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Terraforming Mars $70.37 + Int. Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon AU


I've been keeping an eye on this for a while, not the cheapest of all time but a great price for (what I've been led to believe is lol) a great game. Best local price is $84 + $10 shipping at Gamerholic.

Price history: https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/Terraforming-Mars-Stratergy-G...

Game Info: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/167791/terraforming-mars

Seeing as I tend to see a lot of comments asking about suitability for children and is this a good place to start, etc I'll just say that this is a fairly significant step up in terms of complexity compared to "gateway game" staples like Catan, Carcasonne or Azul. If you're interested in engine building (which is such a fun mechanic) but worried this might be a bit too full-on I would recommend looking at the following games first: Lightweight - Splendor, Machi Koro; Middleweight - Wingspan, Gizmos, Race for the Galaxy, 7 Wonders/Duel.

Even if you know you'll love this they would still be good options because TM is going to be harder to get to the table… but I'm going to try lol.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • what console is this on? ;)

  • FYI this is a great game for two people. Most games suck with two but I reckon Terraforming Mars is at its best. More people just gets too complicated.

    • Most games suck with two

      I feel like you haven't played many games if you think that. Most euros work basically as well at 2 as they do at 3 or 4, often even better.

      • I tend to find they remove an element of the uncertainty that makes games exciting. E.g. in a board game you might be seeking a particular card and it could be held by any of the other players whereas with two you already know. This also makes games with trading far less interesting.

        • Most euro games don't really have trading, and there are a lot that don't require card draw. Some of my favourites at 2 players include Feast for Odin, Agricola, Gaia Project, Through The Ages, Star Wars Rebellion, Viticulture, Great Western Trail etc.

  • Watched the 'How to play' on Youtube and the complexity was a bit of a put off.
    Ended up getting Pandemic for $50

    • If you think this is hard you should check out the Dark Souls board game. Even the actual video game is easier.

    • Excellent choice. Pandemic is awesome.

      • Yes, its a coop game, so the kids shouldn't get into fights :-)

        • hmm, you could be surprised lol.

        • Lol minor arguments will occur if someone is the Dispatcher.

          Highly recommend checking out Mansions of Madness for another amazing coop game. It is cthulhu themed so will depend on the age of your kids, but it's not complex at all and the phone app is awesome and does most of the work.

    • It looks quite complicated but I found I didn't have much trouble with it so I wouldn't let that put you off. It does take a while to play though, usually I found games lasted about three hours so you need to allow a bit of time.

      • I'm going to play a few games without it first, but the Prelude expansion is supposed to be a great way to kick-start the early game and get the play time down to about 2 hours.

  • got this game last time, played it a good 5-10 times, really fun 2 players. If you like science and building a colony civilisation on mars - this is for you

    • Sounds great to play with the wife she'd love it, except she's a terrible loser and I hate to let people win just because they have an ego problem.

      • well this game is kind of friendly in that all the goals are shared as you terraform Mars together, and then the "winner" is essentially decided by who did the most.

        • So this is a game that helps you tell your wife you're doing more work than her? Just one question: Does it come with a funeral plan? ;-)

      • except she's a terrible loser and I hate to let people win just because they have an ego problem

        this is why Monopoly is banned in my household lol

  • Just don't bump the table!

    • I've heard the Kickstarter for their latest expansion (yep, they announced it will be on Kickstarter this time) will include a player board upgrade, so it may be a good idea to wait…

    • Yeah they should have really included a better board for the price of the game. I've had a few near misses with mine.

    • There are some nice custom player boards on etsy, best expansion so far imo.

  • Who's going to feast on Earth's sky and drink their rivers dry?

  • $66.84 for me. Thanks!

  • $66.64 here. Thanks op!

  • Its now $70.34. I wonder if Amazon is using a live exchange rate. Never noticed it change like that before.

  • hi, just a rather naive question. is this similar to the following?

    I am getting one for a friend that likes board game, but I am not familiar enough to tell the difference between these 2 products.

    • I got a few board games from eBay.
      Turns out to be fake.
      In fact one from this deal:

      To get refund, you had to first prove then to sign a Stat Dec declaring that you dispose of the counterfeit and have it Jp.
      Painful and waste of time.

      eBay and PayPal weren’t much help.

    • I suspect those are counterfeit printings based on the negative reviews.

      They are incredibly overpriced fakes.

    • Yeah, I never buy board games off ebay anymore unless it's from a legit aussie store ie. gameology, gameaholic etc. Appears to be lots of fakes going around.

  • It's sobering to realise that Mars will probably never be widely populated, although in theory it's possible, but overcoming problems like weak gravity appear to be very difficult.

    And then after that there's no other planets within the range of one person's lifetime so if we ever get there it will be the children of children whose parents set out a few hundred years ago.

    Terraforming the interior of asteroids looks easier.

    • It's a board game.

    • I mean it's not sobering to me because eventually humans make the impossible, possible. What might seem very difficult to us today may be overcome with ease tomorrow. So as long as we're working towards that I have hope for the future.

      • I'm sad that we'll never see the day that it happens.

        • After we trash earth, we need a plan B at Mars

        • But we can be the foundation the future stands on! Humans used to accomplish great, multigenerational feats of engineering and culture. Now almost nothing is started that isn't completed in 20 years or less. Almost no-one wants to invest in a future beyond their own lifetime. That is what makes me sad.

        • The future isn't always better for everyone. Enjoy the present.

  • $67.2 for me.

  • I always welcome board games on here. I don’t know about this one though?

  • Now $60.87!!

  • Just got mine and it was wrapped with packaging tape, poorly.

    What condition did others come?