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Colorfly C10 32GB Lossless Hifi Player $156.10 (US $109.99) @ Tomtop


I have been searching for a good digital music player and found this. It has some good reviews and internal hardware but less popular because of RRP, but at this price it’s a steal. This competes with FiiO X3 Mark III and the Shanling M3s, which are of much higher price now. Build looks impressive too.

Some pics here

  • After software update it can be used as a USB-DAC

  • The price in AUD on website seems to be cheaper than paying in USD.

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  • i ll stick to my sony NW-A55 got blue tooth this 1 don't.

  • Showing up as US$199.99 for me

    • Don't try to apply any other codes and discounts. That will reset the price to $199 and and then adds the discount.

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    Can people tell a huge difference between these players and their phones? Having been in to audio for 20 years and spent tens of thousands I made a personal conclusion that most of it is nonsense or at the very least over hyped and that speakers or headphones are the main point of difference with sound. I find DACs and amps to make very little difference if the speakers are easy to drive.

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      This one goes to 11.

    • The audio system in the iPhone has always been very good (either the 4 or 5 was particularly highly considered) but now there is no socket. I agree nothing makes much of a difference apart from, as you say, an amp doing a better job of amplifying for thirsty drivers if that is necessary.

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        no two amps are alike.

        when I got my SMSL SA50 I just inserted it in place of my 70's amp, so same source, same speakers, same cables… and the difference was significant. The same thing is true of amps of the the same era, but to a lesser extent.

        likewise, the same track from the same source (CD) sounds wildly different through the same speakers and amplification when played through a CD player, dedicated steamer/DAC, or running through an aux cable from your phone.

        maybe, following on from my previous post, the difference of all that only amounts to 10% (the other 40% being your room), but if you're sitting in "the spot" listening to great music with the lights off you can definitely notice the difference in that 10% IMO.

        and I have a tiny investment in hardware, so I'm not just trying to justify a house deposits worth of audio gear to myself lol.

    • Agreed.

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      I think most people agree that speakers and/or headphones make up at least 50% of your sound, but the argument that goes along with that is the better the speakers/headphones are, the more noticeable deficiencies in the rest of your rig become.

      If you have good headphones I'm sure this would offer a significant improvement over what the average mobile phone would be putting out, but if you're going to keep using the earbuds that came with your phone, don't bother.

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      No no no, it's the cables, cloth ears. Grab yourself some of these speaker cables- $ 19,990 – $ 189,035 - prepare yourself to be amazed.


      • are they using gold and diamonds inside of the cables???
        i meant you could get quite astonishing wedding rings with $20k

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      Really - can't hear a difference between Dacs &/or amps - shows the rest of your gear is "not up to snuff".

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        10 years ago I had a $6k set up (that I bought for considerably less in ozbargain style) and the amp was worth $2k. It was the time when the new plastic class D amps appeared for $50 so I bought one and hooked it in and the was almost no change in sound. That changed my mind on all of the snake oil.

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      obviously you are not using pure sine wave electricity.

      I use a regulated AC power supply

      real audio purists go for pure sine wave as anything less will cause noise or unwanted harmonics or stress or unspecified damage to your equipment.

      • -1

        "unspecified damage"?

        If audio equipment isn't made to work on ordinary mains power without incurring damage, then that's an engineering fault.

        • there are more sarcastic comments than serious ones on this deal.

          • +1

            @diamondd: Ohh, if altomic was being sarcastic then I totally missed that one.

  • My bluetooth headphones will sound so much better with this.

    • Haha yeah, well if you're using bluetooth headphones, then the DAC is in the headphones I guess, so this sort of thing would be fairly useless really. Maybe there's a very slight difference in audio processing before or during being transmitted over bluetooth between different devices? I doubt much if any though, assuming the same version of bluetooth etc.

  • it's not duty free.

    • I received mine yesterday, I didn't have to pay any extra tax.

      • also received but, it's not brand new.

        • Really?? I got a brand new. How can you make out it is not new?

          • @Nokia 808: marks on screen

            • @Kawaii: I thought you would say that, because even I felt the same. But if you observe closely there is a thin screen protector, remove it and apply the thick protector provided in the box.

  • I thought you would say that, because even I felt the same. But if you observe closely there is a thin screen protector, remove it and apply the thick protector provided in the box.

    • 好吧我懒得撕,怕贴不回去了

      • Hehe, at least it is confirmed that what we received are not used. Hope you love it.

        • +1

          wanted it since it was launched but now I guess it's finally a reasonable price

          • @Kawaii: It went back to US$283, same as other sellers.

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