[Scam] Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum $225.49 Delivered @ Paulascarlet eBay

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Found this while searching for one for my sister after owning mine for a while.
PSU code is the same as mine and it's super cheap. Not sure why.
We ordered one.

$204.99 + GST.

Mod Note: Purchase at own risk. There are a few discrepancy with the eBay listing (appears that the listing are using Gearbite images and description). Subtitle also has "Ship from Melbourne" but item is located in China.

Mod 1/6: Moved to forums as a scam, the seller now has majority negative feedback, hidden their feedback and are no longer selling items. Comments below indicate that users received a fake tracking number and no item. For those who purchased, ensure you file a PayPal dispute for item not received immediately, if you have not done so already.

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eBay Australia paulascarlet


  • Price and seller in title please

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      Hopefully not Roboguy.

      • I bought mine from Roboguy, didnt have any issues?

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        stop picking that scab… still hurts :)

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    Also it’d be good to specify gen 1

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    Thanks for fixing that up. First time poster for a item.

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      All good. We all learn from mistakes. You’ve done well.

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    Use caution. I can see this being a knock off..

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    Yeah that's what I'm concerned with. Hopefully if it is we can get money back.

    Do Xiaomi often have knock offs?

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      Yeah. I think their website has an entire section devoted to identifying them.

    • Purchased filters and brushes which turned out to be knock offs from alibaba. Didn’t worry to much as they were only consumables. But this…

  • It's got gearbite photo on and claims to ship from Mel but additional get?

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      Looks to have ripped off Gearbite photos including the AustPost Van image.

      If it shipped from Melbourne wouldn’t the Seller be liable for the GST?

      • Melbourne wouldn’t the Seller be liable for the GST?

        No. GST is collected from the buyer.

        • Sorry, meant GST inclusive price if already in Australia.

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    In the 8th picture of the listing, says 300 units for 3 Vans from Gearbite deal…in the item description says item is shipped from China, but in title says Melbourne stock? Looks fishy. Wonder if Roborock will still honor warranty.

  • Fake? What assurance do we have?

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    Who knows but the user does have good reviews. So fingers crossed.

  • I'm going to take the risk. Fingers crossed. Do any of you know if PayPal help in the case of the product being fake or if it was just the vacuum motor for example?

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      It's hard to prove. Rely on your credit card protection instead

      • If you can prove it payPal/ebay used to do full refund plus keep the item so it was actually a good idea to purchase. Punished counterfeiters heavily. Have heard PayPal barely offers protection now so be careful.

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        I bought a fake USB drive from eBay before. My proof was screenshot of the test results. eBay asked me to send it back to the seller, which I did. Seller said never received it. So I paid original price + shipping back and seller got the fake item back to resell. This was many years ago and I'm still very salty about it.

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    I wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole. Dodgy AF

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      Agreed. Way to many red flags not to be fake.

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      I would touch it with paypole

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    Stolen photos, lies about location and shipping, unusually low price - what could possibly go wrong!

  • too good to be true? I'm tempted hahaha.

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      or just pay $100 extra and get it from Gearbite instead…I'm sure all the hassles dont worth it :)

  • So the regular price is $249? Something's not right here.

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      Its not like your going to have a chinese miltary invading your house via the vaccum layout.

      If they really want to know your layout, i'm sure they can download the plans from any council that stores everyones house layout and is free to view anyones

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        Listening devices brah…

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          I'm sure costco has bulk tinfoil you can purchase

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            @asa79: It's about mass data collection. Sure your house is probably worthless to the Chinese Gov on its own, but if they get enough data and can drill down to individual data points then it's a powerful tool. Information at the right time is a powerful tool! If you don't think this is already possible, then I will leave you to enjoy the view you are looking at with your head in the sand.

            • @winniepoohspying: As mentioned above they can get all that details from the local councils.

              Individual data points yea hey lol

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                @asa79: Does the data from the council tell you when you are home? Does the data from the council record your video? https://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/3036246/smart-home...

