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LG 55" B8 4K UHD OLED AI Thinq Smart TV $1999 + $55 Delivery @ David Jones


AI ThinQ™ offers enhanced interactive experiences with voice-activated control
OLED Display with no backlight for the most hair raising blacks imaginable
Alpha 7 Intelligent Processor designed for LG OLED for a next generation visual experience
4K Cinema HDR with Dolby Vision™ for a truly cinematic viewing experienceDolby Atmos
Enter a new world of sound with Dolby Atmos. You'll feel like you're inside the action as the sounds come alive with breathtaking realism

Notes: RRP:$2999.00 JB, HN, etc are around $2500 Price mark and you can always price match with some of your favourites.

Not sure of end date.

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • I’m so torn between this TV and the Panasonic FZ950 55” OLED, which is $1995 at the moment.

    • I bought this in Feb with no regrets. Quality is phenomenal, voice activated controls are great and easy to use.
      Highly recommend.

      • Good to hear it's not very often the people selling them point you towards the cheaper model in the range of something, it was ringing alarm bells at first till I read the reviews and all said the same thing.

        • I bought this ( last years model) on the 2018 boxing day sale. So had it about 15 months or so now. Fantastic TV would highly recommend it. This is the newer update so Im sure that you will enjoy it.

    • Same. Been a Panasonic person for years :)

    • This TV is great, I've owned it for a few weeks now and is really smooth, picture quality is great and all the apps and functionality are awesome. The FZ950 doesn't support Dolby Vision either so that was a big let down and one of the factors why I opted for this.

  • Yeah the reviews swayed me me towards this which I seem to recall a couple of modes, which stops it from frigging a signal from an input that has already had the processing done like PC's or gaming consoles with full HDCP 2.2 compliance that don't require any alteration so all the power goes to keeping a steady frame rate, including HFR sources

    We thought we'd try something different for a change. It's not our main tv

  • If you can wait for 2019 LG OLED because of 120Hz, HDMI 2.1 and adaptive refresh.

    Also own this TV and use it as a PC/console display, paid 1600 or something.

      • Yeah why I went this way and until they sort out a couple of things we're going to see different things come into play like USB C, HDMI 2.2 compliance has been an absolute pain and most people request it then buy a cable capable of a third of the required throughput, because they haven't got a real handle on that as yet, so although it's nice to have latest all the time……..

        For a TV that isn't going to be my main device is it worth the extra $1300, for the newer model, it's cycle that never ends and you need to decide what will keep you happy for the time being with the devices you have at your disposal, There is always something lagging behind being an early adopter isn't always working out as much as it used to.

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    This TV was on sale at my local Harvey Norman about a month ago for $1995 or something and I took a picture of it on my phone, when I went back to Harvey Norman a week later to buy it the price had gone up to $2295 as the sale had ended, and they wouldn't go lower than $2050 even though I showed them it was on sale last week, so I went to my nearest JB-HiFi and asked them if they would be willing to price beat and they sold me this TV for $1930, if anyone wants the picture so you can try get a price-beat/match just shoot me a message. $1999 isn't a bad deal though. Thanks for sharing

  • I’ve had it with lg TVs, had mine for about four-five years and due to the lack of updates Skype gone , YouTube gone, and a couple extra features… can’t remember if Netflix is still working… but don’t expect too much in regards to updates for lg… the tvs lifetime is longer than that, don’t expect them to drop features so much!

    • This is pretty normal for any brand of TV btw, not just LG. All manufacturers (for pretty much anything btw) stop support fairly soon.

      Once a TV passes 3-5 years, you need to look at media centre or box to start doing the work.

      • to loose features is a pain in the ass though, for services to be shut down. skype was done within like a year or so of getting the TV, wasn't a major drama as i didn't really use it…

        i think this is why my next TV will be powered by android… seems to have much better support.

  • $2000 isn't cheap… $1800 Can be had right now if you find a store with lots in stock.. trust me, with the new model out in stores, nobody wants the B8 to sit in their warehouse too long. I certainly don't. And I got 18 left. Not DJs

  • I've had mine for just over two weeks now, got it on the videopro ebay sale - incredibly happy with it so far, picture is great, low input lag, apps work fine, would recommend

  • I have this TV and it's amazing. Had the C6 before it.

    However, this is a terrible deal. I got mine for $1600 using the domain Amex cashback deal and a price match after Christmas. Plus there have been loads of ebay discounts since where you would get it cheaper.

    Like this last week:

  • For one of the best selling 55's this price is shockingly bad I would wait a week or to for another eBay deal from GG or Videopro etc and save at least $300-400