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iPhone 6s 32GB Space Grey $398 Pickup or + $7.95 Delivery @ Harvey Norman


An old phone but ok price considering brand new and still runs iOS pretty well.

$31 cheaper than this deal and you don't even need to contact Telstra to get it unlocked https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/435170

Also available in gold: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/apple-iphone-6s-32gb-gold.ht...

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • 4yo?

    • I paid over 4.5X this price for a 64GB XS. And that was after a 20% off (albeit price jacked).

    • Still a decent phone and good value at that price. Bought one for my son for a little more than this not long ago. We have that plus a 7 and 8 in our house and I don't see much difference in performance between any of them.

    • Thanks OP, bought one.
      Free Shipster delivery

  • +6 votes

    I think last time we determined that if history repeats then this will receive one(?) more major iOS version.

    • It's still the biggest selling iPhone in India, so they'll be forced to.


      Apple has only recently discontinued the SE, which is basically the same internally.

      It will have to get a few more years’ support. There would be outcry if Apple stopped supporting a phone they were selling as a mainline model only last year.

    • 5s is still receiving iOS updates. I don't see Apple dropping 6s support any soon.

  • It's a Super Easter Sale guys.

  • what a rip off

  • A 4 year old phone for $400 from Hardly?

  • The real limitation of lower end iPhones is RAM and considering the iPhone 8 only has 2GB, like this one, the 6s should remain speedy for next few years, iOS apps will need to cater for iPad and iPhones with 2GB, the CPU/SoC is still massively fast

    Some pros;
    - Qualcomm Modem
    - Headphone jack
    - Same amount of RAM as iPhone 8
    - Still a fast chip
    - Finger print reader
    - 3D touch

    • Even the previous model with only 1gb reportedly runs ios12 quite well.
      Definitely no performance problems with the 6S.

      You miss a few things like faceid, waterproof and wireless charging, but the basic function is solid.

    • Agree with this the 6s can still rock it with the oldeies. Decent cam, ,Sox etc. even the old 6 is still usuable and the 6s Soc has about double the performance.

      • If this deal is for 64gb or 128gb, I will definitely buy

        • 64GB model was discontinued 2.5 years ago. Any for sale are used. You see china-refurbs sold as new, beware.

          • @manic: Thanks for the info

            What about 128gb? The offered 32gb is not enough for my usage

            That's why I like iPhone 8, minimum 64gb.. but that is still expensive now

            • @DarthLord: Apple charge through the nose for storage upgrades, and of course, no SD slot.
              Not even USB-OTG i think?

              If you want the latest and greatest hardware specs without paying an arm and a leg, you want Android.
              Or change your usage - 32GB is still lots, and it is a good phone.

              • @manic: Agree that Apple charge a lot for extra storage

                So, my experience with Apple hardware is good, I'm only on my second iPhone for the last 9 yrs. first one was ip4 lasted me 4.5yrs, and now ip6+ since early 2015…

                Forgot to mention that my 2010 ip4 is still working fine, JB it with dual boot of ios6 and ios7… used as spare phone whenever I travel overseas

              • @manic: There are third-party flash drives which plug into lightning (Sandisk etc). To transfer files you just need to use the corresponding app (what you can transfer is limited though, mainly photos/videos which can take up a lot of space depending). (Maybe more options with the new ‘files’ app)
                Kind of fiddle and wonky to have it sticking out holding on with the port though.
                It’s more a temporary back-up solution.

  • +5 votes

    They will have near dead batteries as they're old stock. We purchased a couple of new/sealed units from Telstra (my work insisted on buying older/cheaper units) and returned them a week later due to their atrocious battery life. Full charge to flat in a couple of hours.

    • You know you could’ve gone to the Apple store and have them replace the batteries for free under warranty? Takes time, which not everyone has but definitely was an option.

      • Yes I’m well aware of that, however as these are work devices what they pay me for my time far outweighs the price difference of having Apple repair/replace them.

    • They could be new phones.

      I bought the 6 for a relative a year or two ago for similar money and it was new with latest iOS. Runs great, great battery life.

      I think they still make them.

  • Finally, I can afford to break an iPhone screen!

    • You can get after market screens for peanuts for this model, and it is easier to fit than the newer waterproof models.

  • Brand new at $298 and 128GB storage it could replace my iPod Touch as a wireless music player/controller.
    Really could use the extra storage & battery life.

  • What a rip off

  • Officeworks should price beat?

