expired SanDisk U3 A2 Extreme 128GB microSD UHS-I + Card Adapter 160MB/s $34.40 + Shipping or $68.80 for 2 Free with Prime @ Amazon AU


This could be a better deal than earlier deal.Full credit to Mister Plod.
Not sure about single shipping cost.
Best buy is 2 for $68.80 with Prime, share with others or just have a spare. Only 2 cards allowed per account.
Deal expires in less tha 10 hours, hurry!

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    "This is an aftermarket of generic part" - I think it means that its a replica. Pardon my French!
    I bought a 256 GB Card saying the same and it turned out to be problematic with my GoPro 7 Black.
    Just ask JB-HIFI/Officeworks for price match, sometimes they do it for international products and sometimes they don't.


      I contacted Amazon support and they assure me that it's genuine, I'll be returning it if not.

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    Despite its headline saying it's a UHS-1, the description says it's a class 4. I'm no expert on SD cards, but that sends up a red flag and would explain Ar7ist's issues with his GoPro (they need a UHS1/class 10). I would avoid…

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      Speed performance rating: Class 4 (based on SD 2.0 Specification)

      I noticed that now, but it's sold by Sandisk with Prime. Will Sandisk fake their own products? Strange.
      The card is EXTREME 160MB/s U3 on packaging and Extreme has been around for long time.


        "by Sandisk" is just the brand category. It's sold by Amazon US (as opposed to a marketplace seller).


      Will a Sony camcorder also need uhs1


        UHS-1 is the connector standard, like USB 2.0 - it will work in any device that takes micro SDs

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