Free Delivery with Deliveroo Plus 14-Day Trial [New Subscribers]


Free 14 Day trial of Deliveroo Plus, gives you unlimited Deliveries without extra delivery fee and 'special discounts'?. Then $18.99 a month afterwards.
Seems good if you order food delivery 3-4+ times a month.

Should be able to use new user codes, cashback/Qantas Points deal too?
Haven't tried to see if it works with Shipster Deal yet
Doesn't mention a minimum spend.



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Referral:  wherestheid or random (290)

$5 for referrer and $5 for referee after the first order. Minimum order $20 + $5 delivery fee.

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    My waistline says no

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    Then $18.99 a month afterwards
    Special discounts

    Somehow I think of eBay plus when I see this, "special discounts" lol.
    It's an ingenious marketing stunt though.

    Pay $19 for free delivery. To make it worth it, you've got to order 4 times (delivery fee is $5-$6 in my area) in that month.
    Now you've just got to make people fall for it convince people's it's a viable investment.

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      I know multiple people who would use this once a week making Plus worth it


        Just googled and it looks targeted. See comment below.

        Deliveroo just isn't that much of a competitor to UberEats (at least in my area).

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          If deliveroo isn't well established in your area do yourself a favor and don't order through it..
          Found it to be really good in the city but where I live the 3-4 times I've ordered every time they were unable to find a driver (after the restaurant already cooked the food) and all the orders were cancelled 😒😒



            If deliveroo isn't well established in your area do yourself a favor and don't order through it..

            Yeah exactly. I normally don't use any alternative, but sometimes Uber Eats.


    Finally subscription based delivery is here, it’s popular in the States with Postmates.

    Isn’t Deliveroo Plus targeted atm?

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    A subscription service for food delivery? Geez. Every moment we stray further and further from the light.

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    So… 10 free McDonalds buns delivered?

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    Best thing since sliced bread. Made 9 orders already!

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    I live in Sydney CBD and it frequently has trouble finding riders, not sure what's wrong but so far it's been quite terrible… Not to mention the amount of time wasted…
    Chat agents also actively lie to you about the order being picked up in 5-7 minutes, the result would always be order cancelled and hours wasted waiting for the meal.

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      Huh. I've never had any issues with riders in the inner west. Had one guy do a runner with the food (must have been hungry) and yeah the chat agents are absolute (profanity). Nothing a threat of a chargeback didn't fix though, recooked and delivered and a $20 voucher.

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    a $5 pizza from dominos costs $15.55 with this app.
    I can just go deliver it myself.


      Food prices are jacked up


      What about if you live alone and are housebound due to disability? This is excellent value for people who rely on food delivery.

      With Dominos delivery I have to order stuff I don't want just to get to the minimum $22.


        You are supposed to use the codes for 3x pizzas delivered, then eat them over the next few days.


    So what are the special deals that you get?


    The last two times I ordered from deliveroo they couldn't find any drivers, finally got one after 30 minutes and food was delivered cold.

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    My partner signed up to the free trial on the weekend and found that they still charged $18.99 to her credit card. Sent a message to support to get it refunded but no response yet.


    Kind of sad that they have an exclusive deal with KFC…


    Had two stone cold deliveries in a row and Deliveroo refused to refund. All while I am on this trial.

    It was clear one rider did multiple deliveries and the other got lost.

    I contacted Deliveroo and they refused to refund. I wore one of the costs and contacted the restaurant for the other.

    The restaurant said they have had numerous issues with Deliveroo, thanked me for reporting it and got DR to give a part refund.

    I won't be using these guys unless I have a good coupon as the risk is just too high


    I keep trying to sign up for this on the app but the screen goes white and nothing happens.