  • Although Iphone look overpriced, they hold their value really well. You could own iPhone for 2 years, then when you want to upgrade to a new phone you could expect half of your money back when selling your iphone. Unlike Android where you buy a new flagship for $1500 then 6 months later it become $800 brand new. So I don't understand why people become butthurt when someone buying iphone, there's nothing wrong with Android or iPhone.

    • I think it's crazy to buy a second hand phone with a diminished battery for 50% of its launch price. Not saying it isn't true, but the customer who wants the brand prestige but can't afford to buy it new, is to me like someone rocking a fake LV bag or Rolex.

      • You must be new around these parts

      • I did this, and have no regrets. It was an iphone se for $220 about a year ago.

        My 'diminished battery' is at 93% health now that it's over 2 years old. It will go through the weekend without charging. My brother has an 8 year old iphone 4 that still has enough battery to make it through a day with ease. The batteries in these phones do not diminish as much as people think. There were a batch of phones that did, and apple are offering replacements for those at very good prices.

        • My 5S (which I gave to my mum after 2 years) battery was terrible after 2 years. That one did not have software to slow your phone down, so instead, it dies after less than an hour of screen time. And if you go to bed with 100% battery but not charging, you wake up with 50% battery left. No calls, no usage, nothing.

          Of course it wasn't included in the $39 battery replacement program because it was the model just before they started slowing phones down. And I'm not paying $100 odd to replace it. Whoever bought this phone second hand off me after 2 years (if I'd chosen to sell it) is going to be mad.

      • but the customer who wants the brand prestige but can't afford to buy it new, is to me

        Or is it more like buying a 5-year-old BMW instead of a new Toyota?

        Meh, new model iPhone prices are crazy, but this $400 one is OK.
        Much better to buy clearance model iPhone, or official Apple factory refurb, than risk used,

        Though the battery is not hard or expensive to replace.

        • Or is it more like buying a 5-year-old BMW

          That's a great example. It's probably an even better example than the fake LV.

          Though the battery is not hard or expensive to replace.

          Unless you get Apple to do it. $100 + shipping last time I checked.

    • Maths can be easily manipulated.

      If you want to make yourself better buying iPhones, you would look at it from percentage level. However, when you really look at it on a pure $ lost level, iPhones aren't better (especially over 2 years).

      Also, if you believe Android flagship will drop that much in 6 months, simply, buy it 6 months later. In your example, the most you would lose in that case is $800.

      I buy iPhones for my family members. Retaining money over a long period of time isn't a factor. It's all because they are worth it. Yes, I pay Apple tax and I see no reason to trash Android to make me feel good.

      • I'm not saying iPhone has better value from Android phones, but I would say that iPhone is the premium brand for smartphone hence they are more expensive but also have higher selling return.

        If I wait for 6 months then there will be lots of other Android flagship released by that time, so the phone itself is no longer the highest class within its brand. I'm not saying that its bad to wait for 6 months(in fact waiting about 6 months or more for flagship android is the best in my opinion), but the phone that you'll be getting is not the highest end smartphone. So the only option if you want to look at the $ value and getting the highest end smartphone is to go with iPhone.

        I've owned phone from many brand in the past and I upgraded my phone to a new one after 2 years. The only phone that's worth selling are iPhone and Samsung, which I expect to get at least $300 back from Samsung or half of what I paid for iPhone respectively. Other brand after 2 years has little or no value. So retaining money for the phone that I bought is important for me.

      • Agreed, Apple/android families are easier to maintain

  • Makes me feel even better about getting that SE for 250 in Big Dub nearly 2 years ago.

  • Am still using iPhone 6s bought 2015 Nov. changed battery last year for $35 something apple store. I will upgrade when Notch is gone 😁

  • I’m still using my 6S and after the iOS 12 update it feels even snappier.

    Really no reason to upgrade and if you want a cheap iOS phone this would suffice.

  • +1 vote

    Besides the small 8 the 6S is the only other Telstra blue tick iPhone.

  • The Telstra offer isn't locked..

    Source: dad bought one last week and I tested with catch connect Sim.

  • Still a good phone as is the 6S Plus , in fact I recently sold my 16gb 6S Plus and brought a 32gb version.

    • Wonder how you survived when using 16gb version, hardly any storage space left after ios

      • Sounds like he didn't survive. Amazing that a 16gb version even existed when 32gb was a joke long before this phone was even conceived.

  • im still using 6s 128GB….

    • Says you. No official source has anything about it. If I was to take a random guess like you I'd say the 6s would be powerful enough and should still get IOS 13.