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EHPlabs OxyShred Twin Pack + L-Carnitine $112.41 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Isupplements eBay


OxyShred 10.8oz/306g x 2
L-Carnitine 3.5oz/100g x 1

Good deal with a range of 6 flavours to choose from. It's already quite cheap even without the carnitine.

EHPlabs OxyShred is the most advanced and potent thermogenic fat burner ever developed. OxyShred induces hyper-lipolysis, which is a complex process of super-efficient and enhanced burning of the subcutaneous fat molecules.

EHPlabs Acetyl L-Carnitine is HPLC tested and proven to be the highest quality pharmaceutical grade Acetyl L-Carnitine on the market. The fine crystalline powder and the potency of a concentrated serving size is testament to this.

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  • Do they work tho?

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      Lolno. It's basically caffeine and 'Herbal extracts' that do basically nothing.

      There are effective fat burners out there, but they aren't legal / available over the counter.

      • Ephedrine?

      • Meth?

    • From what has been explained to me by people who have used this successfully to drop weight but keep muscle:

      Diet is 45%
      Supplements is 10%
      Discipline is 30%
      Exercise is 15%

      You cant take supplements only and expect any change at all. This is not a weight loss medicine.

      You'll need actual medicine prescribed if you want effortless weight loss.

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        Foundation of building muscle

        Eat CLEN
        TREN hard
        TEST yourself
        DBOLish your haterz
        WINN at all cost
        ANAVAR give up

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    nothing will ever beat oxy elite before those FIFO morons ruined it

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      There was this guy at my old work that would take it twice a day whilst at work(nuts, I know). I'd wager he'd burn about 1000 calories sitting down shaking his leg as much as he did hahaha

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      "Public Notification: Oxy ELITE Pro Super Thermogenic contains hidden drug ingredient

      [02-28-2015] The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use Oxy ELITE Pro Super Thermogenic, a product promoted for weight loss. This product was identified by FDA during an examination of international mail shipments.

      FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that Oxy ELITE Pro Super Thermogenic (Lot# 216732, Exp. 04/17) contains fluoxetine. Fluoxetine is an FDA approved drug in a class of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) used for treating depression, bulimia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

      Uses of SSRIs have been associated with serious side effects including suicidal thinking, abnormal bleeding, and seizures. In patients on other medications for common conditions (aspirin, ibuprofen, or other drugs for depression, anxiety, bipolar illness, blood clots, chemotherapy, heart conditions, and psychosis), ventricular arrhythmia or sudden death can occur."

      Fascinating :-)

  • What's the expiry on these?

    • Not mentioned in description unfortunately. Best to ask the question to the seller and post back their response (if any).

  • How many grams is each container? No info in listing or OP post.

    • Looks to be the 10.8oz/306g containers. I'll update post.

  • This is a good price for two containers of OxyShred.

    Note the recommended dosage is to have one scoop of OxyShred in the morning and on training days one additional scoop 30 minutes prior to your session (can stack with creatine).

    It says on the label not to take OxyShred after 5pm as it can affect your sleep. They also have a separate product called OxySleep which they recommend you take immediately before bed which can help suppress the buzz from OxyShred and continue your thermogenic fat burning while you are asleep.

    There is a current bundle for both OxyShred and OxySleep at Australian supplement chains for $129.

  • Can someone recommend a good, strong preworkout?

    So many of them and hard to tell what's a gimmick. Thanks guys : )

    • What are you taking at the moment? C4 is fairly strong and very popular.

      • I liked c4 ages ago but had lots revisions and became weak. I build up tolerance fast and for me only some crazy strong pre workouts work on a long run unfortunately.

        • You'll always build up a tolerance from the caffeine. Try to use it only when you need the energy hit, or have a shot of coffee. Personally, I take a non-stim preworkout like Steel Labs Pumped-AF most days. Still get a good pump and a boost in energy endurance but I'm still able to sleep easily at night.

    • +1

      Best way is to mix it yourself.

      Caffeine: Oxyshred is actually pretty good for this with a 160mg dose and adds taste. Alternatively, No Doz or just regular coffee is fine.

      Beta alanine: 3.2gm
      Citrulline: 6-12 gm (find what works for you)
      Creatine: 5gm (not essential for pwo but a convenient time to take it)

      I've had some awesome pumps with just that.

      • I'll give it a try, thank you :)

      • Any premixed products you can recommend based on that?

        • +1

          Mts clash
          C4 ultimate
          Optimum nutrition pre workout (2 scoops)

          • @swxfty: Cheers! A somewhat predictable follow up post: where is the usual cheapest place to buy these? (I had a few tubs or Arnies pre workout stuff - kicks like a mule, but have run out and I believe they were discontinued/banned :( )

            • +1

              @Tuttle: eBay is usually the cheapest.

    • Strongest pre workout ?

      Merica labz red white & boom

      What do I recommend ?
      MTS Clash

      It has the clinical dose of every ingredient you need plus the perfect amount of caffeine. It also has full dosage of creatine so you also save on buying an additional supplement.

  • There are new flavours of OxyShred releasing this week and a stronger formula.

  • Fat burner LOL What a scam.. 4 day gym cycle compound movements, get off sugar THAT'S HOW YOU LOSE WEIGHT! Either man up and be disciplined or deal with the fact you're gonna be fat.
    My pleasure.

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