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Philips 43" BDM4350UC 4K IPS Monitor $591.20 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


This seems promising. The cheapest at the moment for those who are looking for a gigantic monitor!

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  • any cashback this time round ?

  • damn! that's cheap! I'm running one at the moment… its massive!
    probably a bit too big haha

    • are the text small? can u do work on it? i regret buying 28 4k, text way too small some programs dont have scaling.

      • No it's an excellent size for running Windows with no scaling, all text is readable.

        I'm using 55" display so i disagree that it's too big :p

        • I have a 32" monitor and it's great. You can pin two application windows (eg browsers) side by side and work off them perfectly well. It's similar to having two monitors in that respect.

      • +1 vote

        are the text small?

        Not at all. The pixel pitch is 0.2451mm which is just about the same as a 22" full HD monitor, which means (depending on what you set Windows scaling to), the text will be pretty much exactly the same size as on a 22" monitor, you'll just have a lot more screen area.

      • Don't forget under display settings in Windows settings you can change font and app scaling so text and stuff scale larger and appear bigger even if you use a high resolution.

        For example at 2560 x 1440 (2k) it auto recommends and scales to 125%

        At 3840 x 2160 (UHD/4k) it auto recommends and scales to 200%

        You can of course manually change this to whatever % you want depending on your use case scenario.

      • I do work on it.. the text is small.. but you can always zoom in with ctrl + mouse wheel.
        The text looks tandard size except you have 43" to put stuff around..
        I use the tile function for 4 windows but i do tend to use the bottom half of the screen more often.. I need to mount it lower than desk height ideally

    • +2 votes

      I love being able to bump up the zoom on websites, then kick back and lean into my seat and read stuff or watch a video. Big text on a faraway screen looks like normal text on a close-up screen, minus the eyestrain.

    • Does it require a high end graphics card? I got a Full HD graphics card which can support up to 4096x2160 using HDMI connection @30Hz.
      What kind of quality should I expect if I use a lower resolution on this screen?

      • Not a high end GPU, but a modern one.

        You're going to notice the difference between 30 Hz and 60 Hz even just pushing your mouse cursor around the desktop. 60 Hz is what the majority of PC users will be used to.

      • Nope… I'm running it on a Surface Pro 3 that I got in 2015 with the standard intel graphics card.. I am on 30Hz as well.. and i don't find it to be a problem… I stuffed around getting 60Hz to work but windows updates keeps reverting it back..

  • Any Recommendations for a 4K 32"?

  • Let's not mince words here. It's a TV =P

    • It's an IPS panel, so probably not a TV. TV's generally don't look very good for PC use.

    • Was in that realm for a month. Monitor is much better and you can turn it to TV but TVs with Chroma 4:4:4 cost a fortune.

  • So tempted. The lack of swivel is only thing stopping me from pulling the trigger as I like to swivel it when watching movies from another angle. Have been using a 43" 1080p TV for a couple years and it's not too big IMO.

    • Buy a lazy susan and put it on that?

      • I have a monitor stand but that's not easy to adjust. Anyhow, just learnt it doesn't have a remote so will give it a miss (no IR blaster on my phone either).

  • i wish i went for something like this instead of my Ultrawide. but cant really complain.

  • Would this be good to screen share an Ipad to an Apple TV attached to this?
    I need to display an ipad , large screen in very high resolution.

  • .
    Friend got one when released $1000 now goes for $700 so this is a good price
    Downside = no remote (toggle switch is behind the display) if wanting 2 inputs cannot adjust size you get 2 of the 1/4 screens showing

    LG released a model with remote & better screen adjustment sizes (more choices)
    Not as cheap as this even when on sale

  • Thanks OP
    This size with its resolution does not irritate eyes by tiny pixels which is close to the ones on 1080 of 27 inch monitor
    But I heard there may be some dead pixels (not in margin area).
    Could you guys who own this montior give some comments?

  • I've done a pixel test and noticed a dead pixel…. but I've had the monitor for over a year now… I haven't noticed the dead pixel at all until i did the test… even while typing this i can't see it.. I think its only when the screen is black… the pixel stays green. but its tiny.