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Easter Bunny 125grams $0.49 @ ALDI


Local store had hundreds.
49 cents.
Kids are thrilled. Best before date was December so stocking up is an option.
Was in 2 stores yesterday and there was plenty of stock.

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    Happen to catch what country they were made in?

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      Such a countryist

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    What does it taste like? Bland or rich?

    • I'd say rich.

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    Aldi Easter Egg 125g https://imgur.com/gallery/d9S0cJp

    Packed in Australia from imported ingredients.

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      Lol, “Packed in Australia from imported ingredients.” That’s the code word for changing the import cardboard to retail cardboard. It probably made in country that most people won’t buy.

      • Hard to know I guess. Surprised rules mean they don't need to disclose. I'm uneducated on the issue but Aldi don't have a reputation of normally dealing deep in SE Asia do they as a general rule? Seems to be Europe before it's elsewhere from what I've seen on their product labelling.

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          If it from EU countries, ALDI will proudly display it. It’s up to you, but my general rule is if the manufacturer refused to display country of origin then I refused to buy it.

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            @Jackfruit: That's a solid rule and a good message to all.

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    Says on label 'suitable for vegetarians'
    Suprisingly this rabbit contains zero meat. Yes, I know.

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      Warning: May contain dairy, as one idiot recently discovered


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        Yeah. Saw that story couple of days back. No substitute for stupidity. OMG! My RRP 0.99 125g Easter Bunny contains dairy product! How could they they make me unsafe? I feel people need to sometimes take a little responsibility themselves. I think Aldi are likely trying to play with the Dairy Milk name. I guess.

        • Umm, that's the future of nursing that you guys are making fun of…