug. 150mg a day.

            NEVER again.

            Miss a dose and 2 hours later you turn into a raging bull, and when you're "fine" all you think about is sleeping and doing nothing.

            • @DisabledUser224598: People probably have blind faith in doctors as they have never seen them fail.

              One of my best friends "was" hospitalised due to a doctor's mistake.

              Yet again this was because of a antidepressant.

              Family members know that my mother nearly died because the doctors misdiagnosis her appendicitis as a cramp.

              Her appendicitis ruptured on the table and they stated she would of died if it had been any later.

              The person who saved her life was my father who kept insisting it was not a cramp.

              Most people here probably have never seen the ugly side of medicine.

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            @Word: hospitalised and nearly hospitalised, I'm sorry are quite vastly different.
            yes venlafaxine has nasty withdrawal side effects and there's very clear information out there for specialists on how to wean you off one antidepressants and get you on another.

            I've been on it myself.

            I'd also like to point out that it's one of the most commonly prescribed psychotropic medications - the few with true side effects are like those with sharpened knifes and pitchforks - speak far louder than your average joe who gets off it easily.

            I'm sorry to hear someone doesn't know how to diagnose an appendicitis, but you can't just blame all of medicine for a fault like that.

            I've most definitely seen the ugly side of medicine. You'll notice, interestingly there are a lot of doctors and medical students on the forums (I'm included in this demographic). I clicked into this thread wanting to help but instead all I hear is utter denial for your own actions and an attempt to blame everyone but yourself, as well as just really flaming on doctors wherever and whenever you can. I'm disappointed.

            • @diazepam: People forget that doctors are human. When you make hundreds of decisions a day, you are bound to make a mistake here and there. Nevertheless, one failure outshines a thousand successes.

            • @diazepam: Correct there is a difference.

              My friend was hospitalised.

              I nearly was hospitalised.

              • @Word: There is a difference.

                My friend was hospitalised because of prescribed medication.

                I was nearly hospitalised because of prescribed medications.

                Let us clear the air:

                I am not flaming on doctors.

                I am stating they are not infallible and over prescribed medication.

                I believe people should do research on drugs they are prescribed before taking them so they understand the risks.

                That is because I had an nasty experience with Effexor and the doctor failed to warn me of the effects.

                People should not try nootropics unless prescribed something else with serious side effects.

                It is not without reason to state if a person finds relief with L Theanine they should take that instead of Effexor.

                This is because L Theanine has a lower risk profile.

                Regardless, I originally stated to myself that I should change my diet for tinnitus.

                This is because so many people run into health problems with nootropics.

                However, I had too much time on my hands because of the university break and felt a sense of urgency to fix the issue because of family issues.

                Add to this that I give up my Conure as result of the doctor's advice.

                This resulted in me not being the correct state of mind.

                It also shows that I was following the doctors advice.

                Regardless, I tried approaching multiple people for support.

                Many of them stated that did not want to talk about tinnitus.

                I even tried approaching multiple doctors with the idea of self medicating.

                Some of them supported the idea and others stated they cannot comment.

                Many of them just thought supplements are harmless and would do nothing.

                Nobody is to blame for me selecting the wrong drug except myself hence the title.

                Understand I felt isolated and unable to reach out because nobody was giving me the time of day.

                I hold that the doctors should of saw I was not thinking clearly or at least done some research on the drug.

                They could of lied stating the drug was bad for me and I would of followed their advice.

                None of them ever stated "Not to take the drug" just that I should make sure of the drug.

                The GP most against me taking the drugs was not against the idea of me taking the supplement.

                He thought it was a rather pointless excercise because "supplements do nothing and did not see the point of me taking them" and I was just "making expensive pee".

                Granted he was against me taking the vitamins but not to the extent that he was going to stop me taking them.

                I also felt the ENT as do many people are rather dismissive.

                So do I feel let down by medical community?


                Is it entirely their fault?


                Is it entirely my fault?


                It is just a combination of factors which resulted in my screw up.

                Some doctors are so full of it that when I was being prescribed an I tried explaining it could make a tinnitus worse and all he stated that "I was being unreasonable and I was not open to negotiation".

                The only reason for mentioning the effects of the antidepressants was to negotiate.

                However, this doctor viewed any rejection of his opinion as "not open to negotiation".

