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Telstra Enhanced Tablet 10.1 $14/Month 24 Months with 20GB Data @ Telstra


24 month minimum term. Minimum total cost $336.

Free Delviery

Also available 50GB data Large Plan $39/Month

Save up to $480
Stock clearance sale on the Telstra Enhanced Tablet 10.1 Black.

Save $480 on our Large Mobile Broadband Plan ($20/month credit x 24 months) or save $360 on our Medium Mobile Broadband Plan ($15/month credit x 24 months).

Only available online. Limited stock.

All plans include
Live sport. Data-free.

OS | Android N
Processor chip | MediaTek 1.1GHz Quad-Core
Rear camera | 5MP
Front camera | 2MP
Screen Size | 10.1 inches
Resolution | 1200 x 800
Battery Capacity | 4600 mAH
Internal memory | 16GB
Expandable memory | 128GB via microSD™ card
Wi-Fi | Yes
Bluetooth | Yes
NFC | No
4G network | Band 1(2100), Band 3(1800), Band 7(2600), Band 8(900), Band 28(700)

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    Can do call/SMS on the data plan?

    Could sell the tablet and just keep the data service.

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      Not sure about consumer plans, but on business plans making and receiving calls is disabled on data only services.


      No calls or sms by the looks of it.

      But yes, seems like you could use a compatible tablet, and sell this one.

      I'd confirm with Telstra chat if it's compatible with your device:

      "If you bring your own (BYO) tablet device, check that your device is
      Telstra Mobile Network compatible and supports 3G-850MHz and
      both 4G 1800MHz and 4G 700MHz banding, so you can enjoy the
      full benefits of your service."

      Please note the word "and" (your tablet would need to support BOTH 3G-850Mhz AND 4G 1800 Mhz AND 4G 700Mhz)

      Thanks to xetrox for the link to ToS.


        Note the words "so you can enjoy the full benefits of your service"

        All depends on where you will be using the tablet as to what band(s) you need.


      They also get deactivated if in a non tablet imei


    Never heard of this tablet - is it a Telstra branded Samsung, Lenovo, etc?

    Because the deal looks great, just curious about the hardware.

    And is the offer 'transferable' to another tablet (like a BYO tablet you already own, eg: the Samsung tablet I already own)?


      Probably ZTE



        But it's no good for me - only 16Gig storage.

        Good value if I could put the sim card into my Samsung tablet, if that were possible.

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      Pretty sure you should be able to use data Sim from this into another devices without any drama.

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        Using your SIM
        You cannot use your SIM in a mobile handset or a mobile
        broadband device to access mobile data. If you do this, we will
        block access to mobile data from that device.

        I have an iPad with a tablet plan, tried the SIM in a few different devices and the backend system does pick up some non-tablet devices and blocks data to the device.
        Just FYI if you're going to purchase based off the above comment!

        Also for bang for buck have a look at the $29 companion plan with tablets https://www.telstra.com.au/tablets/tablet-plans/29-companion
        They include piece of mind data and somewhat better devices.

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          So they wrote they block in the CIS but do they really? I’ve never seen any reports of it and it certainly didn’t work like that a few years ago. How would they even tell?

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            @stirlo: Yeah, I tried to put my tablet sim into an old iphone 5s or something so I could play pokemon go, it wouldn't work :( (if I recall I received an SMS saying the device wasn't compatible with the plan).


          From that link, it says you can use another tablet (but not a phone) but need to make sure it's Telstra network compatible:

          "Bring your own device: If you bring your own (BYO) tablet device, check that your device is Telstra Mobile Network compatible and supports 3G-850MHz and both 4G 1800MHz and 4G 700MHz banding, so you can enjoy the full benefits of your service.lso, seems you get a mobile number with the tablet plans".

          But the data allowances do not match this offer (this is a clearance) the ToS you linked may or may not apply to this offer (my hunch is that they do, but I can't be sure).


            @BooYa: It's the $29 plan with a $15 credit.
            That CIS is from the offer page and would apply to this plan.

            $14 plan + $0 tablet
            $15 p/m credit applied


              @Xetrok: Ok. Good to know. Thanks mate.