                • @winniepoohspying: I think you need the tinfoil

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                    @asa79: I don't care if you don't believe me. I am simply putting known facts of "vulnerabilities" that have been disclosed by security companies for people to make their decision. You can go ahead and embrace your chinese gov overlords, but other people may not want to…

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                      @winniepoohspying: Your on the internet, Google and facebook have probably sold more of your data then anything chinese will collect. If you dont want anything like that your best getting off the internet

                    • @winniepoohspying: Ok Google tell Chinese i'm running up to the shops to buy some bread and milk., Ok Google tell china i'm going to go sit on the couch and watch tv.

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                      @winniepoohspying: Alright mate, thanks for letting us know. Clearly, you are trying to turn every Chinese product post into some sort of political forum to post your anti-Chinese comments.

                      Truth be told, chances are you are being by the device that you are using right now but hey only Chinese companies listen in righhttt… https://edition.cnn.com/2019/04/11/tech/amazon-alexa-listeni...

                      Vulnerabilities? Don't make me laugh. Every device has vulernabilities, even the Australian government has privacy rules to make tech companies provide them a backdoor if need be. Edward Snowden revealed that the US is guilty to employing tech companies to provide them with backdoors so go home and put on your tin foil hat mate. China's out to get you and your $5 cause you're such a high-value target being on Ozbargain and all. LOL

                • @winniepoohspying: They can find from your telco all your movements & communications. From your bank all your in/out finances & places of spending. Apple knows all your behaviour, ask Siri. Facebook knows all places you had coffee/food & your thoughts… Ozbargain for your spending strategy…
                  When they know all about us, we feel like celebrities, don't we? ;) And we have backups of all that in case you forgot what were you doing, or in case your phone fails. Life is Good.

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          Yeah Chinese govt really wanna hear all the family chat going on in my house.

          • @blibster: Yep me telling the kids to sit down at the table and finish their tea. Or the kids running around the house screaming their heads of, i'm sure someone in china is really enjoying listening to that lol

            • @asa79: "someone in china listening"… come on kids, you're still thinking far, far, far too small. There is a stack of information in the public domain from docos to journalism on espionage to give an idea about the bare minimum going on. But yes, i'm under no illusion some of the crap i have bought may well be listening/collecting all sorts of data… on top of the stuff i know is. I just wish i could put a red strobbing light on my Xiaomi robo vac to make it more like a cylon.

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                @Xizor: Ok so some observations from the posts thus far:
                a) "I'm paranoid" and need some tin foil, and simultaneously "there's no point, they already know too much so there's no point" ….. All I can say is wtf?
                b) To criticise the Chinese gov = anti Chinese…. Again wtf? Since when is criticising the dictatorship in China = anti-Chinese?

                • @winniepoohspying: Feels like Chinese shills. I love China and it's cheap products but their technology is heavily backdoored for their government. I trust my government to steal my data and sell it but not external governments.

                • @winniepoohspying: I believe there is a substantial base of patriotic Chinese expats on these forums, who dive on any anti-Chinese government sentiments with a blind vengeance.
                  I made the mistake of raising concerns about Xiaomi after China "detained" 13 Canadians after Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou. Boy did I get downvoted to hell.

        • If You're Not Paying For It, You Become The Product … no free meal in this world put that in your mind when using google / FACEBOOK shit

  • This is clearly a fake listing. I'm certain you'll get nothing if you buy this.

  • Very dodgy. It seems like the seller used USD instead of AUD. How is it cheaper than whole sale price?

  • No idea. But it's at 91% sold. So if its dodge then eBay will get lots of complaints about the seller with what seems to be good reviews so hopefully everyone gets there money back.

    Fingers crossed.

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    Avoid, they're also selling 6.0ah Makita batteries for less than half the normal retail price and using the same picture as another seller from Hong Kong who has much worse feedback and a history of selling fake goods.

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      They seem rather dodgy. Pictures extracted from other sites. Avoid !

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    Great for the price protection claims though.

    • (let us know if that actually works!)

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        Worked fine. They approved claim without checking today.

  • Out of stock now so that's 61 people that took the punt.

  • Haccced account?

