This was posted 2 years 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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7 Meals for $40 @ Youfoodz


7 meals for $40 with code EGGCELLENT ($5.70ea)

Min spend $69.65

*Delivery extra for Perth.

Mod: Fixed code and min spend amount.

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  • Hmm I got this error message: "This code did not match any active gift card or discount. Was it entered correctly?"

    • It should have two L's:

      EGG-STRA deal! Get 7 meals for $40* with 'EGGCELLENT'! That's lunch or dins for $5.70ea! Hop to (STOP: 0438694665) *Min $69.65, end 18/4, reg size

    • The min spend amount is before discount.

      7 Meals = $69.65 before EGGCELLENT discount ($29.65) = $40

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      I interpreted it the same way as first too. But as Hamza correctly pointed out, it’s simply the minimum spend before the discount is applied.

  • Needs to have two l's to work


    Mods can you please update the post.

  • Damn.. you beat (pun intended) me to it!

    EGGCELLENT detective work!

  • This code did not match any active gift card or discount. Was it entered correctly?

  • Got 8 meals for $42.25.
    the autumn pack special and 2 additional meals, one of them the larger portion to hit the min spend.

  • When does this code expire?

  • Thank you!

  • $5.71 unit price for a fresh somewhat wholesome meal, or $5.95 for a Small Big Mac Meal + Cheeseburger every night..

    What a time to be alive

  • Are these meal better than microwaveable frozen stuff?

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      Yeah mate miles better. Im not an advocate by any means but the frozen meals in the boxes genuinely gross me out. These are much more appealing both look and taste wise. You can even freeze them and if you take them out and leave in the fridge over night to full defrost on their own they still taste prettygood. Warning though dont try and quick defrost or youll ruin them, made that mistake before

      • I am also with HZAC. These meals are great for frozen meals and I was just like you (Skeptical). I have done 2 orders and first time I put them in the freezer and defrosted over a couple hours and then heated up in microwave (Tasted Great but was a while to heat up. Prob should have left out overnight) Second time I put directly into the fridge and heated up in microwave (I thought this tasted not as good as the freezer but still good)
        I think its opinion based but I am glad I tried it and ill be ordering my 3rd week from this post (I only ever order on specials)

    • These meals are susprisingly good.

  • It reminds me of 'Eggscellent' episode in Regular Show.

  • Awesome, thanks OP. Worked a treat

  • +3 votes

    I got 9 meals for $48.30 using the Autumn Faves bundle and adding extra meals

  • any of the new meals someone can recommend?

    • Unbeetable chicken, the shnitty wrap, morroccan chicken and turkey potato bake ones are good.

      • I didn’t like the turkey potato bake.

        • Same, had this for lunch today, wasn't that great. Turkey is always a bit tougher, especially after the microwave.
          Personally the meatballs is my fave (I like the particular taste of the sauce) and beef hotpot is 2nd

        • I like the turkey meal, but to me, the potato bake just isn't a 'bake'. It's just potato with some cheesy sauce. Or maybe I've just gotten unlucky. Their quality control has been dropping over the last few months.

    • Anti-recommendation: the meatball are terrible

    • Based on their tastes & experiences. Great idea.

      If this is too much of a gamble for you, you're in for a tough life.

  • Thanks OP. ordered.

  • Anyone has more than one account per address? I was thinking of opening another one for my wife..

  • 9 meals for $49.20, great for those lazy nights. Thanks op

  • 8 meals for $42.25. First time trying this kind of service, hope it's good
    Thanks op

  • newbie qn: Would they deliver all of these 7/8/9 meals together?

  • Thank you - ordered

  • Doesn't look like there is anything there for those that are dairy free.

  • Can you schedule these orders for the future to lock in the price or do you need to have them delivered now?

    • It prompts with 7-8 days to pick your most suitable delivery date. Their delivery windows seem rather broad, but it's probably fine even if it's left out over night. Easier to just check yourself than wait an hour for an ozbargain reply, lol.

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        I thought the answer was probably "no" (which it sounds like it is) so wasn't too concerned ;) Thanks for your reply.

  • Has anyone else had huge variation in the lasagne? Sometimes great other times there is no cheese sauce.

    • I tried one of their lasagne's once, and it was dry mince meat between moist sheets of pasta. It definitely felt like something was missing, both cheese and some tomato sauce.

  • Is this the cheapest Youfoodz deal so far?

    Hard to keep track of when's a good time to order…

    • The best way to know if you're getting a good deal if the meals roughly average to $5 - $6 per meal.

  • Damn, just got 6 meals for $39.95

    Oh well, I'll get this aswell.

  • Mine keeps saying it needs to be $49 mininum spend after discount??

    Edit: Fixed

  • ‘EGGCELLENT discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart‘ - anyone else got the same? Thanks

  • Thank you op. Reluctantly ordered for Easter break.

  • Am I gonna be hungry after one of these?

    • Depends on how much you eat. I would put myself in the firmly middle eater out of friends from experience. The meals don't leave you hungry but if you want to feel full you'll need to add in extra veges or carbs (or a fried egg).

  • Just ordered; delivery good friday.

    $49.95 autumn meal special pack, plus large portion, and another random meal = 42.25 delivered.
    If you order 8 random meals it doesn't discount as much because you don't get the saving you get from the Autumn meal special pack.

  • lol guess all those $20 giftcards are useless now .. they even gave me 2. Having an expiration date of April 30 was just stupid.

  • I love youfoodz but very disappointing that half the meals have E635 in them (MSG!!! Makes you thirsty and brain fogged)!!

    • Don't want to start a debate over it but even though it's still a flavour enhancer it's different to MSG. MSG is E621.

      "It is a mixture of disodium inosinate (IMP) and disodium guanylate (GMP) and is often used where a food already contains natural glutamates (as in meat extract) or added monosodium glutamate (MSG)."

      I only bring it up because I've seen other people claiming various other compounds (different to this one even) are MSG, when they aren't.

      My sister is pretty heavily affected by MSG so my family has been careful in avoiding it.

      • I don't think they needed to add it to their recent meals or the increased use of sugar too.
        I personally try to avoid additives, so will be ordering less Youfoodz but can't resist a bargain.

  • I got four meals, the 3 x sandwich pack, and 3 x blueberry yoghurt with granola for $42. The sandwiches and yoghurt are excellent.

  • No delivery in Hobart? Damn.

  • Just a heads up, I used this with their new meal kitz and still got $30 off.

    So don't feel locked down to their premade meals

    edit: seems you need a total of 7 "items" or perhaps at least one meal? experiment!

  • Shocking service from Youfoodz

    Delivery was late by more than a day with no update and plastic packaging on one of the meal was broken and was leaking.

    Waited on live chat for more than 2 hours and gave up aftewards. No response from emails.

    Quality of service has dropped significantly as of late. Could argue there's an overload of orders but that should have been taken to account as they have been around for a while now

    • Live chat doesnt work on all web browsers, usually it prompts you what number you are in the queue
      I had them refund ripped food containers before. Try it again

  • 7 meals and a snack for $40.50! Hell yes! :) … I hope Youfoodz never stop these deals as it's what keeps us going at the moment! lol


    Got my order yesterday. The couple of meals I’ve had were delish. Shame the coupon code can only be used once.. time for a duplicate account..

  • I had mine delivered 2 food items missing from this deal, no note or anything.
    Count your food items people!

  • Thanks! 9 meals for $46.20 Pretty good.

  • 9 meals and a protein ball for $42 - not bad!