              But, can't use with mobile phone:

              "What’s not included
              Your Monthly Data can’t be used while you’re overseas. Your plan doesn’t include any call or SMS allowance. Using your SIM You cannot use your SIM in a mobile handset or a mobile broadband device to access mobile data. If you do this, we will block access to mobile data from that device."

              Thanks for that link though. Very helpful.

              Good cheap deal imho, for a basic entry model device, possibly for those without great demands from the tablet (especially since it looks like you can use it with another Telstra-compatible tablet).


        I hope so. But Telcos are notorious for locking these things down. Just looking into it now.

        Big minus for me though - only 16 Gig storage (so I'd have to put the sim card into another tablet, if that is possible).

        Edit: thanks xetrox, beat me to my comment. Good to know tho.


          You have mentioned the 16GB storage twice but don’t see the problem as it supports microSD cards which are so cheap nowadays (up to 128GB)


            @Riker88: There are several disadvantages to using an external memory card, formatted as internal storage (not just cost).

            You could just google it, and decide if it's a deal breaker for you or not, but for me, I would like at least 32 Gig internal storage on even the most basic of my Android devices.

            But that's just me, others are perfectly happy expanding their memory with these cards (and for most it wouldn't make much difference, but it does to me).

            Edit: The longer I think about it, the more I like this deal.

            Even if the tablet itself is not something I'd use myself, I could always sell it.

            But, at this price, I don't think I could be bothered selling it tbh.

            So I'd probably just give it to someone I know who hasn't got one. I'd just have to be careful who I gave it to (I bought a cheap smartphone once for someone older who has never used one before - he threw and smashed it on a concrete floor he lost his patience when he couldn't figure out how to answer the phone when it was ringing lol).

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      Telstra badged Alcatel A3 10" 4G. It's a pretty low spec'd device. MediaTek 1.1GHz Quad-Core CPU, 2 RAM, 16G internal storage, small 4600 mAh battery.

      There's nothing stopping you from putting the SIM from this deal into another tablet.


        I don't mind Alcatel. But those specs are very low.

        And, apparently, (according to a post above) the sim/offer is "device locked", so you wouldn't be able to use the sim with another device.


      Telstra gave me one of these tablets a while back.

      It is an absolute piece of shit. It's the screen quality that kills it. If you use any kind of modern phone or tablet this feels like the dark ages.

      Probably tolerable for watching a movie. Horrible for web browsing and reading.

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    Is this better than a PENDO tablet?


    $14 for 20GB Telstra data - it's worth it for the SIM alone if you already have another "proper" tablet.



      It's the hardware that is an issue for some people.

      And while you can use another tablet, it needs to be a compatible one:

      "check that your device is Telstra Mobile Network compatible and supports 3G-850MHz and both 4G 1800MHz and 4G 700MHz banding, so you can enjoy the full benefits of your service".

      Please note the words "and" (not 'or').


        Any reputable tablet (Apple, Samsung) will be fine. The $14 for 20GB is perfect for my ipad. The "enhanced" tablet will make a nice chopping board ;)

        As for the "and" that's so you get the full Telstra reception. If you don't have all the bands, the reception/data quality it likely to be limited.


          Gotcha. Agreed. 50 cents a day is great value.

          Unless you stream a lot of videos from YouTube (like my mum does) for whom I'm considering buying it.

          I think she'd chew through the 2/3 of a Gig a day in an hour lol.

          If Telstra capped the speed after reaching the limit it'd be a no-brainer and I'd buy it for her.

          I suppose there is the 50 Gig plan … I'm not sure that's a real bargain though.


    If anything, I'd prefer to pay the minimum cost of $336 up-front and give it to my mum.

    She already has a decent Samsung tablet.

    I could help her set a data warning/limit on it, so she doesn't exceed it.

    But I don't think you can do that with Telstra?

    Ps. I suppose you could always tether it to a mobile I guess (right?), but that would get a bit complicated for my parents.


    Very tempting for the data sim, but I just can’t get myself to port away from the $5 data share sim which came with the $20 iPad deal 2 years ago.

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    Lots of comments about being unable to use the sim in a modem. What about using the tablet as a hotspot or doing USB tether?

  • +3 votes

    How would this tablet compare to a Samsung galaxy tab S (first gen)?

