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Free Movie Rental from MuviNow - First 25,000 Customers


Got this mail from MuviNow:
This ANZAC weekend, watch a movie compliments of MuviNow, Australia's newest movie service that brings you the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, all with no monthly commitment.

Create a free MuviNow account and use the code ANZAC2019 for a movie rental on MuviNow*. No credit card needed - just join, pick a movie and start watching!

Hurry, this offer is limited to the first 25,000 customers who take advantage of this amazing offer by 15 May!*

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  • +3

    Not many decent new movies.. and some of them are “Available on 1st May” for some reason.

  • I signed up with Google, but where do you put it in the promo code?

    • When you rent a movie, there is an option to enter reward code.

  • +66

    "no person may use the word 'Anzac', or any word resembling it, in connection with any trade, business, calling or profession or in connection with any entertainment or any lottery or art union or as the name or part of a name of any private residence, boat, vehicle of charitable or other institution, or other institution, or any building without the authority of the Minister for Veterans' Affairs.'"

    Should probably change the code word to something else

    • +7

      yeah, you'd think anyone who has lived here, let alone conducted business here would be aware of that.

      • +56

        username doesn't check out

          • +10

            @Diji1: This is about commemorating those that died, those who were wounded, those that were never the same again. I didn't realise we should stop paying respects to the people who fought.

            It's not about celebrating war criminals. I'll admit - there's a lot of people enlisted that like the incentives it brings (eg wages).

            If WW3 happened tomorrow, how many people do you actually think would leave behind this cushy life to get killed?

          • +6

            @Diji1: So much wrong here it's hard to know when to start!

    • +9

      Funny how they protect ANZAC so fiercely, but when it comes to many RSL clubs having pokies that are all programmed to lose your money, well, come in digger! RSL's a winner!

      • You can only earn so much from a chicken raffle


        • You can only earn so much from a chicken raffle

          If only poker machine's hadn't been around since RSL first started in 1916… I can't imagine how else clubs would have possibly survived (sarcasm)

      • -2

        This rhetoric grinds me, people don't understand how critical poker machines are to keeping country clubs and communities going.

    • +3

      Luckily giving out free movie rentals doesn't fall under any of that criteria.

  • +4

    Is it okay if I call my daughter Anzac?

    • +3

      Its actually on the banned baby name list. And no im not kidding

    • it depends on your state. I believe Victoria has it on it's banned list (although I can't find the list online). IIRC it's falls under the "Is contrary to the public interest" test.

      But federally, it's not banned

      • But it's the name of some biscuits

        • +2

          It's not just some biscuits. It's the Anzac biscuit. The Australian and New Zealand Army Corp biscuit was the soldiers staple, although it wasn't soft and chewy like it is now. But the Anzac biscuit you buy from the store needs permission to sell under that name.

        • +1

          Yes and not a very good good one. Maybe I can call my daughter Tim tam.

  • +6

    Usually $7 for new release, seem a bit steep?

    • Mate the price is irrelevant.

      • +2

        Without this code, why would you use this service?

        • +2

          Yeah there are cheaper but given we have a freebie here, I dont think many are worried about the price.

        • Exactly what I was thinking, isn't stan like $10 a month or something? I can't remember, because I haven't had to pay yet thanks to free trials…

  • +2

    Free Movie RENTAL

    • Yep VPN and nas makes this very easy

      • +3

        huh? its an Australian service why do you need a VPN. I was pointing out that there is a difference between a 'Free Movie' and a 'Free movie rental' - because at the time the title didn't include this word. Like there would be between me saying Free Car or Free Car rental.

        • +6

          I'm drunk

  • How long do you have to watch the movie? I found no details on their web site. For example, 20 days or 48 hours after playing the movie, which ever comes first.

    UPDATE 1: After selecting a movie, I found it's 48 hours.
    UPDATE 2: Their web site is a bit incomplete. I just rented a video and got the answer. You have 30 days to start watching this rental, and 48 Hours to view the rental once started

  • You have 30 days to start watching this rental, and 48 Hours to view the rental once started

  • +23

    I'll stick to pirating movies, thanks tho

    • +2

      You definitely will once you try to use the horrible app, or have no luck with playing from their website (gave me a "DRM: Unable to instantiate a key system supporting the required combinations" message). Rubbish.

  • +1

    Does the code work on existing accounts or only new accounts?

