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LG B8 55 Inch OLED TV - $1,598.40 C&C @ Bing Lee eBay


Bing Lee is doing the popular LG B8 55 inch model for $1598.40 pick up or an additional $40 for postage.

Get on while it lasts.

Original P20BING 20% off Selected Bing Lee Items on eBay Deal Post

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  • Delivery doesn't work for Melbourne :(

  • Please enter a quantity of 0 or less

    • There's a way around this. I set the quantity to -1 and it changed to "Please enter quantity of 1 or more"

  • Please enter a quantity of 0 or less

    Does not deliver to Brisbane Metro

  • 0 available.

    That's what you expect from an ebay sale.

  • $2396 for the 65" after discount, before delivery - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-LG-OLED65B8STB-65-B8-OLED-TV...

  • Post should be tagged NSW, these clowns don't ship large items to other states.

  • Here is a trick for everyone in Regional NSW (if you are near a store)
    (for me it was showing 0 available)

    Change your registered address to a random Sydney postcode.
    Go to the Item, it now shows stock available
    Add to your Checkout
    When you checkout, select Click and Collect
    Select your nearest Bing Lee Store by postcode
    If they have stock you are in luck
    Apply code

  • Would you go this TV or the Sony A8F for $200 more?

    • Probably the Sony because they have much better motion capabilities. OLEDs (mainly LG) have pretty bad stutter with slow moving images because of the almost instant pixel response time. So slow motion and panning shots it looks bad but with Sonys motion it smooths it out much more but thats also why the brightness isnt quite as high as the LG.

      • Thanks mate. I heard the Android software on the Sony is $hite, but that a new version was coming out. Does anyone know if it has been released and if it improves the lag?

        • It's been delayed for Sony. It's mainly an upgrade to Android Oreo 8.0 which is meant to hugely improve smart features and operating system. Already been released in USA about a month ago. So hopefully not too long. Lag I doubt would be improved, for 4K it should be around 23ms, 1080p is 35 I think. I've got the Sony X9300E and Android is pretty good but can be a touch laggy occasionally but rather have that then the limited apps you get with other TV's. I think the update will probably be held back until the X950G gets released here because that will be running the same OS out of the box

          • @Monstalova: I want to be able to use my NBA League Pass without an ATV and Sony with android can do it, but LG with WebOS can't. Stupid reason to pick a TV, but I have a small living room and I don't want a TV unit, cables or other devices other than the TV itself.

    • Hi, have anyone bought Sony A8F box damaged from Sony ebay store? How's the condition? Is it refurbished or brand new?

  • Appliance central are doing it for $1640 plus $27.50 delivery (20% off code PROGRAM20) if anyone really wants it outside of Sydney…