                Not all doctors are like this and some are decent. However, these are the diamonds in the rough.

                I honestly believe university fulls their heads of being absolutely correct despite the results.

                "Oh you had a bad reaction to the drug I prescribed? Must be your fault.".

                When my friend was hospitalised the doctor stated he must of drunk alcohol which cause the bad reaction and kept insisting this was the result despite what my friend stated.

                Unfortunately, because I was not with him I cannot claim that he did not consume alcohol but given my friend's family history with alcohol it is extremely unlikely.

  • Something can be done for sure.
    If GPs are not helping, try alternate medicine.
    Make a trip to India, China or Japan or something. Just try.

    • Exactly.

      People are dismissing naturopaths but at this point I am willing to try anything.

  • Sarcosine was definitely not the first thing I thought of when you said 'nootropics screwed up your life'..

    I think it would be fair to say sarcosine is rarely mentioned across nootropic users for cognitive enhancement

    That said, I feel for you OP. Hoping for some respite from your condition.

    • Granted my logic was faulty:

      Look up what causes tinnitus (overactive neurons).

      Look up other conditions with overactive neurons.

      Look up the condition on examine.

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    Have you found a tinnitus support group? One that meets in person outside of the Internet would work best if you can manage it, support can make a lot of difference and you'll meet people who've been through this too, have tried the same things you have and might be able to help outside the conventions of medicine (and that includes alternative medicine too). This looks like a bloody horrible condition to live with and I don't blame you for searching for answers and feeling frustrated. Your best hope is not going to be in nootropics or naturopaths, or the huge range of people willing to sell you a cure without holding any of the responsibility for the outcome - it's going to be in your fellow human who've walked this path ahead of you and have tried it all. The other thing you could consider is also volunteering for a tinnitus support organisation when you're feeling better, helping others going through the same thing will help you manage this too.

    I'm sure you've read everything but I thought the Victorian tinnitus support website looked helpful.


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    Please explain in centrelink terms what tinnitus is ?

    • They are not concerned with tinnitus.

      So I doubt there is any terms.

    • Tinnitus is a ringing, buzzing, whistling or hissing in one or both ears when there is no outside sound.

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    nootropics didnt screw up your life; their misuse did. not your fault but it's not the fault of a class of drugs entirely

  • You should have just moved as the loud sounds of rebuff cars were not good for you! Instead this happened.

    • Agreed. However, there were family issues occurring at the same time.

      Hopefully, When I am gone they take a look at themselves and reflect on what they could of done better.

      For example not trying to kick someone out of home for complaining about noise when they sensitive to noise.

  • Have you considered a part-time job? You might find some more meaning in your life and have less time for incorrect interpretation of stuff you don't actually understand.

    • -3

      Resorting to an ad hominem indicates:

      That (A) in order to feel better about yourself you insult a person with a disability.

      That (B) are unaware of all the pitfalls people fall into when in distress or that I feel into when dealing with this disorder.

      At the end of day tinnitus is a disorder which makes you feel isolated and is torture.

      Granted, I was reckless with my research due to being not of sound mind.

      However, had I of been of sound mind than I would not of made the mistake.

      Fact is because of my experience I am still able to make decisions regarding my health.

      I have not made a single statement to contradict this fact except for me taking the Sarcosine.

      In all fairness we do not even know if it was the Sarcosine.

      Most people are only taking my word that the Sarcosine induce the tinnitus.

      Further, the whole fallacy of doctors cannot not make mistake is wrong and needs to stop.

      Doctors make mistake all the time.

      Fact is that 1/3 of deaths in America is because of a medical mistake:


      • If we considered those who have made one mistake on a subject as unfit to discuss the subject than nobody would be talking about anything.

        I am positive that each and every doctor has made at least one wrong diagnosis in their careers.

        Besides ask yourself have you ever made a mistake on subject (maybe your career)?

        Does that invalidate your advice on that subject?

      • Um, is that correct?

        Your interpretation is that "1/3rd" or 33% of all deaths in the United States is because of a medical mistake.

        Yet the actual study:

        says 10%.

        • 1/10*

          Thought the title stated percentage.

          The point is that doctors make mistakes in medicine.

          Granted you can sue them afterwards.

          Furthermore, if doctors make mistakes it is probably a bad idea for other people to self medicate even those who are highly qualified.

          Just sucks I had to learn that the hard way.

