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Virgin Australia Friends & Family Offer - up to 50% off Domestic & up to 25% off Selected International Flights


Virgin Australia are having a Friends and Family offer which they have given permission to be shared.

"Sale starts tomorrow and ends 22 April.
Virgin Australia’s family and friends discounted flight offer is back! Take-off with up to 50% off domestic airfares including Business Class, and up to 25% off selected international airfares including Business Class. Head to the Virgin Australia website and use the promo code DSW45 to access this great offer. Fares that have been discounted will show a promo tag on them. Travel dates are restricted as are the number of discounted flights. Book between 18 April and 22 April for travel between 1 May and 26 June 2019.

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  • Some sample fares would be nice.

  • Legit deal as OP's username checks out

  • So does this start midnight aest?

    • +1 vote

      They haven't specified in any comms to employees unfortunately. I'll try and find out but seeing as it's after 5pm AEST I doubt I'll get a reply till tomorrow anyway.

  • So international is just NZ, Hong Kong and Fiji?

  • It will be interesting to see the prices, I just booked for a weekend in September and I looked at 10+ weekends so I know the pries very well for flying out Friday, returning Sunday nights.

  • Up to how much time am I going to spend on finding unicorn fares with unicorn discounts. Thanks for the heads up OP. Voted + but I just don't like what some of these marketing & sales people get up to.

    • I suspect they're going to be fairly well visible e.g. most days in that range. I think it'll be more pointing out that not all flights have a discount e.g. if you looked at a Syd-Mel on Friday, there won't be any discounts say from 4-7 pm but probably on the off peak times like 2 p.m.

  • Wish they'd release some domestic sale flights for October already…

  • Anyone know if this applies to using velocity points to purchase flights?

  • So do you just put in your destination and dates? No way to just see a list of applicable flights? I'm looking for something but no specific destination in mind.

  • Hey @Propaganda,

    To get the most out of your sale it would be best to list all the flights that are discounted with the associated price. It's going to also help you in the long run with FAQ such as "Does this flight have a sale?"

  • So discount applies all fare groups except Freedom fares?

  • Would that be a discount on using your points too?

  • Meh travel between 1 May and 26 June 2019 to short notice

  • 140 upvotes without any proof of a decent fair yet, impressive.

    • I would rather know about it and be ready to pull the trigger tomorrow when the seats are available than be late to the party.

      *Fare FTFY

  • Thankyou to the OP for the heads up!

  • Read the fine lines
    - Discounts apply to base fare levels only. Taxes and fees are excluded.
    - Trans Tasman, Fiji and HK will offer 5% off available SALE fares

    so probably end up 2.5% discount only…

  • Geez tough crowd, thanks for the deal

  • 12:03am and code still not working…


  • Prices are okay .. seem pretty normal to me.

  • Still cheaper to fly with Jetstar on what I checked (Syd/Alice + Syd/Mel)

    Maybe will find a one way flight cheaper with VA and another one way with jetstar for the best combo.

    • It will always be cheaper to fly with Jetstar (or Tiger) than VA or Qantas. They're targeting different categories of people and offer different levels of service.

    • Jetscum don't include a bag do they or give food?

      • The bag of peanuts or apple slices they give out on Virgin as food is always worth paying more for.

        • As is more flights leaving in time, more space, better customer service, less cancellations, better checkin, free drinks, baggage included etc.

  • Thanks OP! Glad I waited before my booked my return ticket from Brisbane to Perth. Had booked myself a Jetstar flight Perth to Gold Coast during their recent sale for $99, but the return leg was so expensive everywhere else, and being so close to the date (late May/early June), I was going to bite the bullet but thank goodness, bagged it for $253. Original fare before promo was $330.

    PS found some cheap $183 or around that between Perth and Brisbane around late June if anyone’s keen! Would’ve booked it myself but my work roster isn’t it yet :(

  • Thanks I booked CAN-MEL for a family event in late May. Previous quote without the code for 2 tix was over $100 more expensive… and I’ve been watching closely! Not the greatest saving but we’ll raise a glass for you OP!

  • do you put the promo code in here


    or at the end when before you pay?

    i can't see any special fares to OOL or HKG

  • Thanks OP. Booked some flights to Perth to see my parents - anybody that has ever flown to Perth would know how expensive it is to fly there. Also booked a short getaway with the missus for her birthday.

    I've put down the normal price as well as the discounted price (to the right) for the airfares that I booked just in case anybody wanted to see how much of a discount it is.

    SYD to PER 31st May-3rd June
    - Economy Getaway $330/$252.44
    - Business Saver $1299/$880.22

    SYD to MEL 21st-23rd June
    - Economy Getaway $165/$99.61
    - Business Saver $849.08/$308.76

    • ……….anybody that has ever flown to Perth would know how expensive it is to fly there.

      You reckon that's bad ………… you wouldn't believe how expensive it is to fly from Perth to Sydney.

      • Sydney to Perth is quite cheap when booked early thru Virgin. Have been paying an average of $180 for my last 6 flights between Perth and Sydney on Virgin

  • Doesn't seem to be any flights to DPS available with the code. Painfully if you search it just says "no flights available with that discount code" rather than telling you when you can fly.

    Thanks for sharing though OP

  • Thanks OP. Will save about $700 on flights to Perth or a few hundred on flights to Cairns. Just trying to decide which one to choose :)

  • Just checked a 3-hour domestic return flight which we already booked with Jetstar for $444. With Virgin Australia Friends & Family Offer it comes down to $857.86 for same dates and times. I guess it sucks to have a friend/relative like that.

  • +1 vote

    Works for some but useless "sale" for most… another Virgin gimmick. Thanks for posting OP.

  • Tried booking flights Sydney to Raratonga with the code and it's the same price. What am I doing wrong?

  • $176 Perth to Sydney is an absolute bargain!! Thanks OP


    Using the code to fly OOL - MEL on June 10 after 5pm it is cheaper to fly Business than Economy on the same flight !

  • @OP, any codes for July?

  • only 5% discount for HK flight

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