expired Usenet NewsDemon Spring Specials: USD $3 Unlimited, 500GB USD $2, 1TB USD $8 Per Month


Saw this on their reddit page, might be useful for someone….

We ran a special this time last year to great success, so here it is again!


Unlimited + VPN for $3/month

500GB/Month + VPN for $2/month

1TB non-expiring block for $8

Limited number available for each deal. Next week we will have totally new deals.

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    Is this a streaming service or?


      It's a Usenet provider.

      From this page:

      Usenet is a system of news servers where you can exchange virtually anything that can be transmitted between computers.


        A recently asked an acquaitance:

        • What can one do with UseNet?

        …& was told she's -occasionally-
        seen UseNet links in BitTorrent
        searches, but it's rare Not to
        also get a non-UseNet "link" to
        the same content.

        Few would get value for $$ from
        a monthly UseNet deal, says she.

        (The better way to buy UseNet
        content: in never-expir'g blocks,
        like I buy potting mix ;-)

        Do we have any Corrections to
        this claim?

        Or… more obvious ways to find
        enough "uniquely UseNet" content
        to justify this kind of subscipt'n?

    • +1 vote

      Close to, if you install sickbeard…

    • +6 votes

      Usenet's main purpose is to offer a network where users can post information freely. For example, discuss music in alt.music, or chat about recipes in rec.food.recipies. If that doesn't appeal then Usenet is not for you.


        If you know that much about Usenet, you should know the 1st Rule is not to talk about Usenet! wink


          Great… I'm sure services like
          the in this "deal" love that…

          Nobody will tell you what it's
          "good" for, but buy my "offer"

          There must be some article or
          logged conversation, that can
          shine at least a dim light on
          what would - otherwise - seem
          to be a dying dinosaur.

          What can't you find elsewhere?

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      Usenet + Sonarr (TV Shows) + Radarr (Movies) + Plex = Best streaming service you've ever seen.


    Thanks mate, after getting shafted by ThunderNews I needed a new block acct.


    Hi OP thank you, The question is whether this is going to be lifetime price or change every year or so. OR even worse it is good for only one month


    I might check it out. If I get 1pp speeds all the time I'll change. Currently on http://frugalusenet.com for 50 USD year or 5 USD a month. 1600 days retention


    They list the Australian prices on click through:
    US$2 -> AU$2.80
    US$3 -> AU$4.25
    US$8 -> AU$11.25

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    Love how they advertise you can "discuss" game of thrones in the photo.


    Thanks OP. This is a great reliable provider. Grabbed the 1TB.


      So, the AU$ 11.25 for non-expiring 1 TB price
      would (in its US$ quote) stay the same, even
      if 1 bought their next 1 TB block, say, 9 yr
      into the Future…?


    Thanks, I was paying 5 usd a month with them.


    what does this mean? $8 a month?———> 1TB non-expiring block for $8

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    Nice! switched over from Thundernews


    Possible to stack the blocks into one account?


    Thanks. Just switched from Newsgroup.ninja
    From what I can gather they both have the same backbone (Omicron) so should effectively be the same!

    • -1 vote

      Wouldn't that depend on your
      interface or access software?

      Some of those are said to be
      linked with a having a provider

      Who'd want to pay, say $30+
      for [yet another] program?

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