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Kindle Paperwhite 8GB (Gen 10) $179 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks like Amazon have knocked $20 off the Kindle Paperwhite (10th Gen), 8gb, waterproof.

Not as cheap as previous GoodGuys/Myers 20% off deals.

In case someone was looking at getting one.
Also possible Officeworks 5% price beat ($199)

If we're lucky it'll stay down for the Cashrewards birthday next month and TA might have another 10-12% cashback for us ;-)

Update thanks @doweyy.

It's currently cheaper with GoodGuys on ebay using press


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Also currently $161.82 C&C @ The Good Guys eBay using "PRESS" :)

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      Very good manners while pointing this out. Thumbs up.

    • Should probably post it as a deal

    • @doweyy Well done pal.

      • +1

        I can't get the code to work … boo
        I'm entering at the 'Gift cards, vouchers, coupons' section are The Good Guys excluded from the 7% PRESS promo?

        sorry @nuno meant to reply to op

        • I bought one yesterday using the PRESS code and just tried it now and seems to work fine. Full price is $174 and the code brings it down to AU $161.82 with C&C.

        • Not working for me either. Since two days.

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    damn, really want to upgrade but hard to justify as my sony 2011 prs-t1 is still going bloody well.

    • I'm in the market for a new one from my Sony too a) because I lost it and b) because some have built in lights now!!

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      Used the prs-t1 for years and finally upgraded to Kindle because of backlight.
      You'll be wondering why you didnt do it sooner if you read at night a lot!

      Only minor con with the Kindle for me is lack of direct epub support so my legacy books need to go through calibre convertion.

      • I have a bedside table light but ive always wondered..

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    Always the way after you buy it, it always drops in price

  • My wife is an avid book reader. She just stayed up all last night to finish her book. With mothersday coming. With all those that have this version of Kindle and have given up on books are these Kindle things good. She love the old school way of turning the pages. Are the Kindles good to read off. She already has an ipad and has tried reading a book of that, but shes never been convinced with an electronic book.

    I don't want to spend the money on a kindle if it ends up in the drawer. Anyone that has fully converted from real books to the Kindle please help.

    • +4

      I love my Kindle, always have. I converted from paper books years ago and haven't looked back. The reading experience from a Kindle is far superior to a tablet or phone due to less less eye strain due to backlighting and very good font rendering.

      However some people prefer the weight and feel of paper books so the answer is going to be "it depends" as to whether your wife will convert or not. Sorry I can't be definitive but it really is a personal preference thing.

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      I've moved to tv streaming and digital gaming (although I still buy CDs), but moving to the ebook was a massive surprise. Whilst I do miss paper books (I'll still buy George RR Martin's next book in hardback), the convenience and experience of reading an ebook is fantastic. It feels right and it took me about 2 or 3 chapters of my first ebook to realise it would become the new norm.

      I'd highly recommend getting her one. In fact, I'm going to upgrade my 2012 Kindle before heading on holidays in July.

      • How do you find the size of the screen? Do Kindles have larger unit sizes? Just saw a YouTube review of the paperwhite. Is there a way of bookmarking the page you last ready. Or flicking back to a certain page. ETC.

        • +1

          Screen size was never a problem. You can modify the font size easily. I think the Kindle Oasis has a 7-inch screen (over the paperwhite's 6-inch) but I've never had an issue with screen size. If you're unsure, I'd go with this paperwhite over the more expensive Oasis in case your wife doesn't like it.

          Seriously, it's just that initial transition period where it feels a little weird and that won't last long. Once you get used to it, then it becomes natural.

          Yes, you can bookmark pages, annotate, then you can 'go-to' that bookmark or note.

          I still use my old Kindle where I couldn't read in the dark hence why I'm going to get a new Kobo or Paperwhite.

    • +9

      I used to be an avid paper book advocate and refused to go to eBooks for years. A few factors convinced me to make the switch;

      • I saw one in person, it literally looks like paper and is readable from any angle and in the sunlight
      • Super long battery life of up to a month so it's not an inconvenience to maintain it
      • Quality of life features like been able to change the font type, spacing, size and brightness
      • On the fly dictionary
      • Convenience of getting new books. I can either buy them through Amazon, get more through Kindle Unlimited or Prime or load up my own.
      • The huge one for me that sealed the deal is physical space, physical books just take up a crapload of room. I have seen people with bookshelves in their homes taking far too much room and, i think to myself what's the point when you can fit all that in the size of one book? I am building a house and it's not a large place so optimizing my space through as something as simple as a eBook reader goes a long way.
      • Ok maybe I have to take my wife to a shop with a kindle to look at in person.

      • +2
        • ✔✔✔✔✔ It literally looks like paper and is readable from any angle and in the sunlight
        • ✔✔✔ Battery life
        • ✔✔✔ Change the font type, spacing, size and brightness
        • ✔✔✔✔ On the fly dictionary
        • ✔✔✔✔ Convenience
        • ✔✔ Physical space
    • +1

      If you get a cover like this https://www.amazon.com.au/All-New-Kindle-Paperwhite-Leather-..., then it feels and holds like a regular book. I'm a huge bookworm, and when the Kindle first came out years ago, I wasn't really sure if it would replace paper books for me. But since I got my first Kindle when they first came out in the US, I haven't bought a physical book. The cover just makes it feel like I'm reading a physical book. Just make sure the cover is the right one for the model/generation you get.