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            @Word: Because you incorrectly assume that medicine is just searching pubmed and understanding articles. If medicine is so easy why do doctors spend 8-10 years training, specialist even longer? There is so much more to medicine than just knowing what a drug does to your body. For example there is the entire discipline of therapeutics which governs how and why people are treated in the scheme of their disease. It's taught in real world scenarios with problem based learning and reading journal articles and text books can't teach you this. Your simplification of medicine is the root of why you're not having any luck treating yourself. You just need to realise being intelligent isn't all it takes to be a good doctor.

            • @Blargman2001: You hit the nail on the head. It took me over 10 years to specialise in general practice and even now I learn many things each day. Medicine is a combination of science and art, you can know everything in medicine but without experience, you are useless.

  • How did you get Tinnitus? is it like ipod headphone damage? Using a q-tip?

    • Unknown. Ruptured ear drum.

      • Just curiosity, these Nootropics, theyre like concentrated vitamins, which are untested new medicine?
        Did you take Nootropics for the main purpose of treating Tinnitus?
        And secondly, how can I a vitamin, etc or anything medicine wise fix Tinnitus? isn't physically damaged so needs to be physically treated?
        Or is there another angle, ie reducing the noise through meds. I'm just curious.

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      Because if it was a Falabella miniature Horse and a Mallard duck the sizes were based off than probably the duck.However, if it was a Shire Horse Sized duck or Rubber Ducky sized horses than probably the horses.

  • Did you get taught in highschool about the dangers of tinnitus?

    I think it was in PDHPE or Biology class where I learnt about it and I'm glad I did because damaging the fine hairs in your ears is virtually irreversible.

    • Nope. However, the first time was just a ruptured ear drum not to do with noise.

  • +1

    I don't doubt your Tinnitus, but like a few others here I feel a psychologist/psychiatrist treatment plan may be of benefit here. It sounds like you are overthinking many things currently and it is heightening your Tinnitus sensations.
    I notice you have said your were prescribed Effexor before? That is a powerful antidepressant that I have heard has made people's depression symptoms worse. Talking to a psychiatrist about the medications that work for you would be good.

    • The evidence is pretty good for Effexor in treating depression. Obviously if you give it to the wrong person it may exacerbate their symptoms AND it generally makes symptoms worse for the first few weeks as there is a latency of around a month before the positive effects kick in.

  • how long ago did the tinnitus start and how long ago was this 4 week dosing of sarcosine?

    • 7 months ago.

      4 weeks ago.

  • Just a comment and not health advice. If your tinnitus is asymmetrical , you need to get a head MRI.

    Sounds like you are under a lot of stress on background of anxiety and depression - so best to continue see a professional, if the current one doesn't help, just change to another.

    Majority of tinnitus there's no cause found. Perhaps you can improve diet further (read "Plant Paradox" by Dr Steven Gundry). Stop cig or alcohol if any. It might not stop but should improve symptome.

    • Got one before the Sarcosine there was nothing wrong.

      • Bloody hell.

        I never drink alcohol or smoke.

        I hardly ever ate junk food nor did I drink soft drink.

        I avoided prescribed medications for small issues.

        I always tried natural remedies first.

        Granted this time I should of stuck to my plan to drink tea, drink watermelon water, drink lots of water and eat fish.

        In hindsight I went down a slippery slope when ordering nootropics.

        It all started from me trying to get polyphenols from green tea.I never planned on ordering nootropics something in me snapped.

        It did not help that I was left alone in my room with the torture of tinnitus or that my parents were trying to kick me out.

        They do not take me being sick well.

  • I read about NMN and NR being beneficial to hearing, specifically improving damaged hearing. Here's a link.
    Forum responses vary however.

  • Sorry about your tinitus. Mine comes and goes and I can live with it. I can only imagine how frustrating a permanent noise is.

    • +1

      Than you probably know the outcome for me is not good.

  • Anyone have any success calling the tinnitus hotline? It's only ringing no ones picking up

  • GP here, I am sorry you have had such a poor experience with GP's, it's something that is unfortunately quite common. You should go around and find a GP that is willing to listen and take you seriously, this is generally found in mixed billing and private clinics as they spend more time with you.

