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Get Full Access to The National Geographic App - at No Extra Cost @ Optus


As an Optus customer you can get full access to the app at no extra charge until June 2020 ($9.99/mth for all other app users) as long as you remain on an eligible plan.

Optus users can check if they are on eligible plan by clicking on 'Go to Deal'

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  • Thank you OP, much appreciated. Registered and logged in. Question though, I can't find anywhere if download is metered or unmetered. Waiting for NBN, on Optus 4G here with every month pretty much maxing up maximum download limit. Thank you for helping and sorry if I can't find the obvious.

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      I found the following:


      You need to refer to your CIS and check if you have unmeterred video streaming (Netflix, National Geographic)

      PS: Not working with Optus anymore.

      • Awesome mate, thank you very much!

      • You'll also have to check in app if it's turned on. In my case it was defaulted off, despite being free.

  • Thanks. Don't think I'll ever use it but signed up anyway.

  • Thanks. Registered

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    Did anyone not get the confirmation email? I've tried to resend it but nothing is coming through and it won't let me login without the email

    • Got the email now thanks! So much stuff to watch!

    • Yep same. How do you fix it??

  • Thanks
    Works with the promo plan from last year (the plan that was offered to VMA customers)

  • Thanks OP.

    • What does op mean? Sorry I just see it alot on here and never know haha

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        Original poster I think?

      • Original Poster

  • Would this give you access to the National Geographic channel on an Optus Fetch box?

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    Mobile only. Unless I'm missing something

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    I have alot of trouble with this and haven't been able to set it up, I set up through website but I can't get any further

  • Thanks I subscribed with an optus mobile number

  • Thanks, your post reminded me I needed to work out how to get it going. Optus sent an email earlier this year saying I needed to set up a new account with Nat Geo to continue using the service, which I did, but couldn’t get it to work. Eventually got it working after a lot of back and forth tonight.

    Wish it had Chromecast support for the videos.

    • The app does have Chromecast support; I was able to cast videos from it just the other week.

      • Can’t see the option here? Tried live TV and on demand shows.

        Just checked the Optus site and says only Android devices supported.

    • How did you get it to work?

      Update: get code from Optus website, enter code into webpage and login in nat geo app as prompted.

  • Looks like prepaid numbers are not eligible?

    • Plans only I think, was listed as part of the plan I signed up for over a year ago along with Optus sport.

  • that makes me feel better as it means I paid only for the service I need:)

  • Got mine thank you OP hopefully I can download the app and put it on my smart box and watch the shows

  • Does this include magazine archives?

    • Yes but not all of them

  • Of anyone will not use their code, I will take it :).

  • Anyone on iPad plans?