      Another thing to consider is - does she buy books, or borrow from the library? If she'd borrow books from the library, a Kobo might be better. The Overdrive system used by libraries in Aus isn't compatible with Kindles, only Kobo. That may be something to consider.

      • She buys books.

      • Thanks for mentioning Overdrive. Have you borrowed books from a library on Kobo device?

        If the process is seamless and painless then I'll rather get Kobo reader over Kindle Paperwhite.

        • My wife uses Overdrive with a tablet. She is not a tech-head but I haven't heard any complaints so I assume process is pretty painless. She has a Kindle and def no go on it.

        • Yep. Easy enough - even my 80 yo mother manages to do it on her Kobo. Occasionally there are problems with opening the borrowed books, but there is plenty of help available on the MobileRead forum to sort it out.

      • It's easy enough to load library (or any ebooks, really) if you use Calibre, which removes the DRM and converts epubs into the mobi format.

    • Do we have the same wife? Seriously though, mine was exactly the same. Then she got an earlier version kindle (Gen8 I think) and has never looked back. She absolutely loves it. This is coming from someone who had kept boxes full of books she had read. She reads so damn much and loves books. I got her this new kindle just now as an upgrade, but mostly because the kids keep stealing hers.

      • Just had a fail. GG had stock, but no sample to actually see the screen. No help. Went to JB. Only Kobo 6.8 and the larger one. Only the 6.8 inch worked. She wasn't convinced. Still glary she says. Oh well. I tried.

    • +2

      A huge thing I've noticed is that people who LOVE books feel like getting a kindle means they need to give up paper books. The kindle for them should be used in conjuncture with paper books. If you're on the go, travelling, packing light, reading in low light etc. the kindle is perfect. you can take libraries worth of books with you overseas and it weights less than a single book.

      Keep reading your paperback books at home or if you've got a favourite place to read, and use the kindle in the times where it's inconvenient not to carry heavy paper books.

      I really suggest getting a look at one in person. E-ink displays are truly hard to describe and looking at photos of them on your normal screen doesn't do it justice.

      For the friends of mine I've lent my kindle to most have ended up buying one, the few that really love books end up using their kindle as a supplement to regular books.

      • Well today she did say she wasn't convinced she needed headphones, but she loves those so maybe a Kindle would be ok. Cant get her off the CDs, but working on that with Spotify and the new headphones.

  • -3

    Kindle Screen size is only 6 inches :(
    my phone has a larger screen and l don't think it's suitable for reading book pages

    • +8

      Different aspect ratio on a kindle though. Makes it analogous to a paperback page.

  • I have an old tablet I use for reading books, is there something that makes a kindle better?

    • +4

      E-ink. Means that the kindle has a matte screen which makes for easier reading with less eye strain than a tablet or phone. Also no backlighting which can tire your eyes.

      • Thanks. Does that mean you can't read it at night then?

        • +4

          They are front lit for night reading with the brightness fully adjustable.

    • ePaper screens. The screen rearranges electrophoretic particles so that it can display an image that reflects light directly (like real paper), and it only uses energy to refresh/change the image, no energy is used to sustain it.

      Think futuristic etch-a-sketch. Or magic Harry Potter newspapers.

      • Does this result in a great battery life?

  • I’m not sure how good this will be with PDFs which I have a lot of. I’m also not sure about having to send each pdf I want to read to a kindle account. I’m therefore looking at alternatives, this being one I came across: https://onyxboox.com/boox_euclid

    Any suggestions on pdf reading devices will be most welcome.
    I’m new to this; having only read PDFs on my computer screen so far.

    • +1

      use calibre and convert to mobi

    • +1

      we use calibre for all our kindles, converts any format to mobi format with no issues

    • +4

      If you can't be bothered mucking around with Calibre, you can send PDFs to your 'send to kindle' email with subject 'convert' and it works. You can send multiple files in one email but there's a size limit, can't remember what it is tho. One thing I've found with reading PDFs this way is if the file has graphs etc. they tend to be hard to see properly with how it renders really small on the kindle. I don't know if they come out better if you convert them properly with Calibre or not.

    • Not great for pdfs. Great for everything else. Sounds like you want a tablet

    • Thanks guys. I’m now looking at this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Likebook-Mars-eBook-Reader-7...
      It’s double the price, but the reviews are good and it should be easier on the eyes than a tablet.

  • The only thing i'm struggling with is no family available on amazon au, hopefully they bring that out soon

  • +2

    Also to mention I actually prefer the kindle version because I can instantly check the meaning of a word in the book.
    Helps a ton with some word-y books.
    Also Amazon allows you to change between the AU and the US store.
    (US has the biggest collection)

  • -2

    Is this the waterproof version

    • +1

      Looks like Amazon have knocked $20 off the Kindle Paperwhite (10th Gen), 8gb, waterproof.

  • Is this because they are going to release a 2019 version of Paperwhite?

    • Maybe, but i suspect because The Goodguys have it on sale today

    • +1

      Unlikely as this version was only released last November and cadence between versions is usually 18-24 months

    • +1

      Cool. Cheers guys.

  • press

    This code can't be applied to your order. @doweyy

    Am I doing something wrong?

    • worked for me. try CAPS

      • Tried, not working. :(
        Will try again in few hours

    • There should be a section at the top of the page where it says "get this for $xxx" "show me how", click the show me how and it will tell you the code?

    • Worked for me last night.

  • I finally sorted out the code not working issue. I just used incognito mode and accessed ebay from there and to the ebay GG store. Used PRESS in the voucher section and it works. @dis4vow

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