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Samsung 2.5" SSD 860 PRO 512GB/256GB $176.20/$104.20 Delivered @ Budget PC eBay


Cheaper than MWave deal, however no store credit BS

Original PEACE 15% or 20% off Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • thank you

  • If you are willing to spend ~$13 more and get a free $50 Mwave giftcard you could go with this

    • are you kidding where is the $50 Mwave Giftcard

      MWAVE BudgetPC
      ——- ————-
      Samsung 860 Pro 512 = 189 Samsung 860 Pro 512 = 214
      Discount = 0 Dsicount = 42.8
      = 189 = 171.20
      Shipping = 10.95 (Min) Shipping = 5.00
      ———— ————
      Total = 199.95 Total = 176.20

      Now about your giftcard = $50 - Shipping $10.95 - Price diff (17.80 ) - Your next order shipping from Mwave (10.95 ) = Left $10.30 cents.
      No thank you.

  • What’s the difference between 860 pro and 860 Evo?

    • The PRO model will have better longevity - more write cycles. The previous PRO model had a 10 year warranty, this only has 5 like the EVO models. I personally wouldn't bother with the pro unless unless I was dealing with a huge amount of reading and writing, and needed the highest level of data integrity possible. The QVO or EVO will work just as well for almost all situations.

  • This is straight up NOT a good deal. Cheapest available for this exact product, sure.
    I would not recommend anyone buy this.

    This is a SATA SSD, the difference between this and other SATA SSDs half the price is negligible.

    Don't buy it, at this money you should only consider an NVME SSD, if you're going sata get an EVO or Crucial MX500 for half the price.

    • I agree that you really don't need a 860 PRO in a home computer, there's really no need. You're paying a lot more for more longevity that 99% of people will never see. You can get an 860 QVO twice the capacity for the same price. The PRO models are just that - for professionals - and will be wasted on most people.

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