    Tinnitus can be quite disabling and frustrating mainly due to significantly affecting our mood (which in turn creates a positive feedback cycle worsening the tinnitus), the inability to quantify it using tests and the poor response it has to treatments (sometimes making it worse). It sucks that a lot of doctors are easy to dismiss diseases like this and others such as irritable bowel, fibromyalgia, psychogenic pain, chronic fatigue etc… Hopefully you will find a GP that you trust and is knowledgeable, I know many that are out there.

    • Can these knowledgeable GPs solve the problem of Tinnitus?

      • -2

        Would these knowledgeable GPs also be happy to provide a full refund for any 'consultations' with them if they are unable to solve the problem of Tinnitus?

        • +2

          This is absurd, no health practitioner worth their salt would do a no win no fee consult. We are not lawyers.

          • @eldudebrothers: My local computer repair guy does a No Fix ~ No Pay service just thought I would ask whether you guys would also be confident enough in your abilities to offer the same…

            • @DisabledUser95808: I used to repair PC's during med school to afford living away from home. Most PC's were quite easy to fix and nearly all of them were fixed unless it was a major hardware issue. Generally took me 10mins to diagnose a PC which at that point would let the customer know know the cost of repair. If it was a quick fix, I wouldn't even charge.

              With people on the other hand, most diseases cannot be cured, sometimes a diagnosis using empirical evidence is impossible with current technology, disease presentation and management varies greatly and most of medicine isn't about treatment but history taking, examination, education, discussion etc…

              I am a doctor, not a magician.

              EDIT: to clarify, when I said most diseases cannot be cured, I am not including time, as in, you can't cure the common cold but eventually you will cured regardless

              • @eldudebrothers: Unfortunately, when you choose to relieve the symptoms that a problem is causing such as pain rather than directly fixing the problem itself then that would technically be like performing a magical trick where you attempt to confuse the patient into thinking that what is happening isn't actually happening.

                The problem with doing that is it may lead to disaster just as if someone yelled out they can smell smoke coming from their house and can hear the smoke detectors going off inside and you came running and say I can help by making it appear that the house isn't really on fire by showing you how to temporarily block out the smoke from your nose and sound from your ears thereby giving off the illusion that there is nothing wrong with the house that you have to worry about. Then the fire that is really burning will probably just burn itself out if given enough time..

                The longer you leave something untreated the worse it gets. If you don't directly put the fire out sometime then there is a good chance it will spread and burn everything down. Illusion is a dangerous game that only magicians should play not doctors…

                • @DisabledUser95808: You have misunderstood what I am trying to say. There are many occasions where the root cause of the disease is very difficult or impossible to find. In these situations, it is best to try and reduce the symptoms so the patients quality of life improves. A common example is the condition Fibromyalgia. This causes considerable amount of pain and psychological issues but no one knows its pathophysiology or any way to biologically demonstrate its presence other than the patients subjective experience of the disease.

                  Most of the time, helping the patient's life circumstances, seeing a psychologist, physical therapy, meditation, pain education, improving the diet and regular exercise plans signficantly improve the symptoms until time makes the disease go away completely. Medications should be a very last resort and opioids/benzodiazepines should absolutely NEVER be given.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser95808: Line 20 PCs up and you'll find they are all constructed in a logical fashion and the wiring is much the same.

              Line 20 people up and analyse how they are constructed or their wiring connected and each one will be illogical and different.

              GPs do a wonderful job considering the patients are illogical, withhold information, lie or are just plain stupid.

              • @brad1-8tsi: Actually the body of every person is constructed in the same logically wired fashion. You know that skeleton song right THe foot bones connected to the leg bone. The leg bone is connected to the knee bone, the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone…

                It is our minds that are different and haphazardly complex.

          • @eldudebrothers: Nope you are highly skilled salesman.

        • It's a fee for their time and you taking that time, in hope of a treatment plan.

          • @dvd107: Exactly paying $200 to see an ENT and than them saying "bye" does not really give me much direction or a treatment plan.

      • There are numerous causes of tinnitus, most of them can be treated to possibly reduce the severity of symptoms but even then everyone and every condition is unique. It depends on many factors apart from the condition such as, the willingness for the patient to listen to advice, not trying random treatments, giving the condition time to get better by itself (can take over 1-2 years), trial and error and money/time to do a team based approach (allied health, psychology, ENT).

  • Have you tried Lemon peel/rind? My father had mild tinnitus, and this seemed to help. It might be a placebo, but he hasn't had any issue since. so give it a go.

