Game of Thrones S08E03 - Poll *SPOILERS*

So those of us who have watched the latest episode of GoT, what did you think?

Personally, while watching the episode I was fully invested and loved every minute of it.

Afterwards, with some times reflecting on the series as a whole, I found the whole thing a little anti-climatic.
The whole series has being building up to this event, to have it end 'just like that'

Seems like winter came and went in one night….

Lots of people are saying the show is about who will sit on the throne….Well yes I agree with that, but at the same time the whole show has been setting up the White King wanting to destroy "men", which you'd think is bigger than the throne.

I personally would've liked episode 2 to have gone into a bit of a back story of the white king and his little entourage who did nothing. Instead of an episode of the main characters having a deep and meaningful, who we already know all about and have made our opinions on them already.

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    I feel like you could have some more options. Perhaps an actual scale like 1-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9-10.
    It was a great episode. I don't know if it was the best. People have differing opinions on what makes a good episode.

    the whole show has been setting up the White King wanting to destroy "men"

    You forget what the name of the show is ;). The White King has just been a subplot. It has brought lots of people together and made allegiances which will affect who ends up on the throne, if anyone.

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      I didn't forget, I just expected a little more from this sub plot

      True about the poll options

      But how about:

      Best. Episode. EVER! = 8-10

      Anti-Climatic = 5

      Sucked = 1-4

      OK = 6-7

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        Perhaps the books will provide something more climactic.

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          Yeh I'm thinking it will be very different in the books.

          If GRRM ever finishes them.

          You can tell 'Hollywood' has taken of the series as another thing in this season is the lack of deaths from main characters

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          lol the books are never getting finished. This is the only resolution we’re going to get :(


          Well considering theres no night king in the books it might differ quite alot.

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          Tbf, I can imagine that if I were GRRM, I would find it difficult to continue writing the books, because the story has already been finished in TV form, and it's no longer "new" to him.

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            @Rumstein: There's a kazillion storylines in the books that aren't even mentioned in the TV series, he keeps adding more with each release… His problem is that there are now so many story threads it's almost impossible to complete them. He's got his major characters spread across the continent halfway through plots that will need either rapid direction changes or at least another 2 books to merge back together and even in 2 books it'll feel rushed.

            The TV series has merged characters and completely ignored others (justifiably) in order to control the story and keep the focus largely on Westeros.

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      The show is called Game of Thrones, the books are called a Song of Ice and Fire. As the first book was called A Game of Thrones, you would think that the fight for the Iron Throne was really just a smaller part of the larger fight between Fire and Ice. I think this is why people are saying it was anticlimactic. While the show tried to encompass the larger story arc, it is only a show so cannot go to the same depth as a book. E.g. the significance of the direwolves and the Starks being Worgs.

      Love the show though and it has eclipsed the books imo which steadily declined in quality since the 3rd one. Annoying they are already talking about a prequel series and don't get me started on that awful Harry Potter spinoff series. There are so many fantastic fantasy books out there which are far better than ASoIaF. Really annoying that Hollywood has become so risk adverse that all they do are remakes and sequels that no one wants.


        Yes but they make more money out of milking the cows. Star Wars has become stale again. Give it 30 years and we'll have another 3 episodes to critical acclaim.

        GoT is just "in" right now and they will continue to capitalize on it.
        Breaking Bad had Better Call Saul which might even run longer than BB did.
        Big Bang had Young Sheldon

        Countless of other popular tv shows have had spin-offs solely to continue bringing in the coin.

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        care to share some of those "fantastic fantasy book" titles?

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          I'm keen to know as well.

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          I'm not @dogboy, but you can have my opinions.

          The Stormlight Archive series, by Brandon Sanderson, starting with book 1, "The way of Kings". It has similar themes to A Song of Ice and Fire, but with that unique Brandon Sanderson flavour. Its also better written, and easier to follow than A Song of Ice and Fire (in my opinion).

          And a little further removed from the stereotypical "Game of Thrones" style of fantasy, is the Mistborn series, also by Brandon Sanderson, fast becoming a favourite of many.

          In fact Brandon Sanderson is ranked the best fantasy author of the 21st century, ahead of George RR Martin. So check out his other stuff, its all great.

          If you're looking for an amazingly well written and easy to consume fantasy novel, check out The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss, starting with "The Name of the Wind", but only if you can stand some cheesy/creepy/cringey romance subplot.

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            @flubba86: Particularly where the main character becomes a sex god.

            A similar experience reading rothfus to grrm is waiting for books!

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              @Newplace: Yeah, the dude goes from "Can't talk to girls" to "literally sexed the Faerie of desire into submission" pretty damn fast. I hope thats not a spoiler for anyone wanting to get into the books. And I find his stalkey infatuation with the poor girl a bit cringey, but its so well written you can forgive that.


            @flubba86: Brandon Sanderson is that you?


            @flubba86: Haha, was just about to post this. The Stormlight Archive series is probably my favorite fantasy series of all time and The Name of the Wind is pretty awesome too! I enjoyed GoT, but felt the pace dropped off in the later books.


