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$15 on Your Birthday from Heinemann Duty Free


Register with Heinemann and Me, Heinemann Duty-Free's loyalty program and get AUD 15 / EUR 10 / NOK 100 / DKK 75 on your birthday. The voucher is valid for a year which makes it worthwhile if you have travel plans in the near future and could be used in any Heinemann Duty-Free store worldwide. Have also received a $10 voucher after a couple of purchases last year from Heinemann.

There are some issues with the site in regards to user registration and email verification, the issue may be temporary and might be fixed at a later date.

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  • Is the voucher an e-voucher?

  • This should be moved to the birthday thread?

  • Wonder if they check or validate its your birthday

    • This. I'm sure to travel so keen to see if this checks out

      • They check your passport with every purchase so it wouldn't surprise me if they did. But really, the worst they could say is no, and you then pay full price or just leave without buying anything.

        Just remember that the only items really worth buying in duty free are spirits. Most other types of alcohol are much cheaper at Dan Murphys or anywhere else really.

  • Germany

    Berlin-Schoenefeld (SXF)
    Berlin Tegel (TXL)
    Dortmund (DTM)
    Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN)
    Frankfurt/Main (FRA)
    Hamburg (HAM)
    Hanover (HAJ)
    Cologne (CGN)
    Leipzig (LEJ)

    Graz (GRZ)
    Linz (LNZ)
    Salzburg (SZG)
    Vienna (VIE)

    Budapest (BUD)

    Copenhagen (CPH)

    Bergen (BGO)
    Kristiansand (KRS)
    Oslo (OSL)
    Stavanger (SVG)
    Trondheim (TRD)


    Sydney (SYD)
    Gold Coast (OOL)

  • I wish Heinemann brought back their AU$ 10 cash voucher offer.
    that was good :-)

  • Awesome. This used to be $10 (but also valid for one year). $15 is better :)

  • I have been a member for a few years (I was a frequent traveler). Every once in a while I would go to the register and get a random 20% discount off my bill.

    Happy with the random discounts though I haven't had one in a while but i wish I knew when it was coming - I would have bought more if i knew the discount was coming!

    • Cam I ask how would they know you are a member? Do they ask for the membership card everytime?

      • I have the app. There is a digital membership card on the homepage.

        I open up the digicard and have them scan it every time I purchase.

        • Cheers. Didnt know this. Could have had discounts as I shop there about once or twice a year

  • Damn…

    My birthday was 40 years ago.

  • Had a lot of issues trying to redeem this. Wasted about half an hour of my time

  • Did anyone not get the verification email after signing up?

  • I tried to register but it failed. I think my Heinemann broken

  • So bringing their prices down to more like what you can get outside of duty free then…

    • Haha i always thought it was cheaper to buy in duty free then it hit me only a few years ago it wasn't the case at all lol

    • Airport duty free is massively inflated, The exorbitant rent there far outweighs 10% tax savings.

      For me, heres the exception. I used to take relatively short trips on budget airlines. I would not check in baggage (saving ~$50)
      I would then buy a few items, mostly alcohol or other special items and carry them on. I could not get them past security if i had them in my carry on.

      In the end, I always ended up saving money this way and it meant I could leave the airport quicker as I wasn't waiting for a baggage carousel.

      • I see. I usually shop there mainly for convenience even though I know now is more expensive. Had to buy gift for family and friends so I just prefer to buy them at the airport. Eg. Chocs and nougats. I seldom buy alcohol though as most of them aren't drinkers.

        • Sydney Duty free is definitely overpriced for most things, but i find still with some of the main stream whiskeys, it does seem a little bit cheaper, or am i mistaken in that? I am talking about the packs where you buy 2 bottles in a box etc, the Johnny walker and the Chiva Regal packs.

  • The registration is broken. Didn't get verification email. Tried calling them but can't even get past their menu selection. Terrible experience. Too bad I can't neg this because I've upvoted this.

    • Had the same problem, click forgot password it should bring you to page where you can request the verification email. Should work this time

  • Do you have to be travelling to/from overseas to buy from here? Or you can purchase non duty free? In which case it's just a $15 vpoucher for some overpriced chocolate etc.

  • So where is the $15 voucher? Registered a few weeks ago and it’s my bday but can’t find it in my junk mail or app.

  • The birthday voucher only send to you on your actual birthday date. Then it will valid for 12 months.

    • so does that mean they won't actually check your birthday then since you can pretty much use it at any time of the year
      not trying to game the system but would rather not give out my real birthday for security reasons

  • +1 vote

    For those looking for the voucher, check your profile (under "heinemann & me"). For me it shows the birthday voucher is there and will automatically be applied at the checkout.

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