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Philips Twin TurboStar Airfryer XXL HD9651/91 $349.30 (+ Bonus $50 Cashback via Redemption) @ Myer


Receive BONUS $50 cashback via redemption from Philips when you purchase the Philips Airfryer XXL Digital
Cashback via online redemption from Philips. Valid on purchases 05/04/19 and 12/05/19.

For details and to claim go to www.philips.com.au/promotions. Claims close 09/06/19.

Patented Twin TurboStar Rapid Air Technology removes fat from foods for healthier frying, XXL family size fits a whole chicken or 1.4 kg of fries, Fry, bake, grill and roast your favorite foods at home, Digital display with 5 preset cooking programs.

Crispy taste with less fat
Digital display and preset functions
Easy clean up with dishwasher safe parts
Fry, bake, grill or roast
Keep warm function
Product code 565198030

Don't forget 7% Cashback from Shopback

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  • Not sure wat the difference is but another version hd9656/93 is on sale at Costco as well for same price… Is the cashback available on both?


    • +1

      My thoughts - that comes with a bonus accessory party pack. Quick Ebay shows it costs around $67 less 20%.

      So costco for $350 including $50ish accessory pack. Versus myer for $350 less cashback $50, without accessory pack.

      So do you need the accessory pack…?

  • +1

    Not as good as earlier this year when I was looking. Myer had the same model for $269.36 + $50 cashback.

    • Are you sure you are looking at the right one. When I was working at Myer earlier this year, $270 was the XL version (old model).

  • +16

    $314.37 at the Myer Ebay store using the PKOALA code.

    • I couldn’t find it on eBay before and didn’t want to wait so I just used Myer plus ShopBack. Better deal if you can find it on EBay Myer

    • Thanks just bought one!

    • And still eligible for $50 cashback through phillips? Plus other cashbacks?

      • of course

        • vii) The Cash Back Offer is not valid in conjunction with any other promotional offer. The Cash Back Offer will be available only during the Promotional Period
          Would this term good cash back as we have used eBay coupon on it?

          • +1

            @super-zero: I think if you use the invoice from Myer, it should show full price?

    • Thank you, was about to buy direct from myer, cheers !

  • Thanks OP :)

  • Paid $348 for this model just last week, so I should get the $50 back too.

    Great deal.

  • +2

    Just an FYI, I’m still waiting for my cashback since the last deal and it’s been since Christmas. Great product though.

  • Can I use gift cards on ebay for Myer?

    I mean myer gift cards on ebay

  • Is this better than the other one?

  • Can anyone elaborate on what the pros are for a more expensive airfryer? I have like a $70 one and it works well.

    • I can only speak very generally but I look at these each time they come up, and… capacity for one. The more expensive the more capacity they generally have. And there's at least some difference in build quality.

      But when I look at them in person I'm reminded how poorly built they all are. The handle seems the worst - part of it is often inside the machine and looks like it will cook/go brittle and soon break off. I'm then reminded I want to buy the large glass bowl type instead. At least I'll be left with a large glass fruit bowl when it breaks.

      • Ive got a $60 large glass bowl type thats 18Lt once the extender ring goes on. I couldnt imagine paying anymore for an air fryer. Happy enough with the performance.

        • Have you ever tried to roast pork in it? If so did the crackle work?

          • @GregMonarch: I havent but i can imagine it would work well with the radiant air.

  • I have one of the Philips Airfryer (not the same model) and it helps so much when cooking. Just chuck the seasoned ingredients in and press a button, done in like 10 minutes !

  • +2

    What's the difference between this and an oven (which I can also afford)?

    • +1

      Quicker to cook and makes things crispier than oven. We use it 3 times a week and it’s pretty hassle free. I’ve probably used my oven once since Christmas and we’re a family of 4 so the XXL is a good size.

    • Easy cleanup, chuck all food handling parts in the dishwasher

    • Oven takes ages to heat up to temperature compared to this. Biggest difference IMO. A huge time saver when getting dinner ready for family. Plus it doesn’t heat up the room like oven can, which is annoying in summer.

  • Would 7% cashback via ShopBack still apply given ShopBack for Myer excludes all electrical products?

  • +6

    Thanks OP for the post, but I would highly recommend Kmart Air Fryer for $69 instead & pocket the change.

    I've been using Kmart one for almost 6 months and cannot fault it. I genuinely feel no need to spend any extra for Philips just for the brand name. Each to its own though, happy shopping peeps.

    • +1

      I've read about them and have a good friend who uses one and the feedback would suggest the very same as what you're saying.

    • Kmart is much smaller no compared to this model no?

      • Yes, Kmart would be a bit smaller, but ok for smaller families. For larger quantities when I'm hosting guests, I use my kitchen oven/ grill anyway, more practical.

  • I’ve purchased and used eBay gift cards which I got at 5%.
    Total: $248.65 after cashback.

  • +2

    How long does this take to cook a roast chicken? Running at 2225 watts…

  • We have a Miele built oven and an small snack oven but my wife kept on insisting on getting an Airfryer. Does this do something our oven can't?

    • Fry air and take up bench/cupboard space.
      Seriously though, between an oven or a pot and some oil, not really. It is just a not-so-mini convection oven.

  • Back in stock

  • Er anyone else purchased through ebay and not sure how to claim cashback?

  • Yes… I dont have a receipt number or store location to use.

    Any ideas?

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