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    There's a ton of these listings on eBay, they just copy other listings (Gearbite in this case) and post them at cheaper prices, but not too cheap to be seen as fake.

    Sorry OP, but negging to ensure others don't get caught by these scams.

  • Note to the future: Could any of you coming back to check this deal, please update us if this was not fake?

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      Yup I will
      Fingers crossed. If not hopefully a full eBay refund.

  • Might be a bargain, might not…

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    Restocked :)

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      Makes it even more suss that it suddenly restocked so soon.

      I am calling scam.

  • Please let us know after you receive yours.
    Is it genuine or not?

    • It's very clearly a fake listing and you won't receive anything at all (but you will be able to get a refund from PayPak). I'm not aware of there being any fake Xiaomi products. But even if there were, this is clearly a scam.

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    I've tried to order one similar to this in the past. They provided a tracking number to a similar address I believe, but auspost told me the address they provided did not exist. So basically they sent something that may have been small to a fake address in my area, that they hoped would pass as "evidence" that they posted it and say I lied about not receiving it (or similar). The parcel ended up being sent back to wherever it was posted from. Just thought I'd share my experience for those trying it. I ended up getting my money back through ebay after about 2 weeks with evidence from auspost. Scammers moving onto new methods. Feel free to downvote me if this sounds ridiculous (these kinds of things seem to get down voted here).

  • What is the point of doing this kind of scam? We all know we can get the full refund from PayPal if something goes wrong. What will the seller get? Confused.

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      I think they often do it with a hacked account, ie get the login details for someone's account that has reasonable feedback, advertise a few popular items at bargain prices, get the money and then take it and run, by the time the complaints roll in they are long gone with the money.

  • don't know about his seller. Be careful

  • Great way to issue an interest free loan!

  • No deal unless being sold by Roboguy (as a non buyer for entertainment purposes)

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    How come this has so many upvotes, who is upvoting this? This seller is a scammer

    • 69 people think differently to you….at last count

      • You reckon fake accounts r upvoting this?

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          People who are not reading the comments obviously.

  • Has to be fake, surelllly

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    Bought it last night and sent a message about the discrepancies in the item location being in melbourne.

    Seller replied.

    "Hi Friend,

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, the item is shipped from Hong Kong and will be with you in 7-15 business days."

    If it was a scam, I wouldn't except to get a reply like that back.

    • The scam is that it is fake like most of their other products they're selling and other Hong Kong sellers who are selling the same gear.

      You'll see.

      The Makita batteries they are selling have report after report of them looking like the real deal but not fitting well on to the tool which gives it away.

      Why else would these be selling at a much cheaper rate than seen before.

      It's obvious. Only a fool would disagree.

      • where did you see these reports of the batterys reported as fake? I only saw good reviews for the seller.
        Also do you know if there are reported fake mi robot vacuums around? I know of rollers, side brushes and filters. But i have never seen full blown units.
        Who knows .

        I will see what happens when our arrive.

  • https://www.mi.com/global/verify/#/en/tab/secur can be used to check authenticity i hope

    • Out of curiosity, what’s to stop a manufacturer of counterfeit goods from buying a real product and just making fake labels with the real product’s code?

  • Another update from the seller.
    Hi I will deliver your parcel to the post office tomorrow
    Logistics as SpeedPAK, 7-15 days to arrive
    And I will add a tracking number on ebay
    Best blessing

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    ”The listing you're looking for has ended.”

    And every item the seller has listed is gone. Good luck!

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      Hopefully eBay will honour the refund

  • Just got a notification that item has been posted. Let's see how it goes from here lol

    • Ohhhh. I wonder if it actually will arrive.

      And just checked. Got my shipping notice also

    • Where did it send from?

  • Just curious, I found out the almost same deal in the eBay. All description is the same except the different seller. now it is slightly more expensive than the previous deal. now 255 using the latest discount code.


    • both Members since: 27-Aug-18 in China.

  • There are no active listings for this account now, looks like eBay might have stepped in.

  • Fake seller is gone lol, whoever upvoted this post are a bunch of turds.