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McAfee Internet Security 1 Device 5 Years Digital License Key ~ $4.34 (€ 2.75) @ G2A


Seems like a great price for a 5 year license. According to AV Test's latest rating this product did extremely well.
Use the coupon code specified to get 4% back as account credit on G2A (pathetic I know), better than nothing.

To activate your key, go through this link.

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    If you have Windows defender setup correctly with AV/firewall/ransomware protect, and you don't really visit dodgy sites or DL high risk apps - is there any need for aftermarket AV in Win 10?


      I don’t use any. Mind you all of my data is backed up off the PC and in the cloud as well, so crypto locker viruses aren’t a real issue for me.

      Windows Defender does a good job, as you said, common sense on downloading applications goes a long way. Where you fall to traps is using pirated software or downloading cracked apps from dodgy websites, who knows what’s embedded in there.


      No, certainly not. Especially not something as poorly reputed as McAfee..


      There is. Many people find that Windows Defender casues noticable slowdowns at times. Some of these pepple even have high end gaming machines.

      While this isn't the case for everyone, for those who find that WD slows down their computer, using a third party antivirus which never significantly slows down there computer, is a good option. In terms of protection WD is fine, but for performance, sometimes alternatives are better. However, in the latest build of Windows 10 (1903), performance of Windows Defender (and of Windows itself) has improved.

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    After working in an IT shop for a bit, I strongly recommend against using McAfee, the amount of times I saw viruses on a computer with McAfee that were picked up by Malwarebytes or HitmanPro was ridiculous.

    But for the price it might just be better than Windows Defender or Malwarebytes free.

    Also question unrelated to the product. I was unaware G2A were allowed, aren't they known for having some questionable stores?

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      I've never had a problems with keys from G2A sellers (as well as HRK/Green Man Gaming etc.), but whether or not these keys meet the EULA for all users is another thing.

      Worthwhile noting the product this key is for is McAfee Internet Security, not McAfee Total Protection, which seems to be their retail product with the bundled features that some users may want. McAfee Total Protection, while still not super expensive, costs more than this.


    is MacAfee a resource hog or lightweight?

    Its a great deal so if it is lightweight ill grab it, but i do wonder if windows defender is sufficient..

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      Windows defender is certainly sufficient. Combine it with an adblocker, don't click dodgy links or attachments in emails, or download dodgy software, and you'll be right.


        less than $5 for 5 years, less than a buck a year..

        I might not need it, but I am very active on the net and I download a lot, so even if its only a little better than windows defender (i also use an adblocker), I think it is worth it for that price…


          I'm definitely suggesting Windows defender is better than this. There is a reason they call it "McCrapee"


      After reading some reviews of latest McAfee Internet Security, seems like while it is affective it is a resource hog.


      It's one of the lighter antiviruses. In terms of protection, it's decent, but there are better options.


    Well I tried it out to MY GREAT REGRET.

    It literally halved my internet download speed according to multiple time spaced out tests. I could compare to my phone using the same test you see and the speed was less than half.

    After I just then un-installed it and re-booted speed is back to normal.

    I had everything configured correctly as far as I could tell.

    Its just a shit programme? Maybe on superfast connections it doesnt slow down as much but i am on a slow adsl connection…


      Not sure how much of an impact it has on my connection, but I'm not seeing a drop in speed myself (88.**Mbps typically and I just did one with McAfee on and it was 89.64). I didn't do any setting change in the AV though.
      Could computer specs be influencing it?


      It didn't slow down my ADSL connection. With any antivirus, web filtering can slow down your connection. But it shouldn't do so significantly and you can disable it.

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      Ok so it turns out that my network was having issues basically at around the same time i installed McAfee, so i naturally assumed it was McAfee, after many hours of screwing around with the network and adapter I realised this, it was not McAfee's fault even though it did seem that way because of the timing of the network issues.

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