expired BWS 30% Cashback on Game of Thrones Limited Edition Whisky 700mL ($69.30 - $90.30 Per Bottle after Cashback) @ Shopback


Note : Please choose postcode/login for pickup/delivery while making selection to buy or else It may show unavailable

This is very good offer compare to Costco if you are into cashback system.
& seems like only 4 options available in BSW

Note : You must go via Shopback link to activate the cashback else you will end up paying full price.

  • Cardhu Gold Reserve - House Targaryen Single Malt Whisky 700mL, - $99 ( $69.30 After Shopback Cashback )
  • Dalwhinnie Winter's Frost - House Stark Single Malt Whisky 700mL, - $99 ( $69.30 After Shopback Cashback )
  • Lagavulin 9 Year Old - House Lannister Single Malt Whisky 700mL, - $129 ( $90.30 After Shopback Cashback )
  • Oban Bay Reserve - The Night's Watch Single Malt Whisky 700mL, - $129 ( $90.30 After Shopback Cashback )

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    Adding "up to" might be a good idea… $109.99 - 30% =/= $90.30

    Edit: Ahhh, price @ BWS is $129, so that works out at least.

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    They're showing as unavailable for me


    No matter how quickly I find a deal on Lagavulin it's always sold out…


      9 not 16 year old.

      I doubt this offering is worth 90, especially considering that the 8 is rubbish. 12 is good though.


        I've heard 8 was ok, so was hoping this was ok.
        But 16 is all I've had. And I've never found another Islay that comes close.


          For maturity and smooth character, I don't think there is another standard bottling quite like it.

          I highly recommend ardbeg corryvrekken.

          You may enjoy coal ila.

          Ardbeg 10 and Laphroaig 10 may be a little brash and youthful for your tastes.

          The lagavulin 12 is a more flavourful but not overly youthful version of the 16. More kick, but not in a cheap or nasty way.

          The 8, to my palate, is just watery and sharp without being well rounded or well integrated.

          I found in my whisky journey that I stumbled across my favourites and nothing ever best them, but I kept searching. If Laga 16 is your favourite, that's a great place to rest in the search.

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    Wondering if these will go up in price in the future


      Are you asking as a prospective collector/reseller?

      I can promise you that BWS got bugger all in the allocation of these. In fact, the global allocation is tiny, there just isn't much stock. BWS as a whole will probably sell out of all these before the series even starts. So BWS won't be jacking their prices.

      Will they be able to be bought off Ebay for 4-5 times their price in the future? The answer is almost certainly yes.


        I agree but aren't they the same whiskey as a normal bottles they sell with the Game of Thrones theme on it?

        I can't talk I ended up with a fair few bottles of Clynelish Game of Thrones House Tyrell Reserve but I don't expect them to be worth much once the hype has died down.


          Collectors point of view, not scalping them in a week or so


          No these are all created just for the release of the final season.


          If you legit have one of the Tyrell's - I'd sell it ASAP. Currently not able to be sold in AU because of a copyright conflict, so the after market price is super high right now.


    I managed to get a Lagavulin from the Murray Street store in Perth. Been trying to get hold of one of these as I've heard good things and this is a great price :)

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    How cringeworthy.

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    Thanks op. Got two of the house lannister. One to enjoy with start of new season and one to see how value goes over next 12 months.

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    Thanks OP. Bought two, already delivered for free (good work BWS!). Great deal just for the Dalwhinnie. The Cardhu - well let's see.

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    Do cashback offers work for purchases at BWS with WISH GCs? I know for woolies online they don't

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    got 2 bottles thx


    Sold Out, appears to be pick up only if your local store still has stock.


    Anyone know where to get the other 3 from?!

    House of Greyjoy
    House of Baratheon
    House of Tyrell


    I’m in the ACT and can get access to the 4 listed in this post, so happy to help someone if they need the others listed.



    Got a call saying no stock, getting refund..


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