[Hack] Free Hamburger or Frozen Coke + 10 Hamburgers w/o Beef Patty @ McDonald's


Food hack found on Reddit. Similar to this deal, when you remove a beef patty from a Hamburger, it deducts $1.10 from the order, netting -$0.10. Can apply the hack on any other menu items by varying the quantity of meatless Hamburgers if the system allows (not sure of limit).

  1. Add 10 x $1 Hamburger.
  2. Customise the burger by removing the Beef Patty (and/or everything else if you don't want meatless Hamburgers).
  3. Add 1 x $1 Hamburger (or $1 Frozen Coke if you prefer a drink).
  • Freeze the burgers and you have the next few days sorted.
  • If you don't plan on eating the meatless burgers, remove all other ingredients so that the burgers don't get made. Food wastage is bad.

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