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$10 Roasted Salted Cashews + Delivery @ Nuts About Life


Hey guys, my name is Saeed, Director at Nuts About Life Australia (

We have just launched our first Easter Special, $10 for a kg of Roasted Salted Cashews!
We're proud to offer these and as you guys have been such incredible supporters of our humble little family brand we want to say thank you!

No code necessary however shipping is an additional charge, there is no maximum a customer can order and we only have strict quantities available!

If anyone has any questions I would be glad to assist,

Kind regards always,


Update: use code for further discount:
TAKEE10 - 10% off total
FREESHIP - Free shipping for metro areas above $100

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  • How much would shipping be on that to a Sydney metropolitan address?

    • -3

      Unsure, we have recently switched to Aus Post, feel free to add to cart for a more accurate quote :)

      • +37

        You need to go to checkout and complete address etc before finding out shipping.

        I really can't be bothered.

        Better to have a shipping estimator to save people from doing that to be honest.

        • +1

          It's super common. I've bought from heaps of websites lately, and most of them are the same unfortunately. Thankfully it only takes about 2 seconds to fill in your info.

          • +1


            Thankfully it only takes about 2 seconds to fill in your info

            Until you get to the part where you have to enter a Suburb AND a City, and you can't get past it until you do.

            I'm guessing that since I'm in a suburb of Melbourne, I need to enter Melbourne as the city, but it that's printed on the address label, it's going to confuse the delivery service.

      • +1

        Australian cashews?

        Please supply important info

        • Just got to office,
          These are Vietnamese Cashews imported raw, roasted and salted in Aus :)

  • +37

    I never give my details to get a shipping price.

    • +1

      How do they know where to send it if you won't tell them where you live?

      • +2

        Giving details when you're purchasing is different. You may not make the purchase if the shipping is too high but you might still be added to a marketing database.

  • +9


    For Sydney

    • Thanks for the assistance on this one :)

    • +28

      Hmm OK. Not worth it in that case.

  • +7

    Post to Melb:

    • Purchased in Qty 10, AusPost's Parcel Post bags
      let you send 1Kg "Anywhere in AU" for just ~$5.50
      without need to give address B4 deciding to order.

      If necessary, let us agree to buy 995g for $15 Shipped
      (eg, if packaging would push Total Wt. over 1 Kg)

      'dunno if cashews fr Vietnam are worth $15
      Let buyers decide

      And - for good Health - why not include UnSalted in Deal?

      • PS Are these Dry-Roated?
        (We don't like to pay for Oil)

  • +1

    For Melbourne its $8.82

  • +5

    $15 to ship to the NT.
    Might as well go to the local Woolies.

  • +3

    What size and Country of produce?

    • +6

      Cheap cashews? 99% sure it's Vietnam. And very likely forced labour in rehab camps.

    • What size

      It says that in the deal

      and Country of produce?

      In 2017, global production of cashew nuts (as the kernel) was 3,971,046 tonnes, led by Vietnam, India and Côte d'Ivoire with 22%, 19%, and 18% of the world's total respectively.

      Probably one of those countries that make up 59% of all cashews.

  • +2

    Orders over $100 = free Metro shipping with code: FREESHIP

    Or try this code for 10% off, not 100% sure it works for everyone: TAKEE10

    You can only use one code per order…

    • Worked! Thanks!

  • +2

    Have you gone nuts with anything else? Any other nuts in special?

    • +6

      lol! We are a family of nutters!
      We have a page that also has our deals here:

      We will be doing a number of Easter specials in the coming week(s) :D

      and yes! Feel free to use the code "FREESHIP" for free shipping with orders over $100 (shipping costs $20 and under included) OR alternatively "TAKEE10" grants you 10% off (no min required).

      I hope this helps guys,
      You are such an incredible community thank you so much

      • Shit! Just placed and order of 5 bags with TAKE5 percent only. Just send a freebie along if ok lol

        • +3

          LOL! I will include a little something for you, appreciate your order greatly! It will be dispatched tomorrow :D

          • @Saeed NAL: Yeah some good prices there on other nuts, even compared to coles for prepacked, like the roast in shell peanuts, almonds. Shame you don't have some of the 5kg bulk ones anymore. I was looking for a decent source as I eat quite a few, and just generally buy from supermarket. I ordered quite a few kg of peanuts and almonds (interested see how the wasabi ones are), as well as a couple of the cashews, as well as a couple of the spreads to try out.

      • -10

        Would have been useful to know before ordering several kilo.

        • What" Would have been useful to know"?

        • +5

          Unless you ordered over 10 kilos, you wouldn’t have got free shipping. Bit harsh on the neg. Plus it’s on a big banner on top of the page, how did you miss that!?

          • -4

            @snagseb: Would have ordered 10 kilos,if the deal had been posted correctly.

            I have cancelled my order for 6 kilo.

            • +3

              @Dave Id: Way to spit the dummy. Does this mean you will be reordering or just stamping your feet?

              • -2

                @snagseb: If OP cancels in time,I'll order 10 kg and a kilo of paprika.

                Usually order in bulk from Hindustan Imports. $200 - $300 at a time.

              • @snagseb: Seller cancelled my original order,as requested.

                Consequently ordered 10 Kg.

                Would have ordered other items,however no stock on the bulk purchases I sought.

                OP has some very good prices and some that are hideous.

                Intend purchasing more in bulk as I get low on supplies. Reside in the bush.
                5 or 10 Kg bags of beans,lentils,etc would be handy. Usually buy several,along with 1 Kg bags of spices,etc,etc.

