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Apple TV 5th Generation 32GB $237.66 + 2000 Qantas Points, 64GB $267.59 + 2000 Points. 5000 Qantas Points Back @ Qantas Strore


Qantas have a 5000 points back promotion with the purchase of an Apple TV.
This seems like a good deal for those that value their Qantas points and are on the lookout for an Apple TV
Apple TV 4k 5th generation $237.66 & 2000 points for 5000 points back
Apple TV 4k 5th generation $267.59 & 2000 points for 5000 points back

Points Back Offer

Receive 5,000 points back with the purchase of this product. Offer valid from 01/04/19- 16/05/19, unless sold out prior. Qantas reserves the right to extend or withdraw this offer at any time. Qantas Points will be credited to your Qantas Frequent Flyer account within 14 days following complete payment.

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    What do you find the benefit of these?

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      I don't get your point. It's less than RRP and comes with FFP. What's the issue?

      It's arguably the best 4k streaming device available (if you don't have an Atmos speaker setup). Personally I'd go for the NVIDIA Shield but this is a good deal none the less.

      • Apple TV 4K natively supports Atmos sound so what are you talking about?. It's the best including Atmos.

        I can get it to play videos with Dolby Atmos tracks through the MrMC program streaming from Plex or Emby. It has Atmos passthrough. It's a great program. So yes i think with that you can use your Atmos speaker setup with this.

        But i bet the Apple TV 4K has way more processing power than even the NVIDIA Shield. I personally have the 32GB Apple TV 4K model and it easily plays any 4K video file i throw at it from either Plex or Emby. And as i said yes full Atmos passthrough with MrMC.

        • So it can do plex?

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            @asa79: Yes there's also the Plex client itself for Apple TV. It can't act as a Plex server though.

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          You can’t get bitstream atmos through MrMc, you can’t get any audio pass through on Apple TV, atmos and DTS:X won’t be bluray quality, it’s losslessly decoded, all audio is decoded to LPCM.

          Whether that matters to you is a different question.

          • @richie83: I think you must be referring to the older Apple TV which doesn't do audio passthrough. Not so with the Apple TV 5th gen as it can do that.

            Apple TV 4K does support ATMOS passthrough through HDMI i tell you right now. It requires Apple TV 4K with tvOS 12. It's only the Apple TV 4th gen which doesn't support ATMOS passthrough.

            "Set up Dolby Atmos
            On Apple TV 4K with tvOS 12, you can play sound in Dolby Atmos — an immersive sound experience that moves audio all around you in three-dimensional space.

            To play movies and TV shows in Dolby Atmos from your Apple TV 4K, set up your home entertainment system for high-quality audio. Here are two setups that you can use:

            A Dolby Atmos enabled sound bar: This plays sound in Dolby Atmos without an AV receiver or extra speakers.
            A Dolby Atmos enabled AV Receiver: Sends sound to multiple speakers that you have set up. Learn more about different speaker setups that support playing sound in Dolby Atmos."


            Did you even read the new features release notes for the latest version of MrMC for Apple TV?. It clearly states ATMOS passthrough. It doesn't say that for no reason. So yes MrMC can do ATMOS passthrough but you need the Apple TV 4K with tvOS 12.

            "Add EAC3/ATMOS passthrough"

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              @hollykryten: Plex and Mrmc can only play atmos if it’s in Dolby digital plus format and in an mp4 file. They cannot play atmos if the core audio is TrueHD and/or mkv. This excludes pretty much anything that comes from a bluray rip. MrMC does have a beta that allows for transmuxing eac3 atmos audio in mkv containers however you’ll only find that in webrip content which is not a format anyone who is serious about their content would accept.

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              "Add EAC3/ATMOS passthrough"

              Yes, DD+ Atmos Passthrough, not TrueHD Atmos Passthrough, further, the Apple TV does not supprt TrueHD.

              DD+ (EAC3) Atmos (lossy) is the one you find on iTunes store, Netflix and Amazon, TrueHD Atmo (lossless) is the one you find on Bluray discs.

              Bluray discs are unequivocally better quality in both picture and sound than and digital store files, at least for now.

              So to clarify, if you want absolutely 100% the best quality audio and picture (ie. Bluray remux), then the Apple TV 4K can't do this.

  • Just purchased one last week for $246 from Officeworks. Wish I waited a bit longer as this deal is both cheaper and comes with 3000 qantas points.

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    I'm using a Vodafone TV box. Loving this android TV box from Vodafone.

    What benefits will I get from this Apple TV unit? (Looking to jump ship to Apple)

    • Works well with iTunes library if you have one. Rentals are pretty good. Extra apps

    • Does the Vodafone TV box support direct Atmos sound passthrough?. If not then i do know that the Apple TV 4K supports Atmos sound setup if you do have an Atmos speaker setup which is a benefit. Oh and the Apple TV operating system menu design is way better than what you get an on Android TV box. It has a way more powerful processor too. You could easily play 4K at 60fps.

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        It should as the Mi box does atmos and hdr

    • Vodafone TV does not have refresh rate switching, so you get jitter with content that isn’t 50Hz.

  • I think Apple TV is due for a refresh - normally every 2 years. Also they are tying up with major tv manufactures to allow airplay2 directly to the TV. 64gig has been cheaper <$250 last week with EBay “Press” code and 10% ShopBack CB, but I think this is the best deal atm

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      What would you like to see in a refreshed model?

      • Plex server would be a nice addition for starters and enhanced gaming could come as well with its own remote like the shield.

        • What use would a Plex server be with say only 32GB of storage and no USB port for any added storage?. The 5th gen came with no USB port and the 6th gen might be the same.

          • @hollykryten: Yes I assumed that if they build the Plex server in, they would add the USB support as well for the reasons you correctly pointed out. That would certainly bring it very close to the shield.

  • This thing needs a USB input for files off a local drive. Most if not all Android boxes have them, just saying…

    • Yeah the 4th gen came with a USB port. And then Apple in their wisdom decided not to include one in the 5th gen. So that meant no one can play videos from external media.

  • +3

    Save a further $7.3 (32GB) / $8.85 (64GB) with 10% off at Qantas Rewards Store promo code.

    • Fantastic. This needs a new post.

    • Legend. Just bought the 64GB.

  • Should I be paying cash + FF points or all FF points?

    • Cash + FF points (2000) represents the best value

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