  • Also, try tying the Salesman pitch to chiropractors. Unlike us doctors, they undertake a business component in their degree on how best to sell their voodoo! Funnily enough, the alternative medicine world are the best Salespeople.

    Don't get confused with pharmaceuticals and doctors.

    • Doctors are better than any pseudoscience practitioners. However, I still believe they over prescribe medications.

  • AMA complete, thanks OP.

  • Merged from Should I Forgive My Family?


    Age: 25 years old student.


    September of 2018:
    Developed mild tinnitus in my ears.

    December 2018:
    I went to the ENT who stated that there is no hearing loss and the tinnitus should disappear.
    I stated on multiple occasions that I was not going to take nootropics.
    Especially, as people who take them are fools since no cure exists and drugs can make the condition worse.

    January 2019:
    Developed hyperacusis.
    This led to my parents kicking me out of home (screaming at me) as I was swearing when my hyperacusis was set off.
    Therefore, I decided to stay with my grandparents.
    They kicked me out of home because I was watching TV and they stated I should be working at this point of my life.
    My Oma stated my condition was "made up".
    Granted, my Opa was also suffering from dementia at this time so it was not the ideal place to stay.
    Next I decided to stay with my father who after two weeks decided to kick me out of home because I took his keys.
    Understand he was on pain medication so he could not legally drive and I needed a key to get back inside.

    These incidences left me depressed with no to rely on except myself. Because of this I decided to fix the problem as fast as possible and took nootropics without any input. I took the wrong supplement and now my tinnitus is loud as hell and I hearing loss. The likely explanation is nerve damage.

    The saddest fact is that the original tinnitus is gone. I feel that if my family had supported me through this rough patch I would not of felt the need to fix the problem. Before I was kicked out of home I was also playing the switch and watching TV which distracted me.

    Was it wrong of family to turn me away in a time of need?
    Should I forgive them?
    Is it my fault as I old enough to make my own decisions?

    • +1

      Difficult to judge from a very one-sided view without living through the details. Seems unusual for many people to continously kick you out, it's possible they may not be the only problem.

      Regardless, it's time to put the past behind and move on with your life in the best way you possibly can.

      Good luck.

      • Stepfather and bio mother stated they kicked me out as a result of my bad behaviour.

        The bad behaviour was turning off the aircon without them noticing because it increased the volume of my tinnitus.

        In addition to the swearing.

        Before this I had asked them to turn it off nicely.

    • +3

      Yeah to be honest hearing it from your side it sounds incredibly like you're leaving out some important facts. I'd suggest you see a psychologist or councillor rather than try and get advice from a bargain website.

      • I am actually very unbiased when it comes to telling my side of the story.

        The only things that I could be leaving out:

        Is that I was not helping my grandparents around the house. Granted, they did not ask for help.

        At my father's house I was isolated in a room and was seperated from him.

        Because my family is Christians they have a very strict policy about swearing.

    • Dupe…


      Maybe put up a poll.

      Going by your story though it sounds like you just need an organised family gathering to discuss your issues in a calm and constructive manner. Hug and move on.

      • Not necessarily a dupe.

        The first thread was more of a AMA and a PSA announcement.

        This one is more of a respective question.

        Regardless, after December the doctors did notice a change in my behaviour and that I was having a harder time dealing with the tinnitus than other people.

        They were more focused on that problem than me taking the drugs or giving me warnings.

        I feel they did not perform due diligence for trying to get me off self medication when I asked if it was safe.

        Regardless, the doctors observation was especially strange as I did not seek help until December and I was was happy just a coupe of weeks prior.

        At the time I thought this was a mixture of me blaming myself for the tinnitus and the GP stating he had little experience with tinnitus.

    • +3

      You sound like you are the problem.

      Maybe you should apologise to your family?

    • +4

      No offence, but it sounds like a lot of blaming on other people and expecting others to accommodate you completely. While I understand your pain, if you live in someone else home, you follow their rules and asking nicely doesn't mean you can just do it anyway. Family could be more accommodating, but did you accommodate their needs in return?

      Is that I was not helping my grandparents around the house. Granted, they did not ask for help.

      You shouldn't need to be asked to help around the house.

    • it feels better to blame others

      just continue blaming others

      no harm done to others anyway

      in the end you're the only one that suffers

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