      • +2

        Your specials look a bit misleading there, eg Goji berries

        "from $5.50 $30.00"

        $5.50 is for 250g, normally $10.50, not $30
        The $30.00 is for 1kg - on sale for $15.50

        It's not really a true comparison of cost savings. I mean, it's a good sale - but just on the home page it's distorting it becomes of comparing the prices to different sizes. Hopefully that makes sense.

    • +6

      There's a few ok specials, like:

      Dry roasted almonds: $15.90 kg

      Walnut halves and pieces: $14.50 kg

      Roasted mixed nuts: $11.80 kg

      and so on…

      Their spice prices are great also, damn cheap compared to the supermarkets…

      • Oh wow, they're Australian walnuts too!

  • What’s the best before date on the cashews? Just trying to work out how much to buy and that information would help. Thanks.

    • +3

      In correct conditions these will be fine for at least 9 months, away from sunlight, cool conditions (refrigerated is better) and you won't have any issues :)

  • Ordered 2 thanks OP.

    • Thank you very much! Your yummy order will be sent out tomorrow :D

    • +11

      IPA: ˈkæʃuː; Type: noun;

      cassuvium {noun masculine }
      A small evergreen tree (Anacardium occidentale) grown for its cashew nuts and cashew apples.

  • Thanks OP! Getting 2 delivered. Cheers

  • Ordered 3

  • I'd like to buy ROASTED CASHEWS LIGHTLY SALTED, but seems normal price, lol.

  • +2

    My wife is going to be so angry at me. But I don't care cause I can eat cashews and dried fruits. Bahahaha 11kgs of stuff. She will have forgotten about it before I run out.

    • +6

      HAHA Sounds like my home too! "babe whats this…?" RUN

      • I have to get to the mailbox first. If I can hide it I don't have to explain it.

        • +2

          lol, 11kg comes in a pretty big box ;)

        • +16

          Hide your nuts from your wife, or else you'll have to hide your nuts from your wife

  • Is pick up available….??? Thanks

    • +15

      Only if you live on the west saeed.

      • +1

        I got pretty excited, living in WA. Why would you lie to us Westerners? Thought we finally had a perk that the Eastern States don't have xD

  • +2

    Fremantle, Perth Shipping


    So, sadly not worth it for only 1kg :( maybe if you have a bulk order…

  • +2

    Where are the cashews sourced from?

    • +5

      I feel the op is avoiding this question as it was asked previously with no response.

      • +2

        Not avoiding at all, finished work is all :)
        Cashews are from Vietnam imported raw, roasted and salted in Australia

    • +1

      I'd bet my last peanut either India or SEA.

      • +1

        Would you put your nuts on the line?

    • +3

      also, i cant see country of origin in most your items.
      i would be interested buying various items, but you need to have country of origin listed.

  • +3

    Any unsalted cashew??

    • Healthier and no 10% GST.

      Know what I'd prefer.

      In 5 Kg boxes.

  • Just wondering whats the normal price for 1kg cashew? My shipping is $11. Not sure if worth it

    • +2

      The best I have seen is around $18 at Aldi. $20 for Coles/Woolies specials.

      This is the cheapest I have ever seen, get 2 maybe?

      • Which country are the coles aldi ones from ?

        • +1

          majority of them from coles, woolies and aldi are from vietnam

      • Thanks, yeah min of two will it more worthwhile then

      • Keep an eye out at Woolies after Xmas/NY.

        Price sometimes slashed by 75%.

  • Can you give us a special for raw cashews?

    • Raw cashews are toxic.
      They need to be heated to be safe.

      • +4

        Yes, also tomatoes are fruits and lactose-free milk is not lactose free but lactase infused.

        But back in the real world I’m using terminology that is widely accepted in the food industry and which sometimes may not be technically correct.

        Unless, do you know any shop that sells “heat-treated” cashews?

        • -2

          Actually I didn't know if you knew that you can't eat raw cashews and that's all my comment meant.

          Unlike you I won't put that into an insulting reply.

  • Thanks OP,ordered 1kg.of Activated Almonds and 1kg.of Cashews ….

  • OP any pickup options available in melbourne?

  • +1

    Has anyone tried their nuts before and can vouch for quality?

    • +4

      I've purchased a good variety of nuts, seeds, and spices from them since their first deal was posted on here in 2017, it's all been good, no complaints about any of it.. My favorite would probably be the KG of activated almonds I got in January, they were great, good crunch, very tasty…

  • +4

    It's a very reasonable question. Where are the cashews from?

    • Can only add to the folk asking for the source of these nuts.

      But to be fair to the OP, he may not be online at the mo and he'll (eventually) sort this out.

      That's as much slack as I can cut I'm afraid.

      We await a response.

    • +3

      Their organic and raw cashews are from Vietnam so it's probably safe to assume these ones are also..

      At the price it's probably unlikely there's many Aussie nuts in the mix….

    • Probably one of those countries that make up 59% of all cashews.

      In 2017, global production of cashew nuts (as the kernel) was 3,971,046 tonnes, led by Vietnam, India and Côte d'Ivoire with 22%, 19%, and 18% of the world's total respectively.

  • +1

    You can get them just as cheap in Harris Farm when on offer. They're really good to.

    • Don't think they have ever been $10 per kg, $10 for a bag of 400g or 500g maybe.

  • Hi Rep I accidentally order 1 meant to order 2 can you please cancel my order so I can order 2. My order no is. 3932.

    • Rep gone for dinner 2 hours ago, I'd email them.

  • Good price, but pretty much negated by the shipping costs unless ordering in copious quantities, which I can’t quite justify.

  • Why is there rice bran oil in them?

  • They don't seem to ship out to Wollongong, what a shame.

    • +1

      Looks like their shipping calculator is a bit buggy worked for me after a few go's.

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