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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB $899 @ JB Hi-Fi


Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64GB (Midnight Black)
Telstra model but unlocked for all networks.
Seems a decent price ($250 off their recent pricing), but I guess reflective of the S10 release

Also, S9 standard are $799 - various colours (eg https://www.jbhifi.com.au/phones/Outright-Mobile-Handsets/sa...)

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    899…Why not to buy a mate20 pro for extra 100bucks😂😂😂

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      Personal preference - some people prefer Samsung to Huawei (or Apple, etc). Also the cheapest Mate 20 Pro I can see is about $200 more expensive (and may still have green tint screen issues, etc). This is a decent price for the Samsung S9+ Aussie model.

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        it's branded… i'd rather go grey with retailer warranty than a branded model.

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          Can I ask why?

          • @Duckman: @oppo there are at least 3 unique features in samsung that I really like, if you dont use any, there are many choices

            1: bixby brief alarm - it plays a different tunes depends on the weather and read out the time in not a robot sound.
            There is no similar app on play store anymore, there were uniqlo wakeup in the old days but service discontinued.

            2: samsung flow - using windows app to CONTROL your mirrored phone. there will be a google version coming soon, but still in development.
            3: samsung dex, google will have something similar, and also coming soon.

            and some other bit and pieces which are not important

            Unique feature in P20 include the double tap vol button in lock screen to take pic , what else interesting ?

            • @uccoffee: Thank you but I was asking @roidcell why he'd rather go grey than a branded model.

    • Or p30

    • How and where to get mate20pro for extra $100? $999 is defo a bargain for Huawei flagship model.

  • S9 or S10e?

    • Depends how big screen you want. For small screens go the S10E with extra performance. For Larger get the S9+ model

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        Was actually referring to the S9 that's also mentioned in OP's post.

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      I would go S10e for the lastest features and longer software support. The S9 and and S10e both have the same size display

  • If you don't care about call quality, Pixel 3 is $899 at jb

    • The Pixel 3 is easily the worst phone at this price point.

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    this is a terrible deal, it's even branded. branded s9+ should be $650 at most.

    • What do you mean by branded?

      • telstra variant

        • but its unlocked? how does it matteR?

  • Just got Officeworks price match for $855. Good step up from a Galaxy S5,

    • S5 ? I thought I was bad with the s6 edge

      • +1

        Lol. I only got the S5 because Hardly Normal had a bargain price of around only $370. Must have been a few they had found hidden down the back of some shelf in their warehouse. I think the S8 had already been released. The fact I am only one generation behind now is unheard of.

    • I thought Officeworks wouldn't match because is a Telstra variant…… well done! Which officeworks if you wouldn't mind telling?

      • I think I was very lucky. It was Chatswood. The guy was putting it through then noticed the JB Hi-Fi one was Telstra. He had the ad up on another screen . He called over someone more senior who said there was an email sent out to all Officeworks stores saying they cannot price match. But that email was only to account customers of JB. Maybe there was another special price for JB account customers. I was Joe public so did not relate to me.

        Anyway the guy then says what about the Telstra part. They look at the ad and it says it is unlocked. So all good. But the more senior person says to me that they would let me have it at the price match price but they would probably receive another email any minute from head office telling them not to as the JB one was a Telstra version so not identical…

        • That's NSW, wrong state for me bro. I'll have to wait for another S9+ deal or even Note 9 deal…haha!

          I'm still sporting my Samsung Note Edge which switches off when the battery goes to 60% region. Boo hoo hoo!

  • What's with the price staying around that price? I remember getting the S7 for around $550 when the S8 came out.

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      Probably because the new S10 prices and the competition Apple IPhone prices are so ridiculous now. Not sure how much more they are compared to the price of the S9 and S9+ when they first came out. But I think the price increase was a lot more than the jump from previous generations e.g from S7 to S8 etc. I mean nearly $2k for top line s10+ and over $2k for top IPhone is just mental.

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