This was posted 3 years 10 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Credit (Worth $11.70) @ Guzman Y Gomez App (Android/iOS - New Users)


Thought this was worth a repost as it’s still an active deal.

‘Free Burrito’ for new users. This is actually issued as a credit of $11.70 that can be redeemed against pretty much anything on the app menu.

iOS App
Android App

Thanks to tatnal and st.anger for the previous posts here and here.

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  • +3

    Will go well with all the recent really cheap SIM's going around!!

    • +7

      GYG changed their app 1-1.5 years ago and changing SIM cards doesn’t work anymore

      • +2

        Oh really? Are they like Uber now where the phone signature is what matters? My mistake.

        • -1

          how about changing mobile phone with the same sim? kidding.

      • What does it do, scan your face?

        • +3

          probably scans your IMEI

      • Changed phone, number and name but used the same email address and the credit wasn't given

      • On rooted android devices, IMEI Changer should do the trick ;)

        • Any similar approaches for iOS?

    • +2

      I find the cheap SIMs don't taste that nice though.

      • I don't like the SIMs by themselves, but if you put some cheese on top, the chips make good nachos.

  • +1

    Cheers OP, I'll look into this soon :)

  • Thanks, Neil.

  • Anyone tried using nox?

  • Had this for the first time today, believe it or not.
    Pretty, pretty good

    • did they give you enough napkins?

  • Installed app & created new account, no free burrito :(

    • +2

      The credit is applied during checkout, the screen will look something like this.

  • +1

    When does it expire? Nearest place is probably 500km away but there's one opening here in the next 6-12 months I think.

    • This is an ongoing promotion as far as I can tell.

      • Yes, this promo has been going for a VERY long time.

  • Same, downloaded and created account but no freebie. Account Balance $0.00

    Edit: saw OP’s screenshot above. Applied at checkout

    • You get the credit when you submit your first order, it has been like this since I can remember.

  • I applied the discount but abandoned the order because I just wanted to test it.

    Now I've lost the promo when I try to reorder :( :( :(

    • +3

      Rookie error, you can have mine

    • +9

      "Next time they can pay me"
      That's entitlement in action, right there folks

      • -5

        Actually my better half has started to do this. We'll both get a free meal (remember doesn't have to be a burrito) and she'll go back and tell them there was something wrong (not lying) and they'll say sorry and give a free burrito card for use next time at any GYG.

    • +11

      How about - "Thanks OP for the post and freebie. A little disappointing but hey, can't complain with the price."

  • +1

    It tastes better when it’s free. If I’d paid the high prices I’d be a bit disappointed. A big thankyou to fancy pants although I won’t be thanking you about my growing gut and salt/fat/sugar intake.

  • +2

    Still valid. Pretty decent food.

  • +2

    Tried with a new number and email but no free burritos T__T

  • Guys, can confirm this still works.

    Saved 11.70 thanks OP!

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