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Raw C Coconut Water 1L for $2.50 @ Woolworths


The best tasting coconut water imo, half price from tomorrow.

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    Calling shotgun on all the stock at Woolies South Melbourne.

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      Don't think so mate. I'll be there tomorrow morning camping in my tent till the store opens.

      • :(

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          in case you didnt know, Raw C is regularly available for $2.5 at many Fresh Fruits and Vegetables market.

          • @NeverMissABargain: Which ones?

            South Melbourne has Cocobella at $20 for 6 regularly, but I haven't seen Raw C.

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              @Domingo: Sorry mate $20 for 6 is also expensive. :)

              Everyday prices:
              Cocobella @ $3
              RAW C @ $2.5


              Bigfields Keilor/Craigeburn/Brimbank
              San Andres Watergardens

              • @NeverMissABargain: I don't buy the $20 for 6, just an every day option that is relatively accessible to me. Those options are all 25+ km from the city so not really all that helpful to me unfortunately, but good intel.

                In the mean time I will have to intercept peterpeterpumpkin's intercepted delivery!

      • Good effort bud. But I already intercepted the delivery truck and stole the entire shipment. Shot out the tyres too.

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          There's around about 300 at an aisle end display, you must have let a truck through :)

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            @Domingo: Haha. They must have read my post and come prepared.

            All the bottles were full of talcum powder :(

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    RawC is the second IMHO , the pink coconut water of H2Coco is much nicer, tastes like the premium natural ones from back in India

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      I second that..

      recently tasted the pink coconut water and already a fan..

      Tastes similar to the ones back home (India)

      • cheers mate

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        Yuck. These pink ones are sickeningly super SWEET for a "health drink".

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      • But..$4…

        • Well worth the extra $1.50, give it a try
          Wish we were able to do a bulk order of the pink stuff direct from the factory, I'd buy it lol

        • The best you can get it for is $3.5 I think which is half price.. this is well worth the 50c extra.. which you might agree as well

      • Cheers mate, time to stock up

    • Any idea if these are pasteurized? If so, does the pasteurization affect quality and nutritional composition of the water?

      • Unfortunately it is, the risk of pathogens in tetra pack means they will be pasteurised.

        Pasteurisation in general is made in such a way the nutrient loss is very minimal ( but I could be wrong )

        Surprisingly pasteurisation has not ruined the taste unlike other brands

        • Interesting.. I did not think of this.

          So are you saying that if the brand sold both glass and tetra packs, the glass would not be pasteurised?

          • @MdMa7: No all long life drinks are pasteurised, if it was a short expiry product there is a chance it is not,but that's not a given

    • My boss put me on to the aldi brand and its very tasty indeed @ $3 for one litre all year round.

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      agree. The pink one is the best. never able to buy one when it was half price as they sold out immediately or possibly woollies QV didn't restock. anyways $4 still worth it

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    The 4 pack is cheaper for$16

  • Has anyone tried the JT's Essence brand? I see that in the IGA's a lot

    • Just as good as the H2Coco Pink Coconut Water IMO.

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    I found that this tasted nasty compared with Cocobella. Probably just me though.

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      Not just you. I think Cocobella tastes much better.

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    Why does this taste different to fresh coconut water?

    • They water down fresh coconut water with sweat to bulk it up.
      I would go as far to say that packaged coconut water has almost put me off the delicious fresh stuff.

    • It's pasteurised, strips away the natural taste

  • i mean i know i need to take this stuff, but are there people that actually like drinking this for the taste or something?

    • I drink the coffee one because milk and me don't agree and I like it

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        Ahh i see, it's like a substitute.

    • i mean i know i need to take this stuff

      Is that what the marketing told you?

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    Made in Vietnam . No thanks

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      Get over it.

    • So do you like the ones from Japan?

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    I prefer Cocobella to this, but will still grab some.
    This may be a silly question, but does anyone know why there are differences in the taste of coconut water depending on the brand? Is it where they’re sourced? Or is it all in my head!

    • I find Raw C to be a lot clearer than Cocobella - not sure what the reason is, but it seems to be a consistent difference. Maybe more flesh is involved in the Cocabella process?

  • Thank god for this! My cartons of Raw C is just about to run out!

  • will amazon price match?

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      Why do people support price matchers? Just head to the source mate. One day when the price leader dies and you’re left with just the price matcher they won’t have anyone to match

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    Agree with comment above,.. H2COCO Pink from Woolies is the best so far.
    The one from Costco is nice too "DJ&A Stripped"

  • How do you drink this

    • With a glass or straight from the bottle.
      Up to you

      • Do we mix it with something, ladt timei tried it taste like watper with strange flavour unlike thesweet and refreshing taste of coconut water directly ftom a coconut

  • Raw C is source from Vietnam right?
    Last time I tried it in a 2L bottle it didn't taste good.

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