expired Xiaomi Airdots TWS Earphones US$34.99/AU$48.97, Yeelight 2 in 1 Night Lamp 10W Wireless Charger US$22.6, Shipped +More @GearVita


1. Xiaomi Airdots TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones - US$34.99/ AU$48.97, Shipped

Coupon Code: MiADAU


2. Xiaomi Yeelight 2 in 1 Night Lamp with 10W Qi Wireless Charger - US$22.6/ AU$31.63, Free Shipping

Coupon Code: YLampAU


3. Zeblaze VIBE 3 Pro Bluetooth Smartwatch IP67 waterproof - US$39.58/ AU$55.4, Shipped

Coupon Code: DKVIBE3P


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    How do these go with iPhones? Also, how would these go on a flight trying to sleep… would they fall out of my ear due to the weight of the battery? Thanks

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    Airdots are tempting, but they don't have volume adjust or song skip/switch. You can tap to answer calls and stop music or use Xiaomi's AI voice commands, and that's it. It's a shame these features are missing.

    Plus I read one review which said, "the recordings to warn that the battery is ending, or connecting, or pairing the phone, are all in Chinese". Surely this can't be true??


      but they don't have volume adjust or song skip/switch

      Kinda pointless to put touch controls but support those lol

      Surely this can't be true??

      Yeah the video I linked to above says the same thing.

      But these are the Youth version. Maybe the Pro version is better?


    More interested in the bedside lamp (not the 2 in 1 thing)
    Can anyone confirm for me if this new version can be used as the Bluetooth gateway I need for connecting the Bluetooth devices to WiFi?


      It is the newest version that has WiFi and Apple HomeKit. I know the previous version had WiFi and Bluetooth and could be used as a Bluetooth gateway but I’m not sure if this one has that functionality. It doesn’t appear as a gateway in my Mi app but I don’t have any other xiaomi accessories to test it with.

      It is a good lamp for my use case, none the less.


    What's the smallest TWS out there that's bang for buck?


    Is the airdots come in black?



      There is only white for Xiaomi Airdots so far. And officials have not released the black yet.



    Airdots are available cheaper on Aliexpress and also in black.


    There are heaps of other sellers.



      Thanks for feedback. But the earphones you post is Redmi Airdots, not Xiaomi Airdots. They are different models.


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