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Kogan 50" 4K HDR LED TV (Series 8 JU8100) $349 + Shipping @ Kogan


4K Ultra HD 3840 × 2160 resolution
High Dynamic Range (HDR) for an incredibly authentic viewing experience
Save space and energy with LED technology
PVR – pause, record, and rewind live TV
Play all your media through USB & 3x HDMI 2.0 ports

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  • What's the quality on these like?

    • +29 votes

      Good for netflix and casual viewing… rule of thumb… brand/price = quality … Display Brightness 280 cd/m2 let's it down… contrast 5000:1 isn't too bad… Refresh Rate : 60Hz … don't expect sexy frames in gaming and sports… HDR is a welcomed bonus for bare bottom price range… but don't expect it to be HDR 10

      • Very detailed answer, thank you

      • It stated in specifications that the HDR is HDR10. I believe this one supports Xbox One X which is HDR10 compliant.

        • then it's a certified GO from me for $350 if you scam some free shipping / discount. At $350 you're waiting till Black Friday for anything better

    • +4 votes

      i have one, quality is great for the price. you do need to mess with the brightness, contrast, etc. to really get the most out of the panel but it looks great, especially for the money.

  • Looks like they bumped up the delivery charge if you arent smack bang in the centre of the city for Vic deliveries. $38.99 for non 3000 postcode.

  • Need the 43' 4k to go on special

    • Agreed .. the 50" is a tiny bit too big for smaller rooms… people just love being crazy on "bigger" … how did i ever watch a 34 CM CRT TV for 20 odd years? LOL plus they're destroying their eyes thinking bigger is better ; almost never rather then always.. viewing distance vs. resolution plays a big part too.

      • Bigger has higher resolution, it's not pixelly, at 50cm away in 4k.

        • I'm a bit confused by your comment…if a T.V. is 4K …it's …4 K … 3840 x 2160 ..43 or 65 inch…a smaller panel "looks" better in 4K… as it doesn't have to STRETCH the image to fit; pixels are more closer/compact …try watching a 720p video on youtube on your mobile then watch the same 720p on your t.v. …looks like crap… old school used to be to sit it's 2 X away the DIAGONAL size of the screen so thats 50" …43" 55" inch etc sitting at X 2 away from that screen size but for a newer take on that these guys have the best guide on the net: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/by-size/size-to-distance-r...

          • +1 vote

            @100KK: i think hes meaning the pixels are bigger on bigger 4k tvs rathern than the smaller ones.

            • @HKS: They are a tiny bit indeed… hence in 40" inch k vs 65" inch 4k might be a bit more pixely especially in cheap brands… but 50" should be fine :)

      • I agree. My Sony CRT is 26in LOL. Tiny room so is fine but on its last leg. Need a suitable size modern tv but everything is huge tv these days

  • $40 delivery to a few km out of cbd
    Having said that no way would I fit one of these in our car if we bought it retail so seems an ok price for delivery and a great price for the tv

  • Bought one of these last sale (before Xmas 2018) and going great. No issues (yet).
    It gets quite warm if you're in a small room but that's pretty standard….

    Decent for $350.

  • $1,396 for a 100" 8k screen 🤔

  • 349 this is ridicilous

  • I got this email and didn't even read it because I just regarded it as general Kogan spam.

    This is actually quite good though.

  • For those who want an idea of what to expect…

    I have the non HDR version of this tv. All in all i think the picture quality is great for the price.

    I do have two issues with the tv.
    1. It randomly turns itself off (not often, maybe once a month or so)
    2. As the sound quality is rather average (as is expected in this price range) i use the HDMI ARC output to send audio to my sound bar (my version doesnt have an optical out but i see this version does which is great!).
    The ARC and CEC commands have caused issues with the tv and nvidia sheild…

    Your mileage may vary..

  • Anyone know the input lag?

    • Terrible. Couldn't give you a specific number, but it's too damn high! FPS gaming is horrible.

      …but that's not unexpected at this price range. I'd still buy another at this price point if I needed a replacement TV.

  • The previous models, the JU8000, mention a LG panel, these don't. Wonder if it makes any difference?

  • What was the previous price for this?

    • I got mine for $389 with free shipping a while ago, I think they bumped up the price to like $449 after that? But it says RRP is $539.

  • Don't buy it, the software in the Kogan TV's are horrid. better of buying a Samsung or Sony.

    The price is low, so is the quality

    • This. I wouldn’t buy Kogan again.

    • Does this comment about software apply to this "non-smart" version, or are you referring to a Kogan "smart" TV?

    • I've had the TV for a while now and have no problems with the software. If it was a kogan smart TV then I would agree with you.

    • This isn't a smart tv. All it has are settings and channels and are responsive to the remote. Obviously not Samsung or Sony quality but it's not trying to compete with that price point, it's great as a second or kids TV.

  • Netflix app doesn’t work on Kogan TVs. Having trouble with our inbuilt chromecast since the android update as well.

  • Agree with Kogan inbuilt software is rubbish .

    Only buy non smart TV like this from Kogan and add a external Chromecast for best results .

  • As someone who's been through the pain of owning a Kogan, don't put yourself through it.
    Was all good for the first 8 or 9 months, then started shitting itself.
    Do so at your own risk.

  • TV + delivery + Vodafone TV = approx $470

    Not bad for a smart 4K HDR TV, even if the panel is average.

  • Hmm non-Smart so need to add something like AppleTV, Chromecast, Laptop etc to do the processing? No Apps on this TV I’m guessing.

  • thought about this one for a while as the countdown timer tempted me.
    This TV has only 12 month warranty and no Smart/Apps, that's if you can navigate through Kogan's myriad T&C's.
    The minimum price including the excessive Postage cost, is still $404 so for an extra $90 I have a 5" bigger screen, Smart TV, 3x the warranty (The will honour Australian Consumer Law) ansd by all accounts a better unit for Appliances Online

  • I found the code to access the "service menu" today after updating the firmware.

    To access the "service menu": press the "menu" button on the remote control followed by the numbers "1147".

    I found the extra settings under display like the HDR settings quite good.

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