[QLD] Jackson 4 Outlet 4 USB Surge Powerboard $9 (RRP $34.95) @ Officeworks, Garden City


Saw plenty available tonight on clearance at Officeworks, Garden City.

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    These Jackson's haven't been the same quality since they dropped from 5 to 4.

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      RIP Michael (ya pedo)


        Never been proven. Lot's o fake news!

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            @whooah1979: That interview does not show any signs of criminal behaviour or even untrustworthy conduct.

            Still now in many countries and different cultures around the world kids and adults sleep together or in same room, heck earlier last century even in western countries including US, Europe and Australia adults and kids slept together whether just as a special occasion like sleepovers/parties/camping etc, or like my family after the 2nd World War in Europe because people were poor and desperate, or in need of care, kindness, or special health reasons etc.

            Michael Jackson had a lot of fans, but also a lot of haters and jealous people after his money, including managers, producers and even in the end Sony Music.

            If you have any sense and maturity, don't judge a book by it's cover out loud publicly.

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    3.1Amp across 4 USB ports means it is useless for charging multiple devices.


    I wish it was the same price in NSW


      Prices are the same across all our stores. There are some existing Jackson powerboards that are still ranged, all of which would be at their regular price. As these are close to being deleted from the system, stock across different stores is going to be hit and miss.

      For memory about half of the stores in my local area were showing stock of Jackson clearance powerboards, not all were this particular model though.


    Man I've been waiting ages for one of those xiaomi usb powerboard deals, need one badly.

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    Thanks OP.
    Does it say what the Surge Protection Rating is (in joules)?

    Doing some searching online I've found what might be the same one with a 175J rating.
    But for $9… wow good deal!


    None in my local Sydney stores, called up Hunter St and they said looks like sold out on their systems.

    Good find OP.

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