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Logitech G Driving Force Shifter for G29 / G920 $49.95 (Free C&C NSW or + $10.80 Postage) @ Gamesmen


This is for those who grabbed the unbelievable deal at JB Hifi (which is now expired). The JB Hifi invoice you get has the shifter priced at $79, so sweeten the 'bundle' deal further by returning it to JB Hifi to get your $79 back and purchase the shifter separately elsewhere for cheaper! Currently Gamesmen have it the cheapest online at $49.95…

Or you could probably just ask JB to price match as well!

Also available for $60.05 posted on their eBay store, handy if you have any vouchers to use.
Price at $61.95 on the Gamesmen Amazon store which includes postage. Handy for those not in NSW as you can get 5%/6% cash rewards/shopback.

Gamesmen eBay link - $60.95)
Gamesmen Amazon link - $61.95

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  • Thanks OP, ordered

  • I returned my shifter shortly after the pickup today, I didn't think I really needed one as I can just use the paddles… Are there any advantages to using the shifter? I'd probably only really play track-based races like F1

    • I have the g920 & shifter setup bolted into a car seat rig. I agree with you, the paddles are faster to shift and is the way to go for track races.

      I like the clutch and shifter when playing Forza Horizon 4 for a more realistic 'on street' experience with cars like hot hatches. Also FH4 gives larger win bonuses for manual with clutch.

    • It's all about personal preference and immersion. If you just want the paddles then that'll be fine because they'll work on any racing game. But if you're racing old F1 cars, touring cars or road cars then you might want the immersion or tactile feel of the H-pattern shifter. And you can modify it to be sequential too.