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ToolPRO 3000kg Low Profile Garage Jack - $191.16 (C&C) @ Supercheap Auto eBay


Great price for a quality heavy duty car jack. It does come in at 40kg so have your weeties for breakfast before heading in.

Alternatively $212.40 at SCA store+ Don't forget 2.1% cashback at Cashrewards.

Mod: Edited deal to eBay store (thanks brakenick / theonewhoknocks)

Original PKOALA 10% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

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    Save another 8% with giftcards through suncorp.

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    Additional 10% off on eBay with PKOALA $191.16.


  • my local aldi had the 2000kg one for 20$.

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      They're not low profile. Plus the Aldi jack is a POS compared to the SCA one.

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      I am using a similar one like ALDIs, based on my personal experience so far, this one will go higher than those, plus it has longer handle and you can lift the whole car in one go with those short handle ones you can only lift from side, last but not the least quick lift will make life easier, for some cars only a low profile like this one will work, at the end its all about ease of use and convenience, one might be able to lift their car with factory jack and put some stand underneath

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    The 1500 kg version is only $57 if you don't need that much lifting.

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      I have the 1500kg one and the height on them is perfect for sedans and lowered cars. Unfortuatly the 375mm max light isnt suitable for cross overs and SUVs / 4wds

  • Don't forget 2.1% cashback at Cashrewards.

    Some people may find the code PLANET waiting for them on ebay. (It gives me a greater discount on an item I'm about to buy than the CR cashback would have been.)

  • Good find OP, added to my wish list, worth investing in this if anyone is planning frequent lifting, cheaper version will do the job but you will soo find how efficient you can be with these ones.

  • Cheers op. Picked mine up earlier today. Already scraped out the bottom of mine, didn't know it was so low-riding that it'd bottom out on a slight upwards bow on my driveway surface. Feels bad man :(

    • Also trying to pick the bastard up made me realise that I need to hit the gym again :/

  • Has the price increased, or am I missing something?
    ebay has it listed at $354 less discount making the total $318.60.