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[XB1] 3 Months Xbox Game Pass $1 @ Microsoft (New/Inactive Accounts)

Edit - deal is now live.

Just saw this deal on Reddit. Note - deal doesn't go live till April 11.

3 Months for $1: Promotional discounts not available in Quebec or Russia. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Limit 1 offer per account. Offer valid from 11/04/2019 9:00 PM PDT until 12/05/2019 11:59 PDT. After promotional period, subscription continues to be charged at the then-current regular quarterly price (subject to change), unless cancelled. Plus applicable taxes. Credit card required.

Edit: How to turn off recurring billing

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  • Can add on to existing plan? Still have 1 month plus remaining

  • +3 votes

    God damn it, got rorted. Just got the free 1 month not long ago from last posted deal.

    Just seen date hopefully I don't forget to renew it

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    oh good. i just cancelled my plan and it ends on the 11th. its a good service but im not paying $10 a month.

  • Of course….right after getting the 3mths @50% off yesterday!

  • Will this work for users that are in the free trial period?

  • I just signed up for the $1/1 Month offer. Can I cancel that and take this up?

    • It will still be available on 8/5/2019 so for just $1, just keep the current one. Then, in about a month, purchase this for another 3 months worth.

  • Damn just signed up last night.

    What's stopping me just creating another account?

  • 3 months of Sea of Thieves for $1. Yeh boy

  • offer valid till 12/5…if possible just use up what you have and cancel it before then…it's more than a month away

    • wow. my bargain 6 mths I got runs out 10/5.
      Every is coming up gambohouse.

  • No better value in gaming.

    You end up trying games you would never have purchased.

  • Until 12th of May. I think mine expires on the 9th, I had a bunch of freebies from the Mastercard deal but only grabbed about a year or so, didn't wanna be too greedy. If I snag this, that'd be sick. Cheers, OP.

  • This couldn't come at a better time. Perfect. My last $1 sub expires tomorrow.

  • This should also say PC in the title as gamepass is Xbox play anywhere capable.

    Below is the current PC list that I could find. $1 for 3 months is worth it for State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves and Ark.

    Gears of War 4
    Halo Wars 2
    Halo Wars: Definitive Edition
    Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection
    Super Lucky's Tale
    Sea of Thieves
    State of Decay 2
    Disneyland Adventures
    Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure Achievements
    Snake Pass
    Forza Horizon 4
    Hello Neighbor
    ARK: Survival Evolved
    We Happy Few
    Crackdown 3: Campaign
    Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

    • Definitely good value for PC, even with less titles. I'm just finishing the last deal which was $2 for 2 months - and all I played was Forza Horizon 4. Including a previous $1 for 1 month, I've gotten 3 months of playing FH4 for $3 - better than paying full price for the game!

      Note: Operencia is another game that has just been added to Game Pass that I think is available for PC.


      Any other games like headlander (metroidvania) on gp

    • Might be a noob question but how does it work?

      I do not have an XBox account. I do not have an XBox (at least not here with me).
      If I get this to play the games on PC, I make an XBox account (I assume I can do this on a PC), then redeem the code, and then I can download the games onto the PC using the XBox account in Firefox? Is that right?

      Or is there anything else I need to do?

      • You download the game from the Microsoft Store - you just need a Microsoft account and then it's like downloading any Windows app from the store.

        • But I need to make an XBox account first to redeem the game pass code, right?
          Or can I make a MS account and do it there?

    • Forza Horizon 4 is insanely good. Hadn't played a racing game since Forza Motorsport 2 but I picked this one up and I found it to be insanely fun.

      • Totally agree. I bought the One X Big W deal posted here and blown away since the FM2 on Xbox360. Without hesitation I got a Logitech G920 wheel to go with it.

        • Is the g920 good? Been looking for one but hesitant given the cost

        • How did you go with the G920 in FH4 - especially on the cross-country/dirt tracks? I've got a G25 (using it on a PC) and had to adjust it a lot as it was too sensitive.

    • There are several more blockbusters. Including Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Tomb Raider, Shadow of Mordor, Minecraft, Alien Isolation, Just Cause 3, Vampyr. Just sign in to the Microsoft Store. The games are tagged with Game Pass.

      I was wrong. Those games are just discounted for game pass subscribers or available on Xbox only.

      • Yeh I initially thought the same as you last year. Mainly because they make it out that way by saying free with gamepass on the win10 store app. Pretty annoying if you ask me.

        No direct way to display just game pass play anywhere games.

  • I'm just going to make it!

