This was posted 3 years 3 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Mini Burrito (Credit Worth $8-$9) @ Guzman Y Gomez via App (New Users Only)


First time posting….

I was looking for the menu, and came across this deal.
Downloaded the app and thought I’d get a free burrito but you can deduct the cost of a burrito from the total spent!!

“- Free Burrito: On your first new app order only, reward must be applied in checkout to any main meal item value of $11.70 for Price Tier 1 Taquerias and $12.70 for Price Tier 2 Taquerias. Upgrades cost extra. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Limited time only. Valid at participating stores only. Coupon only valid for 3 months. “

iOS App
Android App

Credits to Previous Post - here, here and here

Mod 23/9/19: Updated long running deal, it is no longer free Burrito & $11.70 credit, it's now free mini burrito which comes with $8 or $9 credit.

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    • +10

      6 months is perfect timing for a newbie👍

      Posting Guidelines:
      Don't post duplicates…
      Exceptions: The original deal is active but older than 6 months.

      So this deal expired the previous 6month 11day old deal, which expired earlier deal…

      Thanks for the reminder, Snowsparrow😀
      Forgive me… It's been a while since my last free burrito🌯

      • +1

        Well said Infidel :)

  • Because I just got a new simcard I'll take advantage of this, thanks!

    • -3

      Not only you need a new sim card but also a new phone

      • the app is tied to your IMEI ?

        • the app is tied to your IMEI ?


      • +6

        it worked :)

      • Don't know why you're getting negged because from my experiences you cannot use the same phone with a different simcard to claim a second sign up burrito. Please advise me otherwise if such is not the case people of Ozbargain

  • What you need for burrito per Sim;

    • New number
    • Burner phone

    Factory reset your phone per burrito claim

    • -1

      I have tried factory reset my phone, end up wasting effort and set up new sim number on this phone… they upgrade this to point I already give up this burrito

    • -1

      Yep. Didn't work for me last time I tried with a new number only.

    • There are other traps too, possibly Google Play account or other things. I used a brand new phone after I had claimed it on my old phone but it didn't work. No sign of the discount at all!

    • -1

      I claimed it twice on my dual sim phone without factory resetting at all. Did the same for my colleague's phone.

  • 46mb to install, isn't that rather large for this kind of an app. What does it do?

    • +1

      46mb to install, isn't that rather large for this kind of an app. What does it do?

      It makes free burritos (or tacos, or whatever tf you want for $11.70, or pay the difference with PayPal if its $12.70 pay $1)

  • Has anyone tried to mod the app just like the 7/11 app… To remove the device Id / Imei authentication?!!

    • +7

      If anyone has, they're probably getting fat and not sharing. Fuel at a discount is one thing but a whole community of OzBargainers eating free Buritos everyday just seems wrong to me.

      • With you on that , if I knew app building process ,I would have been weighing atleast a 10 kgs more now…however having said that , if its 7/11 or GYG at the end of the day it's app manipulation for own benefits in financial terms :)

      • probably means this deal would cease shortly.

  • Can also get drinks or absolutely anything at all you want for $11.70 . Or whatever over $11.70 just add paypal and pay the extra .
    Their tacos are quite nice, and can be had for the $11.70, but as soon as you add certain fillings, it ends up about $1 more etc. There is a filling combination which works out just $11.70, but have to play around with app and figure it out (or just add paypal and pay the difference).

    Their Guava drink and Lime drink, are rather nice IMO , great mixer with vodka.

    • +1

      Guava Jarritos would have to be my least favourite of the flavours. The cola one with a lime wedge in it is always a winner.

    • I've eaten at guzman dozens of times and must admit i've never tried any of their drinks but I likely never will, can't wash a burrito down with anything but a Corona ;)

  • I had this credit many months ago and it is now no longer showing up in my account so I think there's an expiry date not explicitly mentioned.

  • The app is a scam. Nice layout and colour plus easy to navigate. However, when I go to payment entering my credit card detail and click order , a pop up message appeared saying there is an error with your payment pls try it next time despite being charged ( pending ) in my account. Tried 3 times ( as suggested by the app ) and all ended up failed error and also ended by being charged 3 times ( pending ) in my card account. Will not come back again for sure.

  • +1

    SNIP: I keep this page open as a reminder but twice now I've replied to another deal in here by mistake.

    • I have so many tabs open to remind me, I just ignore the lot.
      Had forgotten I have a freebie here🌯

      • Haha THAT is the reason I've been leaving this tab open!

        I have all these Amaysim sims everywhere lol

        • Well it's in the calender for lunch tomorrow🌯

          • @Rather be Travelling: Hey that's a great idea, I'm out on the road a lot tomorrow. Ah, isn't it great when a plan comes together :D

            • +2

              @Click_It: Still have Subway Uber Eats code…
              Then new UE account on one of those SIMs & start again with Maccas🍔

              Bought another Catch SIM tonight with $5.10 profit & new number…

              Enjoy lunch🌯

  • Thanks OP!

  • I don't see this offer in my account :(

  • Just tried today and it only deducted $8 instead of $11.70 :(

    • Same - only my second time ever but it looks like they have downgraded it to $8 no
      Too may hungry students, I guess

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