          I've read all of Flubba's recommendations and they are good. Personally didn't love Mistborn, and you can tell Sanderson has developed as a writer.

          Malazan book of the Fallen is the best epic fantasy series IMO


            @one man clan: I absolutely loved Mistborn, haven't read Stormlight Archive as I prefer entire series to be complete before sinking my teeth into one. I really enjoy binge reading one after the other.

            Malazan book of the Fallen is the best epic fantasy series IMO

            It is definitely quite heavy reading. I stopped reading on book #7 (Toll the hounds) and haven't gone back. I guess I'll have to re-read all of it again since it has been years (or perhaps try an audiobook version).

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          I would definitely recommend Raymond E Feist's Riftwar Saga series of books.

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      true. it's all about the iron throne. The Night King is a subplot to reunite some characters (and destroy their armies) before the final clashing with Cersei.

      But I'm not sure what are they going to show for the next two episodes.
      I'd have thought they will show the battle on episode 5 and then the final battle with Cersei on episode 6.

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      The series is called "A Song of Ice and Fire", it was only the first book that was called "A Game of Thrones"

      It was unsatisfying.

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      It's not a subplot. The entire core theme and story of Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire has been / is about, how the petty squabbling of men fighting over the token throne means nothing in the grand scheme of things, when death itself is coming to destroy them all.

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    I have never seen even a minute of game of thrones. I'm saving it for when I retire or get bed ridden in the future.

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    Cheap and crap. Looks like a Disney production now with Arya pulling off ever more incredulous feats. The plot armor on her is just much wow. Surviving multiple stabs from waif, a little girl somehow able to impersonate a much bigger man and ended House Frey in a matter of minutes, and the whitewalker plot being put in a dumpster in one episode. GG so ez.

    Should rewrite that whole episode.

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      Yeh, this seems to be the opinion of the majority that I've read so far.

      The episode was still enjoyable to watch, but so much more could've been done.

      I guess they're trying to get as much done in the 6 episodes they only have this season. (with episode 2 being a bit of a filler and a waste of an episode)

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        Instead of a game of thrones, what we have now is a Starks family being given superpowers, because: must keep the basic 'good always prevail' fanbase somehow.

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      I think this episode was written perfectly. We all know that Ramsay Bolton refused to fight one on one with Jon Snow, so did Night King. Night King has seen him fight and kill one of his generals in battle of Hardhome. This whole episode Night King was avoiding war in front line. He knows the risk. Jon Snow dead means one person dead, but him dying means all dead dying. We all wanted to see Jon Snow and Night King fight one on one. However, Night King chose the smart move. It was his choice not ours. Of-course we all got frustrated. And Arya's plot line was well planned but unexpected making some of us thrill with joy and some with dis-satisfaction.

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      Dude this is a show that has dragons and ice zombies…is anything farfetched?


        fantasy setting still doesn't excuse Arya being launched at the NK like a human cannonball
        even Maisie Williams thought it was an odd choice for her to be the one killing the night king.


          haha. just because there are dragons, people think any illogical occurrence is okay. some people cant seem to fathom that there being dragons are just the part of the concept created and jon snow managing to escape from 200 zombies are not the same thing.

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      Did you do this to everything you watch?
      You sound like you would complain a lot in real life


        Did you do this to everything you watch?

        No I don't, can't stand cringy and BS plot lines tho, got triggered last episode =)
        I don't complain much IRL, I just fix the situation when I can, and get myself out of it otherwise


      "Cheap and crap. Looks like a Disney production now with Arya pulling off ever more incredulous feats. The plot armor on her is just much wow. Surviving multiple stabs from waif, a little girl somehow able to impersonate a much bigger man and ended House Frey in a matter of minutes, and the whitewalker plot being put in a dumpster in one episode. GG so ez."

      I'm under impression entire series had this line of "incredible" things happening all the time… although perhaps they push it harder and harder. Not impressed, either.

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    Why do you guys keep calling him the "White King"? That's a toilet bleach.

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    Best episode ever 7/10
    Anti climactic 8/10

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    Wait, I'm confused about the episode. So the cops knew that internal affairs were setting them up?

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    The OP sounds like a round-up of next months election.


    Bran is Dr. Strange confirmed.

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    I watched it on Showcase HD, and the picture quality was appalling, very blurry action scenes. Anyone else experience this?

    • +13 votes

      Colleague had it on Foxtel and said their compression was terrible and it was blurry as well.

      I watched a 720p version that I found on the pavement outside my house and the dark scenes were a bit blurry and weird. There are many people online complaining how they couldn't see much.

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      I watched it online via the Foxtel site from my HTPC and quality was great (I have a VGA video card that probably about 10+ years old too)

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      Yep its the compression issue you have with streaming services…


      Should have purchased that 75" Hisense TV!

    • +1 vote

      New Panasonic OLED 65”, watching foxtel ShowcaseHD via the set top box. Brightness max, dark room.

      Looked shit


        Kogan Curved 4K TV

        Streaming off Foxtel Website Via Desktop PC using a very old graphics card.

        Looked pretty good on mine

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    They reserved 1/6th of the entire season to one battle. I think it was great.

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