    Last OzBargain deal for Gamepass expires early May for me… very happy this deal goes to 12th May!
    Thanks for posting OP.

    • Well, yeah. There was a previous deal which said expired such and such date and i waited for it cos i wanted to take it on the last date but it was then removed early (and not a day early but way earlier) so im a bit reluctant to put it off too long these days

  • Thanks OP

  • it says: 11/04/2019 9:00 PM PDT isn't that 12/04/2019 2:00 PM AEST?

  • Yeah. Its not live yet.

  • Amazing. My plan finishes on the 12th :)

  • it's live but I keep getting an error when I try to pay - anyone else having trouble paying for this?

    • Got an error message on Microsoft.com but I also received an email from PayPal saying my $1 payment went through.

    • yep same

      Try that again
      Something happened on our end. Waiting a bit might help.
      Try that again Something happened on our end. Waiting a bit might help.

      2019/04/11 - 12:10:06 UTC

  • All good now after throwing up errors last night. 3 months has been applied to my account. Insanely cheap!

  • Same here, got successful.. 3 months applied on 1st attempts, got error page after paying by paypal but payment went through and I can see my membership is extended by 3 months when I go in my subscriptions.. thanks op

  • Nice one, been meaning to play the latest Tomb Raider. Downloading now!

  • Got mine, and I've turned off recurring billing following the help topic

  • Signed up! Awesome.

  • Thanks OP. Signed up!
    When can I cancel for renewal?

    • Straight away :) I just did.

      It will say when it will stop after switching off recurring billing.

      Recurring billing off, expires on 7/11/2019

      (displays in US style date.. so July 11th for me)

      PS: Thanks OP for alerting us on this, it's a great deal.

  • Worked fine on my existing account. Cancelled renewal and did it again a few times for 12 months for $65 in total.

  • I just did the 3 months for $1. Then I turned of reoccurring billing against it. Subsequently, I just used my Xbox rewards points to extend by another 3 months at 13500 points which is reduced at the moment from 18000. Upon applying the reward, MS offer one month free for turning on automatic renewal. 7 months for minimum effort is a nice gift for little time I get game these days.

  • Thanks OP. Glad I held off on buying SoD2 can't wait to play on PC. SoT too!

  • Has anyone had this lapse during the promo? I have 6 days left and had already cancelled it prior to the deal going live.

    Oddly when I do to the website, it says $1 while logged in, but then when I get to payment it's half off at about $17.

    Called support and they couldn't help with my questions.

    • Having same issue.

    • It's straight froward really. Whilst you have an active Game Pass (which you do, until it expires, regardless of whether you have cancelled or not), you won't see the $1 offer. The day your Game Pass expires, log back in & you will see & be eligible for the $1 offer.

      As for seeing $1, then when you to pay it says $17, that's just how the Microsoft site is.

  • For those people wanting to try Game Pass on the PC, select the Microsoft Store and then the 3 dots at the top right select My Library. Once you are subscribed to Game Pass that screen will have an option "Xbox Game Pass" at the left. Selecting that will show all the Game Pass games with blue box with "Install" in it if you are able to install it on the PC (all others are Xbox only) - changes to a blue box with "Play" in it once you install it. I counted 15 games that can be installed on the PC.

  • I found this confusing. I thought this also included the free Games with Gold. But it doesn't.

    I hope someone else find the following useful:
    - Games with Gold is an added benefit specific to Xbox Live Gold members that rewards players with two to four free games each month to enjoy.
    - Xbox Game Pass is a subscription-based service that gives you unlimited access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 backward compatible games for Xbox One. Xbox Live Gold is not required for Xbox Game Pass, however, Xbox Live Gold is required for multiplayer titles that are part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

    • There shouldn't really be confusion. They are two separate products but, like will all XB1 games, you need Gold to play online. Microsoft will release an option later in the year, apparently, that includes both Game Pass & Gold in one.

    • Thanks for the distinction. Sounds like no benefit for Xbox 360 owners? Or are they still accessible for Xbox 360?

      • Xbox 360 owners miss out. There are Xbox 360 games but you will need a Xbox One to play them.


    Don't forget to renew, deal is about to expire. Just got an extra 3 today :)

  • redeemed today, thanks OP

  • my gamepass doesn't expire until November :(

  • Deal has been extended til the 24th according to the link.

    • Yeah I was waiting until the last day to take up the offer, which I had as tomorrow, but now it says 12 days left.

  • Just redeemed it, said there was 6 hours left to do it.