Survival Tip for a Month without Money and No Food

Hello Mates,

I just want to get some suggestions regarding my situation.
So the thing is i want to survive for a month without money and no food (only 2ltr milk and 3 small biscuit packs). Please give me genuine tips to spend a month without money.

PS: I understand some people might make joke of my situation by commenting rubbish.

Update: Thankyou people, i appreciate that some people gave really polite and good advice. Thank you again. In conclusion i have decided to buy rice & potatoes and probably some carrots to somehow survive a month. To be honest i do not have much friends here (asked for some money from 2 friends, got rejected already), so thought asking advice here regarding what to eat and buy, thanks people i love you.

Update 2 (7/4/19): Buyed 1 kg rice + frozen vegetable mix (peas/carrot/sweetcorn), let's see how many days it last. Again there were many helping hands today as well which touched my heart, but i rejected taking help.

Update 3 (9/4/19): Everything is going ok, following each person's advice per day. Till now followed some great advice and can able to afford 1 good meal per day. Not taking help (money/gc) from anyone yet because i am still able to satisfy my hunger. If my will power breaks then only i will take help. The motto for this post was not to steal other peoples money by creating false/fake situation, i just created this post because i felt i can divert my mind from negative thoughts to something meaningful. Hope people will understand me.

Update xx: Probably.



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