expired 20% off Blu-Ray, 4K & DVDs @ JB Hi-Fi


In a move that surprised no one; JB has it's usual 20% off Blu-Ray, 4K & DVDs!

Only until Saturday 20th.

Stacks on current deals such as BOGOF 4k and the Game of Thrones voucher.

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    Check your emails for an additional 5% off coupon. Just received it now.

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    Looks like CD's and vinyl as well.

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    Should be a BOGOF deal to celebrate the release of EndGame

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    I just bought GOT Blue-ray 1-7 set box. using the code i received a couple of days ago to get 40% off.

    final price is $159 x 0.8 x 0.6=$76.32 and waiting for the $20 coupon for purchasing HBO tv over $50.

    After i received the 20 coupon, i will wait for the S8 blueray release. the price will be around $45(s7 original price). Then I will wait for the monthly 20%off period and purchase s8 for $45 x 0.8-20=$16.

    So overall i will get the full GOT blue ray set s1-8 for total price 76.32+16=$ 92.32. pretty happy.

    I know people are waiting for full box set 4k, but for how long? the first several seasons were not even recorded in 4k…… The rebuilt will take a while and not really 4k. it could be next year……

    ps: if you have 5% JB giftcard, you can save a couple of dollars more. :)


      What code did you use? Was it a generic code?

      Edit: NVM, found the code lol

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    Dammit I just bought Aquaman


    It doesn't appear to be on everything though - They Shall Not Grow Old is still $25