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Linksys Wi-Fi Range Extenders: RE3000W $15 (Was $24), RE4100W N600 $25 (Was $44) + Shipping / Collect @ Umart


Spotted some great deals at Umart on the following three Wi-Fi range extenders:

Linksys RE3000W Wifi Range Extender N300
$15.00 (Save $24.0)

Linksys RE4100W Wifi Range Extender N600
$25.00 (Save $44.0)

Linksys RE7000 Wifi Range Extender AC1900+
$65.00 (Save $134.0)

Nothing on staticice.com.au even comes close to these prices.

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  • Great prices. I wanted to get the Linksys RE7000 Wifi Range Extender AC1900+ but shipping killed it for me as my closest store Mount waverley is apparently under renovations

    Extra annoying as I had to create an account only to find this out.

    • Buy on eBay and then use the ebay price promise to get it at the same price

      • how does that work? it's $85+20 Shipping.

        Wouldn't I still need to pay the same amount with a price promise?

  • How is it compared to Xiaomi Mi 300Mbps WiFi Amplifier 2 ?

  • can these be used on any router or do i need linksys branded one?

    • It does say for the RE7000 that it works with all routers. I'd assume they're all similar. They just connect to your network and re-broadcast the signal so I don't see why the lower versions wouldn't.

  • $13 shipping to VIC metro for me. No physical store to pick up.

    Don’t forget 0.75% cashback via ShopBack and 1% via Cashrewards.

  • this has to be close enough to the router in order to 'extend/repeat' quality signal right ?

  • Umart’s eBay page is selling the RE7000 for $85.

    Go figure.

  • Can you 'Daisy Chain' these if you buy more than 1?

    • Yes, but it'll be like killing the patient to cure the disease. Everytime you put 1 of these in your network, you halve your Wi-Fi speed. Have enough of those, and you can relive the good old days of 56K modem!

  • There are lots of better ways to halve your Wi-Fi speeds, guys.

    • I heard that a lot and was going to go with a mesh system but opted for an extender down the kid's end of the house where the 5GHz range is terrible and 2.4GHz speed was patchy. Still see 90-100/35-40 thru the repeater on my NBN100 plan which is very very similar to what I see straight off the router. If you had a lot of traffic going thru it then I'd say get a mesh system but if it's just a couple of rooms in a large house, they're fine, especially the 1200mbps versions.

  • I’ve got the N600 model, uplink 5GHz to main Wi-Fi network, extend 2.4GHz. Works rather well.