    Edit: Tried with an existing account and it works!

    • +6

      I am amazed you already have an existing account before this!!!

      • +2

        There was a previous offer therefore having an existing account

  • -1

    Reeks of Presto before it became HD. Except it’s now “HD” with no mention even in faq if it’s 1080p. Thus it’s 720p HD.

    May their bankruptcy come swiftly.

    • +6

      Isn't 1080p FHD?

      • +1

        Yes, but HD can mean either 720p or 1080p.

    • +1

      According to their FAQ:

      delivered to MuviNow customers in full 1080p (when rented in “High Definition”)

  • +2

    "Doesn't have Avengers Endgame", downvotes….

    rented Aquaman for nix, thanks op, works with chromecast too…sweet x 2

  • +1

    Doesn't seem to have many movies though. Good if you haven't watched Aquaman, but otherwise I can't find much.

    • +3

      I found their web site quite buggy. Searching for an actor found one movie but I found another film staring the actor on the home page. Also their movie categories contained no matches but after re-loading the page there was many films.

      It's not a good sign if you only found Aquaman. That film looks dull and unoriginal.

      I discovered several very good movies on MuviNow:
      - Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
      - How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
      - Mary Poppins Returns
      - Ralph Breaks the Internet
      - Summer '03

      • +1

        I've now rented Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.
        I enjoyed Aquaman.
        From your list above I can also recommend Ralph Breaks the Internet. Haven't seen the others.

  • +1

    Thanks! Picked aquaman.

    • I watched it too and didn't really enjoy it

      It seemed to me that it was just a vehicle for the cutting edge CGI

  • Cheers OP :)

  • +4

    That spelling… boycotting purely on principle

  • thanks OP

  • +1

    Thanks OP - Latest Johnny English for the kids tonight.

  • Thanks OP

    Watching Aquaman tonight

  • +1

    I was scrolling through the Family section and saw Home listed… Not the cute animated movie from a few years ago…

    2016 1hr 27min
    To Be Classified
    Carrie is a religious fundamentalist. But her mother decided to come-out-of-the-closet and marry another woman, which they have a daughter together with. Now, she is forced to move into a new house with people she cannot accept. The story takes place over the first two days at the strange house, as Carrie's new parents leave for a business trip and she must now take care of her step sister. As creepy occurrences lead to full blown terror, Carrie must learn to overcome her own fears and believes to save her little sister.

    Genre : Drama, Family, Horror , Free to watch

    (Sorry if you just read the description and your brain melted… but hey, it's free to watch… suitable for the whole family apparently!)

    Edit: Added link to movie

  • +1

    Watching crazy rich asians

    • +1


      • +3

        Meanwhile, I’m a sensible frugal oriental.

  • I recieve an Email from MuviNow this Morning, Gmail marked it as spam. As It was not specifically address to myself, I just Deleted it. How do they find us.

  • cheers, Peppermint

  • Realised we had watched all Marvel movies except Spiderman.. not terribly interested, but for free why not. Sadly, it doesn't seem to exist on this site. Unless search is broken since they didn't have a single Spiderman movie. They will really have to expand their library if they want to have the smallest chance of surviving.

  • Works for me but is it 48 hours from purchase, or from first viewing as per Google Rentals?

    • "You have 30 days to start watching this rental, and 48 Hours to view the rental once started"

  • Thanks! Will give a go and they have a few free to watch as well. Nice

  • Got Avengers: Infinity Wars

    Seems I never got around to the last one.

  • Where do you put the code in to watch the movie? Thanks

    • +1

      It's in the checkout process

  • Can i keep on purchasing using the code all movies before may-15 and leave in my list?

    Since it says i can watch it within 30 days after making a purchse adter using the free code?

  • Code doesnt work

  • -2

    I couldnt use the code.

    It says its expired.

    Limit exceeded.

  • Thanks OP.

  • I'm negging this, as MuviNow are spamming people.

    I was emailed a similar offer 20 minutes ago and I have never of them before.

    Some Googling revealed that MuviNow is associated with Quickflix, which is where they would have my email address from, so I just changed my vote.

  • You can only use code once per account.

  • Anyone know how to get subtitles working when casting a movie from muvinow site on desktop to Chromecast on TV?

  • +3

    new code WEEKEND19

  • Reported code ANZAC2019 as Expired, Mods added new code from other deal.

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