    I'm for for an upgrade but don't want to spend much


    My 5 year old galaxy tab S is still better than this…. Looks like I'll wait for a better deal

  • -2 votes

    It's not 20Gig data - It's 5Gig + 15Gig BONUS DATA.

    Is this for the length of the plan, and is it 5Gig peak and 15Gig off peak?

    I had a very quick look and couldn't find anything about what the bonus data is, and if there are any restrictions in its use.

    I only read the critical info very quickly, because I have to ring people who I sent the offer details to, and who may be in the process of ordering it.

    Same with the 50Gig plan (it's 25Gig and 25Gig bonus data)

    • +2 votes

      No peak / off peak. It's purely base data plus bonus data.


        Yes it is! It's just extra, bonus, data. I just rang them, and Telstra confirmed it.

        The sales rep said that generally, during these promotions, the promotional details will not be reflected in the CISs (Critical Info Summaries), and that there is no peak and no off-peak data - it's just 'extra' or 'bonus' data (which is great because one of my friends has already started signing up for it lol).

        The sales rep said something along the lines that it will be reflected at the checkout, or with the first invoice, or something along those lines (I'm not sure exactly as I wasn't paying that much attention at that stage, I just wanted to make sure it's not peak/off peak).

        I'm leaning more towards the 50Gig plan now, because unlike the $14/month plan, you have the option to have the speed shaped (their so called "Peace of Mind" option) instead of paying $10/Gig, once the monthly allowance is exceeded.


          POM does come in handy.

          Streaming was borderline once I exceeded my cap but, still watchable. From memory, I think I used 4 gig of POM in the last 4 days of my cycle.

          I'm on a SIM only, 35gig with POM for $39 per month, negotiated plan. Unlimited calls.


            @Dud: That sounds like a great deal mate.

            Especially for some of my mates living in remote rural areas, with barely any mobile phone signal, let alone internet access.


    Good price for the 20gb, just sell the tablet as others have said. No need for me as soon I will stop commuting and I have plenty of left over on my Kogan sim anyway.


      Only problem there is if Telstra does IMEI checking and you use the SIM in a non-tablet device that they don't like…


        I was saying pop in a different tablet. That should be ok according to comments on here


    Here is a review about this tablet Alcatel A3 10 Tab


    my current optus data plan will be expiring at May. I just wonder could I put this sim into my phone and use it as data only?


    I know the screen resolution isn't great, but does anyone know if this tablet supports external display features (e.g. Smart TV Screen mirroring or usb to HDMI functionality)? Did a bit of research but couldn't find anything about it. Maybe someone that owns it could please share? Thanks in advance :)


    Well I ordered this deal on Saturday 27th April, and it has already arrived on Tuesday 30th 10am. Now that's fast.
    Anyhow I currently own a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (probably the best Android tablet). I also own an ALDI Onix 10" tablet (on sale for $25 and probably the worst tablet ever). Anyhow in comparison the Telstra Alcatel tablet that arrived this morning is surprisingly impressive, good sound and volume, video quality on Youtube is more than acceptable, viewing angles are good. I did a WIFI and Telstra data speed test and compared it with my Google Pixel 3 phone(also on the Telstra network) and the Alcatel tablet had similar download/upload speeds to the Google Pixel 3. I'm pretty impressed with this tablet taking price point into account. If I were to give my ALDI tablet a 1/10 score and my Samsung a 10/10 score then I think this tablet is worthy of a 6 or 7/10.


      Not a bad tablet but if on-board with 3GB ram, it will be a very competitive tablet to the Sammy's just like the Lenovo's Tab P10


      Does the sim card from the Telstra tablet work in your other tablets?


    Im thinking of getting this to put into a telstra 4G wirless hotspot device.
    Can someone confirm this will work or not?


    Ordered Sunday 12/5. Delivered 14/5.
    Bill arrived 15/5 for the full $29.
    Telstra see to have "forgotten" the $15 discount.


    $14 for 20GB and $24 for 50GB as at 9.10pm 13/6/19.
    A bargain just for the plan alone.

  • +1 vote

    No longer available by the looks of it, falls into the new pricing structure.
    Close deal?

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