Razer Blade Stealth 13.3" Full HD Gaming Laptop (Graphics) $2499 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Price error as it looks like they have the prices switched between the 2 Razer Blade stealth laptops

lists the specs of graphics (13.3" Full HD Matte Display (1920 X 1080), i7-8565U , 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM and MX150
with RRP of Base model of $2449

with base model on the site for $2779
(same screen, cpu and SSD but only 8GB RAM and the IntelĀ® UHD Graphics 620)

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    I never understand how is an MX150 make a laptop a "Gaming laptop"? You wouldn't archive great framerates(120fps, more frame is better ,reduced input latency) in esport titles in low graphic settings.

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      yeah, also with a 15w cpu, good luck gaming on this. I can get a better machine for half the price, why even bother.

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        Paying a premium for design and a snake on the back… Razer is the Apple of gaming.


          what do you think about quality? I am dealing with business grade hardware most of the time and never had my hands on a Razer. they look kinda dull, I would rather stick to my Dell's because I know build quality is stellar and warranty won't let me down.


            @kasaresj: mediocre, they have an issue of terrible design (blade gpu vbios chip being placed under the gpu — it's heat sensitive meaning the laptop dies within 24mo, but this was a couple years ago) and the later models have had spotty qc according to linustechtips who bought a bunch for his employees

            you could buy a near-maxed lenovo x1 extreme for this price with way, way more power and on par battery life (but it's a little bigger)


              @Droidyy: yes, precisely, Lenovo is way better if one is to spend this kind of money. my gaming can be done on mx150, so I do it on my mobile workstations, those guys have great screens and build quality. p600 is equivalent to mx150, so dell precision 3530 or hp ZBook 15v is a good example. about $1300 for FullHD with i5-8300h and $1800 for i7-8750h with 4k screen.


              @Droidyy: I for one will never buy a stealth again. The 2016 model I bought locked up constantly. Support for Australia was via email which took more than 48 hours to get anything done, it was sent back 3 times and they wouldn't refund my money.

              Got a credit and spent another $1000 on a blade which I never really wanted to spend that much.

              The blade had blue screen issues for almost a year after which a few windows updates seem to now finally have settled it down a bit but occasionally it still won't wake out of any kind of sleep mode, especially if I've turned the external monitor off to save power. I won't even begin to mention the fan noise. Whoops I just did.

              They look great, they are solid, but the internal quality just isn't up to the likes of the ASUS UX31A it replaced by a long shot which never gave me issues and to this day does not. Even now that one is still going strong.

              If they ever get proper support in WA maybe I'll reconsider but for now hell no.


      A 1050 GTX ($150) will stomp this GPU into the ground haha. Pretty sad but typical Razer

      Just add a $1500 EGPU box and you'll be set!



    $2411.95 + 10% cashback via CashRewards at Amazon AU


      thats the base model


        You're correct, both Amazon AU and JB have got things very mucked up, but in different ways.

        According to the description for the RZ09-02810E71-R3B1 (base Stealth):

        The Razer Blade Stealth 13 laptop is equipped with a more powerful 25W NVIDIA GeForce MX150 4GB graphics for gaming and content creation. Featuring a visually stunning display and Razer Chroma keyboard, it combines mobility and style with power that's perfect for work and play. Full array of connectivity including Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, USB-A, Wireless AC and Windows Hello Infrared Camera.

        That description is wrong from Amazon, that model does not have the MX150.

        JB have got the description switched, not the price. They have the correct price for each model (RZ09-02812E71-R3B1 being MX150 $2779, RZ09-02810E71-R3B1 being base $2449).

        Which means anyone ordering the $2449 model is likely to get the correct model for the price they pay, not the MX150, since the model is correctly listed.

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    This seems incredibly overpriced.


    MX150 and a 1080p screen for $2499?

    Feels like I've gone back in time 3 years.

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      The main selling point of these laptops is the power/weight+size. The CPU is roughly equivalent to a 7700HQ (some OEMs limit the U series to 15W TDP and that does make the 7700HQ noticeably faster) that you used to find in 15 inch laptops last year but this is 25W vs 45W of 7700HQ so, much less heat to dissipate.

      MX150 is what? A GT1030? Yeah, I got nothing to justify its use except for it being significantly better than the integrated Intel UHD 620, which probably helps with someone performing mildly GPU intensive tasks and leaves some more headroom for the CPU to use that 25W TDP

      I'm an XPS 13 9360 (i7 7560U) owner, I can feel the pain the laptop is going through when it has to share that 15 watts of power between the iGPU and the CPU for mixed tasks.

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    I think they missed the part about a gaming laptop having a half decent graphics card