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Samsung 860 QVO 1TB $144.20, 2TB $285, 860 Evo 1TB $173 (Exp), 970 Evo Plus 1TB $271.20 Delivered @ Budget PC eBay


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  • Daym son I just bought 860 evo 1tb for 188 yesterday

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      Don't worry, it's probably worth 44 more for the EVO.

      • 860 Evo was only $173 here but sold out now.

        • I bought for $195 last week. :(

          • @DSOTM: Feel your pain, but not that people would have got it for $173 as it sold out pretty quick.

            Under $200 is a pretty decent value I would say, enjoy your nice new drive :-)

  • Best price so far for the Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB, very tempted to grab it as an upgrade for my OS drive.

    I have already purchased two Samsung 860 EVO 1TB at different stages this year with the price drops and now I see it for the cheapest price again… should I?

    The internal struggle as I hover over the purchase button

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      Prices are predicted to continue falling.

      • I grabbed another 860 Evo (thanks OP) as I am running out of space for my steam library but have held off on the OS upgrade hoping that the 970 EVO Plus drops some more, but its already looking pretty good price wise.

  • Is there any confirmation that eBay purchases are eligible for the Far Cry promo? T&Cs don't seem to indicate one way or the other.

    Edit: just looked at the eBay listings and they show it very clearly, so I guess all good.

    • check first they may list the promo, but be out of stock of codes

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    What’s he difference between all the VO’s?

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      QVO is QLC NAND based and is slower performance than EVO but cheaper. It does not perform as well but good enough as a step up from standard HDD but not as good as a TLC NAND SSD like EVO.

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        Thanks for the downvote?

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      EVO - TLC NAND
      QVO - QLC NAND

      Both of them rely heavily on the SLC cache, as well as the improved controller. SLC is fast and by allocating a portion of the NAND to be SLC, it can hide the true much slower TLC and (even slower) QLC performance from the user.

      Most of the time, general users don't write to the SSD non-stop. Also, the SLC cache portion is generally large enough to go through most disk tests with flying colours. Only sustained write tests show the weakness of these. The use of newer, multi-channel controllers make the read speed reasonably good.

      Endurance is another area TLC is better. However, due to QLC stores more per block by nature, even with less spare physical blocks, the way the maths work out, it can end up with some impressive endurance figure (but that's somewhat a marketing trick - because when you think about it, when a cell has to be re-allocated on a QLC, you lose more data than TLC - hence you take up more of the over-provision/spare). This is further compounded with 3D NAND design (multiple layers with more and more layers being introduced - is it really better or more cost saving?).

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        Always informative, netsurfer. Appreciate your knowledge on SSD's.

      • When you write to QLC NAND drives, it fills the SLC cache and then skowly transfers over the data to the QLC. Which is fine as long as you don't write a large amount in a short time.

        I'm curious as to reading from the QLC, how does its speeds compare to TLC and SLC? If I pick a 2TB QLC drive and install numerous games to it, will those load times be measurably slower than TLC installed games?

        If it reads at a high speed, then for most uses there is little negative to using QLC. If it reads slowly too, I'd probably get TLC drives.

    • TLDR; the QVO relies on each cell to store 4 bits of data, EVO 3, and PRO 2. The result is a difference in speed, and overall write durability.

  • OOeerrr, nice!
    Any deals on 4TB SSDs at the moment?

  • To buy, or not to buy? That is the question.

    • Buy first, regret later. Don't tell the wife.

      • The 1TB evo has Ben price jacked so I’ll be giving it the skip.

  • Nice prices! Just in time for myself as I'm building a new pc!

  • Samsung 860 QVO 1TB $144.20 with 3 years warranty or 360 TBW warranty, very good value ssd.

  • price just went up for me.
    Now $152.20

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      Looks like they just raised their prices on everything.

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          This link Bro, your price $139.20


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            @BPC Technology: can we please get some 860 EVO 1TB

          • @BPC Technology: @budgetpc I accidentally purchased at the higher price of $152.20 instead of $144.20. Any chance I can cancel the order or get a refund for the difference?

            • @dajackal: yeah, me too….

              • @sn00ze: I sent them an ebay question earlier the afternoon but looks like they already posted my item :(

                Is there any ebay buyer protection that can assist?

          • @BPC Technology: Hey rep, any chance to see the original prices again? I was really interested in the Evo 1TB

  • Thanks OP ordered
    edit: Question: Does this come with the data & power cable?

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      SSD's generally do not come with either.

      A PSU will come with sata power cables, and a motherboard will come with sata cables.

  • Ended already :(

    Edit: Nvm I didn't scroll down

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    Yeah, they price jacked a few things.

  • Can I use the 860 QVO 1tb to upgrade an old macbook pro (2012) and iMac 2014 21"?. All the videos out there use EVO 860 ssd's for old macbook pros


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    Prices raised, and code no longer works.

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    Well this isn’t peace at all.

  • Bugger.

    I really wanted the 1TB 860 EVO.

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    Serious price jacking going on, very disappointed. One item has gone up nearly $100 from this morning and is now more expensive with discount than other places without. Won't be giving all my money to these guys now.

    • Serious price jacking going on

      Get ready for MSY to be sued again.

      ACCC will never sue eBay.

    • Same here.

  • the 1tb qvo is more expensive now :(

    • So is the 2TB. I was THIS close to buying it too.

  • Waiting on another deal for the EVO. Last time with Samsung Cashback offer paid $149 for the 1TB EVO. Shoudl have purchased 2. One for the laptop and one for the rig.

    • Yeah that was my first 860 EVO purchase which was a fantastic deal (wish I purchased three back then).

      Got a third now for $173 which is very close to the best deal since the Samsung cash back promotion and needed the space so I am happy.

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    Great price, I’ve got the cheaper 1tb version and was suprised how slow the drive actually was compared to other ssd’s I have purchased in the past. I’m not complaining about it all just an observation

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    Seller has price jacked the SSDs I would neg for dodgy practice but I can’t since I initially upvoted then revoked it.

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    Wow not cool. All ssd prices have gone up . I’m pretty sure ebay made a rule not to do that and that you will be removed from the promotion

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    Wow what a dodgy seller. The 2tb drive has just been relisted at $375 bringing the discounted price up to $300 from $285.

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    I had my eye on a Ryzen CPU from this seller.

    eBay shows a change in price yesterday:

    09-Apr-19 11:58:55 AEST
    Buy It Now Price
    09-Apr-19 12:09:28 AEST
    Buy It Now Price
    09-Apr-19 12:20:03 AEST
    Buy It Now Price

    The Ryzen 6 2600 sold for 251.00 on April 7, it now sells for 293.00, so after 20% discount it still ends up cheaper at 234.4 + $5 shipping, so 239.4, which is more expensive than the cheapest regular priced Ryzen 2600 on eBay.

    Not impressed…

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